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Weekend tips 23 - 25 / 7 / 21

Good things come to those who wait – not just the weekend.

people in a maedow in the Mauerpark
Mauerpark Berlin © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Good things come to those who wait: whether that’s a local attraction that’s long in the making, or just the clock hitting 5 pm on Friday. If you’re keen for the weekend, check out our tips – you can explore the brand-new Humboldt Forum, hit up Pride celebrations or uncover Berlin’s hidden history. Afterwards, you can sample the city’s international street food scene and wash it down with delicious local beer and wine. Yes, this weekend’s definitely worth the wait.

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Don't be shy, but show your love for Berlin with d i s t a n c e - in support of everyones safety.

Tip: Your opinion matters! Present your idea for the future of our city at the MARATHON FOR THE NEW NOW on the last day of the Berlin questions conference from August 11 - 14. Within a five-minute time-limit anything goes: short talks, pitches, poems, short films, dance performances and any other format you can think of. Contributions should be in English, with subtitles or intelligible for all. To become part of the Marathon for the New Now apply by completing this form.The deadline for the submission of proposals is 25 July.

Tip 1: Check out the long-awaited Humboldt Forum

Humboldt Forum Berlin, north facade of the Schlüterhof
Humboldt Forum Berlin, north facade of the Schlüterhof © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss/ Foto: Alexander Schippel

It’s finally here: after years of planning, construction and pandemic-related delays, Berlin’s new Humboldt Forum is ready to open its doors to the city. This unique hub for art, culture, research and education is housed in a purpose-built centre behind the reconstructed façade of the former Berlin Palace. Designed to capture the imagination in its own right, the space is a perfect place to explore with all the family, featuring six fascinating exhibitions. The Berlin Global exhibition is a particular must-see. It’s an exploration of how Berlin has made its mark on global events past and present – and how the rest of our interconnected world shapes the city in turn.

When: grand opening on 20 July; open every day of the week (except Tues) from 21 July
Where: Humboldt Forum on Schlossplatz

Humboldt Forum

Tip 2: Step out with Pride on the city streets

Christopher Street Day
© Fabian Böttcher

It’s never been more important for us to celebrate who we are – and Berlin’s LGBTQI+ community is no exception. The city celebrates its 43rd annual Pride parade, Christopher Street Day, this weekend, marching down some of the city’s most iconic streets with the motto ‘SAVE OUR COMMUNITY – SAVE YOUR PRIDE’. Good vibes are guaranteed. The same goes for this year’s Dyke* March, another popular event aimed at boosting lesbian visibility in Berlin. But in typical 2021 style, togetherness is about keeping each other safe, too – so make sure you bring a mask, and don’t get too close to others in the crowd.

When: Dyke* March on 23 July at 7 pm; CSD on 24 July from 12 noon

Where: the Dyke* March starts at the Brandenburg Gate, while the Christopher Street Day parade starts on Leipziger Straße and ends in Urania (Schöneberg).

Find out more about Berlin Pride

Tip 3: Taste la dolce vita at the Italian Street Food Festival 2021

Close-Up Of Fresh Delicious Pizza
Italian Food © Getty Images, Foto: Joscha Malburg / EyeEm

With a Eurovision win and footballing triumph under their belts, it’s a great time to be Italian. And it’s a great time to eat Italian, too – especially in Berlin, with the Italian Street Food Festival 2021 coming up this weekend. Hop on your Vespa and zip down to Ost Hafen Berlin in Friedrichshain to sample everything from classics like pizza and arancini to quirky octopus burgers and sweet pistachio cannoli… All washed down with a cup of espresso, of course. Viva Italia!

When: 24 & 25 July, 11 am to 10 pm
Where: Ost Hafen Berlin, Friedrichshain

More about Street Food

Tip 4: …or take a culinary world tour at Street Food Festival Tempelhof

Falafel, hummus and bread
© gettyimages, Foto: J-O Eriksson/EyeEm

If you’re yearning for world travel this weekend, then head down to Tempelhofer Hafen to check out the incredible array of exotic culinary options. There’s sure to be something for everyone, from Berlin currywurst to fried insects for the hardened adventurer who isn’t faint of heart. Once you’ve had your fill, head for the beer garden and wash it all down with a delicious beer or wine.

