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Top 11 new openings in Berlin in October

Discover what's new in town

Dachterrasse Humboldt Forum
© Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss / David von Becker

Enjoy with all your senses: The greyer the autumn, the more colourful the offerings with which Berlin's new openings tickle all your senses. You are invited to stroll through the new Jewish Garden, browse in exquisite boutiques and - fictitiously, of course - help save the world!

Tip 1: Jewish Garden

Gärten der Welt: Jüdischer Garten
Gärten der Welt: Jüdischer Garten © lichtschwaermer | Gärten der Welt

Fig and almond trees, magnolias, chestnuts and elms are the focus of the Jewish Garden. These and many other of the selected plants also play a major role in Jewish literature and are intended to inspire people to engage with Jewish traditions, but also with the history of German-Jewish relations. The Jewish Garden, by the way, is the third garden dealing with one of the great world religions, and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Christian Garden. In total, you can now stroll through eleven different themed gardens in the Gardens of the World, which deal with different cultures and reveal new perspectives. 

Tip: The two free, interactive guided tours on Sunday, 24 October, at 10:30 am and 2 pm, focus on the plants of the Jewish Garden. You can register online.

When: daily 9 am - 6 pm

Where: Gardens of the World, Blumberger Damm 44, Marzahn

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Tip 2: Between heaven and earth: Restaurant Baret on the roof terrace of the Humboldt Forum

Restaurant Baret auf der Dachterrasse des Humboldt Forum
Restaurant Baret auf der Dachterrasse des Humboldt Forums © Baret

Do you know Jeanne Baret? The French naturalist and botanist, who sailed around the world disguised as a man between 1766 and 1769, is also the namesake of the new restaurant on the roof of the Humboldt Forum. Since 16 October, you can enjoy a breathtaking view in all four directions as well as the finest international cuisine made from regional ingredients. 

Where: Humboldt Forum, Schloßplatz, Mitte

When: daily from 10 am to midnight (Tuesday is a day off)

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Tip 3: Rendezvous, the new audio walk from Raum + Zeit

Audiowalk "Rondezvous" vom Künstler*innen Kollektiv RAUM + ZEIT
Audiowalk von RAUM + ZEIT © Valerie Groth

Two time travellers from the future land between the Lustgarten, the palace and the Berlin Cathedral. In the middle of present-day Berlin, they are supposed to find patient zero, the one who carries the virus of the next pandemic. But can humanity still be saved? Join the two time travellers on their seemingly hopeless mission in this audio walk and experience an action love story that even Bruce Willis wouldn't mind. 

Tip: Rendezvouz is the third part of an audiowalk trilogy by RAUM+ZEIT. In cooperation with the Berliner Ensemble, Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice) and Brecht stirbt (Brecht Dies) have already been published.

When: from 25 October

Where: Rendezvouz von RAUM + ZEIT

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Tip 4: Huguenot Museum in the French Cathedral

Konzerthaus (Concert Hall) and Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin
Konzerthaus (Concert Hall) and Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Renovations have been underway since 2017: Now you can finally visit the museum in the French Cathedral again. On 29 October, the Huguenot Museum will reopen with a ceremony in the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche. In the exhibition you can learn more about the 20,000 French religious refugees who found refuge in Berlin and Brandenburg after the edict of the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg in 1685.

Where: Gendarmenmarkt 5, Mitte

When: Friday, 29 October at 4 p.m.

Huguenot Museum Berlin

Tip 5: Restaurant Chiaro at the Hotel de Rome

Hotel de Rome
Hotel de Rome © Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome

Italian-Japanese cuisine awaits you in the restaurant "Chiaro", which opens on 25 October in Berlin's "Hotel de Rome". Let yourself be surprised by the culinary creations of star chef Tim Mälzer, such as Katsu Sando, beef tartare with tramezzini and spicy Japanese Tonkatsu sauce or lamb osso buco. But vegetarian dishes are also on the menu.

Where: Behrenstraße 37, Mitte

When: daily from 12 noon - 3 pm and 6 pm - 10 pm

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Tip 6: Le Duc

Gourmet dish
Fine Dining © Getty Images, Foto: Marian Vejcik

Small but unique: The new - and already fifteenth! - project by Berlin chef The Duc Ngo awaits you in an exclusive salon atmosphere. There will only be a handful of tables in the new restaurant on Kantstraße, but it will serve the finest cuisine. Bon appetit!

Where: Kantstraße, Charlottenburg

When: opening planned for October

Visit Duc Ngo on Instagram

Tip 7: Pauly Saal becomes Candyman

Entrance area of the former Jewish Girls' School
Entrance area of the former Jewish Girls' School © visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

The star restaurant Pauly Saal in the former Jewish girls' school will be replaced by Candyman from October. Behind it is Shaul Margulies, also no stranger to Berlin's gastronomy scene. In addition to the new Candyman, the restaurateur runs the House of Small Wonders, Zenkichi and Crackbuns.

When: in October

Where: Auguststraße 11-13, Mitte

Tip 8: HIN&WCK 

mediteranes Gemüse
Gemüse © Foto: Tobias Daniel Reiser

Originally from Tegernsee, the young entrepreneurs are now bringing their green food concept to the table in Berlin. The idea is as simple as it is innovative: by heating and cooling the ingredients in the glass, they are preserved in a vacuum and thus preserved without additives. Everything that is healthy and tastes good is served.

When: since 17 September

Where: Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 11, Mitte

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Tip 9: Americanfood4u

Die Bonbonmacherei
Bonbons © Bonbonmacherei

A piece of the USA right on KuDamm: in the new Americanfood4u branch, you'll find sweets and sticky treats from the United States. Livesavers, Sour Patch, Kool-Aid, Pop Tarts. Of course, there's also soda pop, beer and handy ready-made meals, like Mac & Cheese.

When: Sunday to Thursday from 11am - 8pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am - 10pm.

Where: Kurfürstendamm 224, Charlottenburg

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Tip 10: Universal Works 

Auerbach Store & Manufaktur
Fäden © AUERBACH Berlin GmbH

With the Berlin boutique, the British fashion label Universal Works has opened its first shop outside its home island. The label, founded by designer David Keyte from his kitchen table in 2008, stands for wearable and affordable men's fashion.  Based on the style of the working-class milieu in Middle England, the label plays off the founder's personal preferences without adapting to current trends.

When: Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Where: Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 28, Mitte

Fashion & Design

Tip 11: Maisonnoée

Auerbach Store & Manufaktur
Schneiderin © AUERBACH Berlin GmbH

Berlin also has new boutique for to the ladies store: At the end of September, Berlin designer Sophie Oemus opened her new store Maisonnoée on Waitzstraße in Charlottenburg. Her studio is right in the building. Oemus focuses on clear cuts and timeless elegance. She designs in Berlin and produces exclusively in Europe.

When: Monday to Friday 10 am - 8 pm, Saturday 12 pm - 8 pm

Where: Waitzstraße 2, Charlottenburg

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Extra Tip: Lotti Pantón

Macarons © visitBerlin, Foto: Jan Frontzek

Also already open since September, but so fun and delicious that we do want to recommend this one especially to you: Lotti Pantón. Here you can get fresh, handmade macarons, so sweet and colourful that the grey autumn can come quietly. 

Where: Linienstraße 141, Mitte

When: Monday to Friday 12 - 7 pm, Saturday 12 - 5 pm

Lotti Pantón

Please pay attention to the distance and hygiene measures during your visit.

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