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Better World Cup-returnable beaker
Better World Cup-returnable beaker visitBerlin, Foto: Diana Häner

BETTER WORLD CUP instead of disposable cups

Save money and the planet with your own returnable beaker

170 billions of disposable cups are used in Berlin every year. This produces very much garbage, 2,580 trees have to be cut down and 85 billions litre of water are used for the paper cups. Berlin wants to make the first step in the right direction and started the initiative BETTER WORLD CUP. Anywhere you see the BETTER WORLD CUP-Logo at the door or window of a cafe, bar or store your own returnable beaker will be filled up.

Better World Cup-Logo visitBerlin, Foto: Diana Häner

Logo Mehrwegbechern Better World Cup

The Best: You actively contribute to climate protection and save up to 20 cents per coffee.

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