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Dome of the Berlin Reichstag sight in warm light
Reichstag with dome © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle


Themed Tours

Will bring you closer to Berlin.

From the Reichtstag tour with the assembly hall, rooftop terrace, and dome, to tours of the Garagenpalast, Schwerbelastungskörper, and Schrotkugelturm, the variety of qualified city tours of Berlin is vast. You will be led off the beaten path while also learning interesting information about areas you may think you know all about already.

The tours not only teach you about certain decades and the names of architects, but also give you a sense of the city itself, the neighbourhood and its residents. Becoming educated, paying attention to details, and finding connections are how you learn to see the city. After all, you can only see what you know.