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Top 11 New Openings in Berlin in September

Sound, Art & Indulgence

Karl-Marx-Straße in Abendstimmung
© visitBerlin, Foto: Hannes Wiedemann

If you're sleeping in Berlin in September, it's your own fault. Not only is the Humboldt Forum celebrating the opening of the East Wing for 24 hours, but all over the city you can experience exciting performances, concerts, art and culture at new openings and festivals - and on top of that, the Cultural Summer Festival, which took place for the first time in 2022, is entering its final spurt. Of course, we'll also tell you which new restaurants you can take a well-deserved break in.

Tip 1: All open at the Humboldt Forum

Humboldt Forum Berlin, north facade of the Schlüterhof
Humboldt Forum Berlin, north facade of the Schlüterhof © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss/ Foto: Alexander Schippel

On 17 September, the east wing of the Humboldt Forum opens. This completes the collection presentations of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art. For the opening, the entire Forum will be open for 24 hours from the Schlüterhof to the roof terrace. From 12 noon on Saturday to 12 noon on Sunday, discourse meets disco. Look forward to an open-air club and numerous workshops, discussions, think tanks, guided tours and performances. 

Tip: Find out why we are especially excited about this festival with chief restorer Toralf Gabsch in our Berlin Unboxed podcast episode on "New ways to present art and exhibitions" Culture". 

When: Saturday, 17 September from 12 p.m. to Sunday, 18 September, 12 p.m.
Where: Humboldt Forum, Schloßplatz 1, Mitte

Tip 2: Good bank

Restaurant Good Bank in Berlin
Good Bank: "Vertical Farm to Table“-restaurant © (c) visumate

Do you find the lettering? "Grow in the city" is written in bowl-round typography on the walls, floor and ceiling of the new Good Bank branch in Berlin Mitte - and describes exactly what it's all about. Because at Good Bank, the ingredients grow on site in vertical farming shelves. It doesn't get fresher than that. Choose from 60 different ingredients to put together your favourite bowl. By the way, not only will your taste buds be rewarded when you visit, but the new restaurant in Mitte is also a visual delight. You can find another Good Bank restaurant at Invalidenstraße 65 near the main station.

When: Monday to Friday 12 - 3 p.m., Saturday 12 - 6 p.m.
Where: Joachimstraße 17 a, Mitte

Good Bank

Tip 3: Käthe Kollwitz Museum

Exhibition Mother and child at Käthe Kollwitz Museum, Berlin
Exhibition Mother and child at Käthe Kollwitz Museum © Käthe Kollwitz, Schlafende mit Kind, Holzschnitt, 1929 © Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin, Privatsammlung NRW

The Käthe Kollwitz Museum is moving and will open its doors again on 24 September at Charlottenburg Palace. In addition to Käthe Kollwitz's drawings, the exhibition also presents the biography of the artist and sculptor who moved to Berlin at the end of the 19th century and lived and worked there for more than 50 years. With her work, she made a painfully human statement against war and social injustice. The museum will also be open on Monday.

When: Opening on 24 September
Where: Theaterhaus Schloss Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg

Käthe Kollwitz Museum

Tip 4: KANTE Restaurant

Kantine Kohlmann is now Kante
Kantine Kohlmann is now Kante © HINNERK DEDECKE

Kantine Kohlmann was revived this summer as KANTE. Here you can sit in the trendy Wrangelkiez and get in the mood for long Kreuzberg nights with a few friends, either outside, on the terrace or at the long oak tables inside. The cuisine has become a bit more upscale and international, the décor more chic, the atmosphere in the Kellerclub consistently good. 

When: the restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m., the bar daily from 6 p.m.
Where: Skalitzer Straße 64, Kreuzberg


Tip 5: Lalibela

Esstisch mit arabischen und mediterranen Spezialitäten
Arabische und mediterrane Spezialitäten © GettyImages, Foto: los_angela

Lalibela is a holy city in Ethiopia. Here you will find eleven rock-hewn churches carved vertically out of the ground in the Middle Ages. The most wondrous stories entwine around this place, after which the new Ethiopian restaurant in Wedding has named itself. Lalibela wants to bring the taste of Ethiopia to Berlin. You'll enjoy dumplings, lentils and, of course, the huge flatbreads filled with various authentic delicacies. The new branch in Wedding is already the third Lalibela restaurant. You can find other branches at Ohlauerstraße 27 in Kreuzberg and Herrfurthstraße 32 in the Schillerkiez.
When: Opening in October
Where: Soldiner Straße 41, Wedding

Internationale Kitchen in Berlin

Tip 6: Maaloula Syrian Restaurant

Arabic cuisine in Berlin
Mezze © Getty Images, Foto: Xavier Arnau

We continue our culinary journey around the world at Maaloula, very close to the Moabiter Markthalle. The Syrian restaurant opened in July and serves culinary delicacies such as magdous, pickled aubergines with walnut filling, grilled and pickled vegetables, meat skewers, hummus and homemade pita bread.

