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Kinder bemalen Vogelhäuschen
© GettyImages, Foto: ArtMarie

Abenteuer- und Bauspielplatz Kuhfuß

Fun, pottery and cooking at the Kuhfuß Construction Playground

A village was created out of old trailers and wooden huts for children from the age of seven who can have a great time here, taking part in sport or creative activities. Everyone can find the perfect activity here. There's pottery or tinkering in the workshop, cookery lessons in the tea room which also use herbs from the garden. On the spacious grounds, camp fires can be lit under supervision and the children bake bread or barbecue sausages on a stick.

Sports, Animals and Nature

The large playing field is ideal for lying around or for playing catch. Among the sporting activities on offer are a bowling alley and table tennis as well as a football pitch and basketball court. Young animal lovers will discover goldfish and frogs in the pond. Birds often come to visit the hand-made bird boxes and the autumn foliage hides many a hedgehog.