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Entradas: El Museo Bode y exposiciones

Entradas Museo Bode
Museo Bode en el extremo norte de la Isla de los Museos

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Visit the Bode Museum on Berlin Museum Island and explore the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art. Discover Berlin’s Münzkabinett which is one of the most important numismatic collections in the world.

The impressive three-lobe museum building of the Bode Museum is located on the northern part of the Museum Island and unites two collections: the Sculpture Collection, the Museum of Byzantine Art and the Münzkabinett.

Bode-Museum day-ticket: Your admission for all exhibitions at a glance

✔ Exhibition from 17.05.2024: Sticky Fingers - Counterfeit Count: The Dark Side of Numismatics
✔ Exhibition until 17.03.2024: Timeless - Contemporary Ukrainian Art in Times of War
✔ Exhibition until 07.04.2024: Ius in nummis - The Thomas Würtenberger Collection
✔ Exhibition until 28.04.2024: Spanish Dialogues: Picasso Works from the Museum Berggruen Visit the Bode-Museum
✔ Permanent exhibition: Late Antiquity and Byzantine Art
✔ Permanent exhibition: Coins and Medals
✔ Permanent exhibition: Sculptures and Painting 13th - 18th Century
✔ Exhibition until further notice: Unlocking Christian Art
✔ Exhibition until further notice: The Second Glance - Women
✔ Exhibition until further notice: The Second Glance - All Forms of Love
✔ Exhibition until further notice: Plain Talk - About the History of the Bode-Museum

Sculpture Collection & Painting of the 13th-18th Century

The Bode Museum's sculpture collection possesses works from the early Middle Ages to the late 18th century from German-speaking countries, France, the Netherlands, and Italy and Spain. A major focus of the collection is Italian sculpture from various schools. Among them are masterpieces such as the bronze head of Lodovico Gonzaga or the head fragment of the "Princess of Naples". Among the highlights of medieval sculpture collection are the Madonna of Presbyter Martinus and the Man of Sorrows by Giovanni Pisano, which at the same time link to the works of the early Renaissance. In addition, the exhibition houses late Gothic sculptures and works of German Renaissance and Baroque sculpture. From the Rococo and Early Classicist periods, the collection includes works by Ignaz Günther, Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer and Jean Antoine Houdon, among others.
Works from the Picture Gallery are also on display in conjunction with European sculpture.

Late Antique and Byzantine Art

The collection of Late Antique and Byzantine includes works of art and everyday objects from virtually the entire ancient Mediterranean region in the period from the 3rd to the 15th century. These include late antique sarcophagi from Rome and works of ornamental sculpture from the Eastern Roman Empire. Precious ivory carvings and mosaic icons testify to the high standard of craftsmanship and artistry of Byzantine court art. Objects of everyday life and Christian religion from Egypt, in turn, provide clues to daily life. The collection also includes works from North Africa, Ethiopia, Constantinople, Greece, as well as the Middle East, the Balkans and Russia.

Coin Cabinet in the Bode Museum

With approximately 500,000 objects, the Coin Cabinet at the Bode Museum is one of the largest numismatic collections in the world. The exhibition covers coin series from the beginning of coinage in the 7th century BC in Asia Minor to the coins and medals of the 21st century. It includes comprehensive holdings of ancient Greek and Roman coins, as well as European coins of the Middle Ages and modern times, and Islamic-Oriental coins.

Meeting point

Am Kupfergraben, 10117 Berlin

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Children and young people under the age of 18 are admitted free of charge. Please note that tickets cannot be cancelled.

Reduced: (students with ID, trainees, people with disabilities (GdB 50%)

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