When: 23-25 July
Where: Tempelhofer Hafen

Street Food Festival Tempelhofer Hafen

Tip 5: Sample delicious wines at the Weinmarkt im Späth’en Weingarten

pour red wine
Red wine © Daniela Incoronato

Sipping fine wines under the stars in a stunning arboretum, surrounded by good vibes and great music… If that sounds like your idea of heaven, you’re in for a treat this weekend, when the famous Späth nursery opens its gates to welcome wine lovers. This year, the wine market focuses on the dazzling array of wines from the Rheinhessen region.

When: 23-25 July
Where: Späth’sche Baumschulen, Treptow

Späth’er Weingarten

Tip 6: Enjoy an organ concert with a twist at Sommernacht Zweier Orgeln

Musikinstrumenten-Museum © SIMPK, Foto: Anne Katrin Breitenborn

In Berlin this weekend, you don’t have to head to a nightclub to experience magnificent soundscapes – just go to church. Experience the full power of organ music, then double it, at this unique concert in Kreuzberg. Two organists will come together to play works by Handel, Soler and other composers for an impressive sound experience. Entry is free, but donations are welcome.

When: 24 July
Where: St. Lukas Kirche, Kreuzberg

Sommernacht zweier Orgeln

Tip 7: Catch RosinenBAR THF at Tempelhofer Feld before it takes off

Tempelhof field in Berlin
Tempelhof field in Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

This summer has seen the spot beside the iconic ‘Rosinenbomber’ aeroplane at Tempelhofer Feld play host to Berlin partygoers and culture vultures at an outdoor bar experience like no other. Home to food trucks, film screenings, live football matches and music, it’s become a beloved fixture of the Berlin nightlife scene on summer nights. Catch it on its final weekend.

When: open until 25 July
Where: Tempelhofer Feld

RosinenBAR THF

Tip 8: Take a tour with a twist with TanzRoute

Dancer © Getty Images, Foto: O_Lypa

Discover Berlin with an artistic twist on this fascinating walking tour. With a trained actor as your guide, you’ll hear stories about the neighbourhood and readings of poems, before enjoying an improvised dance performance inspired by the furniture and architecture of the city streets themselves.

When: 25 July, 4 pm (and Sundays throughout August)
Where: Berlin-Mitte


Tip 9: Discover the forbidden history of Berlin’s swing scene on the ALL DARK walking tour

Exterior view of the Schaubühne in Berlin-Chalottenburg
Schaubühne Berlin © © Gianmarco Bresadola
Nutzung ausschliesslich gegen Honorar (+MwSt.) bei Urhebervermerk und Beleg.
Gianmarco B

Here’s another walking tour with a twist for the weekend – this time exploring the history of the jazz and swing music scene in Berlin and its controversial standing under the Nazi regime. They tried to repress the so-called ‘swing kids’, but they couldn’t be oppressed. This fascinating tour looks at the history of swing as a form of resistance in Berlin and beyond.

When: 24 July, 10 am to 12 noon
Where: tour meets at Kurfürstendamm 31 and ends outside the Schaubühne


Tip 10: Put a little swing in your step with a jazz concert from Round Square

Jazz band in Berlin
Jazz band © Getty Images, Foto: Chris Schmidt

Whether you’ve enjoyed discovering the history of Berlin jazz, and you’d like to sample a little of the real thing or you’re just looking for a little live music to kickstart your weekend, check out this free outdoor concert from Berlin sextet Round Square. Featuring not one but four saxophonists, the band’s repertoire runs the gamut from classic swing to modern music. A spellbinding way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

When: 24 July, 4 pm
Where: Sommercafé im Landhausgarten Dr Max. Fraenkel, Berlin-Kladow

Round Square

Tip 11: Discover a lost piece of Berlin history on celluloid

Exterior view of the German Historical Museum in Berlin
Exterior view of the German Historical Museum in Berlin © Deutsches Historisches Museum

Head to the Deutsches Historisches Museum this Saturday to catch Isn’t Life Wonderful?, a silent movie filmed in the city in 1924. Its story of hardship after the First World War is harrowing yet hopeful, and gives a glimpse of parts of the city recorded for the film that have since been lost.

When: 24 July, 8 pm
When: Deutsches Historisches Museum, Unter den Linden, Berlin-Mitte

Deutsches Historisches Museum

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