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11 Tips for Gamers in Berlin

Exciting gaming experiences throughout Berlin

EGX Berlin: People with headphones on desktop computers
EGX Berlin: People with headphones on desktop computers © Foto: EGX

It's a cliché that game enthusiasts only sit in front of a screen. Berlin offers many opportunities to meet, gamble or shop in exciting locations or outdoors.  

Tip 1: Computerspielemuseum (Computer Games Museum)

Wall of Hardware at the Computerspielemuseum Berlin
Wall of Hardware at the Computerspielemuseum Berlin © Jörg Metzner/CSM

If you consider yourself a gamer, you should take a look at the Computerspiele Museum. It's mainly about the history of video games, but don't think that's all: Games from today are represented as well as retro machines that can be played with coins. Get ready to play! There is something for both experienced and younger gamers.

Where: Karl-Marx-Allee 93A, Berlin-Friedrichshain

Computerspiele Museum

Tip 2: Rent a cinema hall with Cineplex 

at the cinema in Berlin
at the cinema © Getty Images, Foto: Hero Images

Do you sometimes get a bit bored of gaming on a TV or monitor at home, and the atmosphere gets lost? Lan parties with your friends are getting complicated? If this is true for you, we have the perfect idea for you: How about gaming in a cinema? Big halls, proper sound technology, free internet access and a huge screen - what more could you want?

Where: Cineplex-Locations at Berlin-Spandau, Berlin-Steglitz, Berlin-Wedding and Berlin Neukölln


Tip 3: VR Nation

VR Nation
© trueVRsystems (a Brand of RedCube GmbH)

Playing video games is already a lot of fun, but what if you were able to become your own character... How to do that? It's simple. In VR Nation you slip into the role of the main character with the help of VR equipment, consisting of VR goggles, and sensors on hands, feet, head and torso, which ensure  enough freedom of movement. Additional 4D effects such as heat, wind, smell and the possibility to interact with objects let you fully immerse in the world of video games.

Where: Leipziger Straße 96, Berlin-Mitte

VR Nation

Tip 4: Freeman Games

© Jörg Metzner/CSM

Playing video games is all well and good, but they have to come from somewhere, don't they? Let us reommend a shop, where you can buy your favourite games. Whether new or retro, from Switch to Xbox or even very old Nintendo games and consoles: Freeman Games in Berlin-Kreuzberg has quite a few of them. Even if you don't want to buy a game, it's worth a visit.  You can say goodbye to your old treasures there and even get a little bit of money for it.

Where: Wassertorstr. 58 / Entrance at Prinzenstr. 12, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Freeman Games

Tip 5: LVL-World of Gaming 

night flea market SO36 in Berlin
Night flea market in Berlin © prokura nepp

Relaxed gaming and ordering something to eat - sounds like a dream? At  LVL- World of Gaming it comes true, but that's not all. There's also a miniature Mariokart racetrack where you can race your cars against each other and a merchandise shop where you can buy numerous items related to gaming. So there's something for everyone.

Where: Checkpoint Charly, Berlin-Mitte

LVL- World of Gaming

Tip 6: Berlin spielt Lasergame (Berlin plays Lasergame)

Smartroom - Escape Room Spiele
Smartroom - Escape Room Spiele © Smart Room, Foto: Alex Lammok

If you love to play first-person shooters, playing laser tag is almost a must: Here you can compete against your friends on a specially designed map and wage an epic battle with futuristic weapons. You can also improve them by earning XP. Just like in the real game! In addition, the weapons in Berlin spielt Lasergame are very realistic. They have a certain weight and both a recoil and a good sound. You're guaranteed to work up a sweat!

Where: Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin-Schöneweide

Berlin spielt Lasergame

Tip 7: Berlin Brettspiel Con (Berlin Bord Game Con)

Close-up of a dice game with figures and colourful background
Board game © Andrea Colarieti / EyeEm

Board games may not necessarily be video games. But there are many gamers who appreciate them and play them on their PCs. In our opinion, this makes them full-fledged video games. Now that that's settled, let's move on to our seventh tip. The Berlin Brettspiel Con fair will take place on 15 July - 17 July 2022 and is a meeting place for all board game lovers There you will find all board games from the companies Ravensburger, Kosmos, Schmidt and Moses. But that's not all: You will find many like-minded people to play with or talk to. Who knows, maybe you'll find your board game soulmate?

Where: STATION BERLIN, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Berlin Brettspiel Con fair

Tip 8: Immersive Gamebox

Immersive Gamebox Berlin
Immersive Gamebox Berlin © Immersive Gamebox

Gaming no longer has to be a solitary experience at home. It can be much more fun when you play it as a team. Immersive Gamebox offers you the opportunity to master different games together. Whether you prefer "Angry Birds" for young gamers and families or "Squid Game" for experienced gamers, you will find what you are looking for. And for an extra adrenaline rush, you have the chance to experience the games in virtual reality. Whether for children's birthday parties or team-building events with colleagues, Immersive Gamebox has something for everyone to spend an entertaining time.

Immersive Gamebox

Tip 9: Park am Gleisdreieck (Park at Gleisdreieck)

Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin
Skaters in the Park am Gleisdreick in Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Gamers are always at home in front of the PC or console ? That is not always true: For gamers who play on a PC or console like Xbox or Playstation, it is not so easy to combine nature and gaming, of course. But mobile phone gamers and handheld console gamers have the huge advantage of a portable device, that should be exploited. How about a nice round of Smash Bros on the Switch outdoors, or a joint search for Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go. My recommendation: the Park at Gleisdreieck. This park is not only huge, but also offers a lot of variety when it comes to sports activities.

Where: Möckernstraße 26, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Park at Gleisdreieck.

Tip 10: Gamestop 

Gamescom 2017
© Getty Images, Foto: Lukas Schulze

If you love both games and the characters that go with them, Gamestop is always the right place to go: here you can find used or new games, the matching merchandise for your favourite game or even just a console. What we personally find interesting is the fact that you can even exchange your games or console for a voucher. This way, you can turn old games into money again and not miss out on any of the new ones.

Where: various locations in Berlin


Tip 11: Flugsimulator Jet A 320 Jetsim

Flugzeug Cockpit
© Duda

Video games are not always just first-person shooters, MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer online Role-Playing Games) or fighting games. Video games can just as well be simulations. If you're more of a fan of these types of games, then we've found your perfect place: In Jet 320 Jetsim you are the pilot. The 210 degree Full HD view, the excellent sounds and the simulator effect will make your experience so realistic, that you'll forget you're sitting in a simulation at all. This experience is for all ages: The youngest pilot was four and the oldest  97 years old. Another plus: The simulator wheelchair accessible. And of course, your friends fly for free with you in your plane.

Where: Reuchlinstraße 10-11, Berlin-Moabit

Jet 320 Jetsim