When: Monday to Saturday 4pm - midnight, Sunday 1pm - midnight.
Where: Turmstraße 3, Moabit

More places for Hummus in Berlin

Tip 7: Werner Herzog exhibition

Ausstellung Werner Herzog in der Deutschen Kinemathek
Werner Herzog Ausstellung in der Deutschen Kinemathek © visitBerlin, Foto: Julia Rathke

New at the Deutsche Kinemathek is an exhibition on cult director Werner Herzog. The father of many unforgettable films, such as Nosferatu or Aguirre, the Wrath of God with Klaus Kinski, made guest appearances on The Simpsons or as the villain in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Hardly any director could tell such a haunting story and was so versatile. The exhibition shows the different sides of Herzog, who also wrote himself, stood in front of the camera and founded his own film school. He produced his dramas and documentaries for the new German film as well as for Hollywood - always in search of the "ecstatic truth":

When: until 27 March 2023, Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., Tuesday closed.
Where: Potsdamer Strasse 2, Tiergarten

Werner Herzog at the Deutsche Kinemathek


POP Kudamm
POP Kudamm © POP KUDAMM, Foto: Marc Brinkmeier,

Artificial intelligence has long since found its way into our everyday lives. AI/algorithms compose music, write books and paint pictures. But how creative is AI really? And to what extent can AI take work off our hands? Or will it even make humans superfluous? This is the subject of the exhibition Machines vs Human Art at POP KUDAMM. By the way, you have to find out for yourself which of the exhibited works of art were created by AI or human artists. You can enter your assessment on a card. On 21 September there will be a panel discussion on the subject. 

When: 15 September to 1 October
Where: Kurfürstendamm 229, Charlottenburg

Tip 9: Pardon me?

Verleihung des LCD-Award 2020
St. Matthäus-Kirche Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Kevin McElvaney

Church and art in search of a deeper understanding. With Via Lewandowksy's 80-channel sound installation in St. Matthew's Church, the church becomes an art space and art becomes a mediator of religious questions. The installation combines recordings of psalms and soloistic chants to create a sound atmosphere that invites us to listen, yet in its condensation is incomprehensible. A symbol for our monologue conversations with God? A mirror of the discourse of our time, in which hardly anyone takes the time to listen and the understanding of words is far from revealing the meaning of what is being said? The installation Pardon me? invites you to take the time to wait for an answer.

When: 12 September to 27 November, opening on 11 September at 6 p.m.
Where: St. Matthew's Church Matthäikirchplatz, Mitte

Tip 10: Sound Walk Berlin

Germany, Berlin, view out of a subway train crossing the Oberbaumbruecke
Sound Walk Berlin © Getty Images, Foto: Westend 61

As part of the month of contemporary music in Berlin, there is a new opportunity to explore the city. You can explore the question of what the city does with the music and what the music does with the city. Various ensembles, artists and Berlin theatres have also addressed this question and composed atmospheric pieces for you, which you can listen to on the Sound Walk through Berlin at various locations throughout the city. Immerse yourself in the sound of this city. At the same time, you will learn a lot about the contributing artists. You can listen to the Soundwalk via the website.

When: from now on
Where: simply via the field Notes website

Tip 11: Stilwerk

Stilwerk Berlin
Stilwerk Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

stilwerk is moving into the KantGaragen and celebrating the opening on 7 October with a big festival. Look forward to exhibitions, artistic productions, pop-up stores and delicious food. Of course, there will also be beautiful things to buy. Both premium brands and newcomers from the interior, design, art and lifestyle sectors will be represented. Built around 1929, the elevated garage is the oldest preserved elevated garage in Europe with a double-passage turning ramp and is a listed building. Spread over four floors, you will find interior design and lifestyle brands, as well as shops and restaurants on the ground floor.

Tickets for the festival can be booked at this link.

Tip: The Playce, the new experience mall in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, opens on 15 September and is another hotspot for shopping and discovery in Berlin. Read more about it in our new openings from the previous month.

When: from 7 October
Where: Kantstraße 126, Charlottenburg

stilwerk Hotel Kantgaragen

Josefine Köhn-Haskins


ist in München aufgewachsen, hat dort studiert und bei der SZ volontiert. Auf der Suche nach neuen Abenteuern entdeckte sie erst New York, dann Miami und berichtete als Trendscout und Korrespondentin für verschiedene Publikationen. Ihr Zuhause fand sie dann aber in Berlin. Fasziniert von den vielen Facetten der Stadt ist sie kreuz und quer in den Kiezen unterwegs und beschäftigt sich gerne mit Zukunftsideen und Smart City Konzepten für ein innovatives Berlin.