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Top 11 New Openings in July in Berlin

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View of the Bundestag building in Beriln from the solar roof of the Futurium
View of the Bundestag building in Beriln from the solar roof of the Futurium © visitBerlin, Foto: Angela Kröll

Festival summer in Berlin: In addition to the many great concerts and open-air events, the fashion fair Premium invites you to Berlin's first lifestyle and fashion festival with The Ground. And to celebrate the 31st birthday of Berlin's legendary Tresor club, there will be a two-month festival revolving around three decades of the techno scene in Berlin, including numerous live and DJ sets. What else is new in Berlin in July we have put together for you here. The top 11 new openings in July.

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Tip 1: Stabi Kulturwerk

State Library Unter den Linden
State Library Unter denLinden © visitBerlin, Foto: Mareike Methner

The Staatsbibliothek in Berlin is Germany's largest universal academic library and one of the most important libraries in the world. Founded in 1661, the beautiful building on Unter den Linden opened in 1914 and has now been renovated over a period of years. In addition to the five reading rooms, 230 workstations, stacks and usable space, some exhibition areas have now been added on the ground floor. The Stabi Kulturwerk shows special treasures from the collections on about 1000 square metres - modern and multimedia. For example, a multimedia "Living Book" gives you an insight into the Berlin copy of the Gutenberg Bible. The originals on display in glass cases are exchanged quarterly for other treasures from the State Library's collection.

Where: Unter den Linden 8, Mitte
When: Summer 2022

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Tipp 2: The Taste Bar

Alcohol-free aperitif
Alcohol-free aperitif © Wilfreds Drinks LTD

Why not try the drinks at The Taste Bar? Here, until the beginning of August, you'll have the chance to try handpicked non-alcoholic spirits such as gin, aperitifs, wine and even whiskey from around the world. This way you can test new flavors and find out what you like best.
When: July 22 and 23, July 29 and 30, August 5 - 6: Friday - Saturday Noon - 9pm

Where: Kantstrasse 27, Charlottenburg

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Tip 3: C/O Digital

C/O Berlin
C/O Berlin © C/O Berlin, Foto: David von Becker

A glitch on the screen transforms the two-dimensional surface into a 3D experience that challenges your perception. With the web-based twin C/O Digital, Berlin's C/O Gallery challenges your perception. Web-based image cultures are explored and a platform for new forms of artistic expression is created. And of course, the digital exhibition programme, which is being launched on the occasion of C/O Berlin's 22nd birthday, can be experienced around the clock worldwide. 

When: from 14 July
Where: digital 

Tip 4: Restaurant Big Squadra Trattoria Coccodrillo

Pizza © GettyImages, Foto: Gabe Ginsberg

You can enjoy the flair of Italy when you visit Trattoria Cocodrillo in Weinbergspark. The interior features 1950s design elements, red ceilings and theatrical curtains, red herringbone parquet flooring, a dedicated library in the dining room and artwork by Fiorucci. On the large south-facing outdoor terrace, you can really get into the holiday mood on balmy summer evenings. Home-made Italian specialities are served: ravioli, pizza, fish and grilled meat. In addition to Chianti from Tuscany, various wines and cocktails with the Italian classic Negroni are on the menu. 

When: from 15 July
Where: Veteranenstraße 9, Mitte

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Tip 5: Manifesto

Potsdamer Platz Skyline
Potsdamer Platz Skyline © Getty Images, Foto: spreephoto

Manifesto Market, a new food hub, will open directly on Potsdamer Platz in July. The idea is to offer a wide variety of street food options, just like a real marketplace. The concept focuses less on fast food and quick meals for in-between meals and more on bringing people together to enjoy the food. All participating restaurants are free to offer a delivery service. Just drop by and try the different options.

When: from July
Where: Potsdamer Platz, Tiergarten

Shopping at Potsdamer Platz

Tip 6: Humana

Vintage & Second Hand Shopping: Two girls look into the jewellery showcase
Vintage Shopping © gettyimages, Foto: Joos Mind

Vintage, second-hand and more: for the reopening of the pop-up store on Oranienstraße, the Humana team has unearthed a few very special rarities. Perfect for spicing up your summer wardrobe. Find your new favourite outfit. And then it's off to the summer holidays.

When: 1 July
Where: Oranienstraße 25, Kreuzberg

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Tip 7: Parcours-Tour

Elevated railway on Schönhauser Allee, corner of Eberswalder Straße with a view of the television tower in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Elevated railway in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Ninja warriors beware! This action has it all. At the Toyota Aygo X Parcours, you will compete against real Ninja Warriors on various obstacles. Maybe you've even seen the show on TV before. It's all about strength, skill and absolute body control. Whoever masters many obstacles and collects as many points as possible will of course be rewarded. The main prize is, how could it be otherwise, a Toyota Aygo X.

When: 7 to 9 July
Where: Schönhauser Alle Arcaden, Schönhauser Allee 80, Prenzlauer Berg

Schönhauser Allee Arcaden

Tip 8: New Podcast-Episode of Berlin Unboxed

Mark Reeder
Mark Reeder © Doris Klaas

We also have something new for you. The latest episode of our visitBerlin Podcast is about the sound of freedom. Why Berlin stands for it like no other city and what sounds shaped the music scene and club culture of the 1980s in Berlin is what we talk about with Mark Reeder. Some of you may know him from the legendary B-Movie: Lust und Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989. Listen in and find out what the story behind the name of Reeder's label MfS is. 

When: now
Where: on Spotify, Apple Music, Google, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube and of course in our ABOUT BERLIN app.

Listen Now: The Sound of Freedom

Tip 9: New energy storage

Solarzellen auf dem Dach des Futurium
Solarzellen auf dem Dach des Futuriums © visitBerlin, Foto: Angela Kröll

Have you ever thought about how energy generated from solar or wind power can be efficiently stored? Berlin-based power producer Vattenfall has come up with a solution. And you can already see it, at least from a distance. For the heat storage facility, which was inaugurated at the beginning of July on the site of Berlin's Reuter West combined heat and power plant, towers 45 metres into the sky, making it - according to the company - the largest heat storage facility in Germany. Like a kind of immersion heater, this gigantic thermos converts solar and wind energy into hot water. The tank, which can temporarily store surplus green energy, has a volume of 350,000 full baths. Find out more about innovative and sustainable future projects in Berlin on our sustainability page. 

Sustainable Berlin

Tip 10: Studio of Wonders

Underground room in the Studio of Wonders
Galery Studio of Wonders © Studio of Wonders

The Studio of Wonders moved to the Mall of Berlin on 5 July. Once again, exciting worlds of experience, optical illusions and lots of great rooms await you here to perfectly set the stage for you and your imagination. More than 20 exhibits await you on 500 square metres of exhibition space, which you can use perfectly as a backdrop for your Instagram gallery. 

When: from 5 July
Where: Leipziger Platz 12, Mitte

Studio of Wonders

Tip 11: Tresor 31: Techno, Berlin and the great Freedom

DEEP WEB im Kraftwerk Berlin
DEEP WEB im Kraftwerk Berlin © Ralph Larmann

Tresor Berlin opened 31 years ago. Today you can find the original door in the Berlin Global exhibition in the Humboldt Forum, where you could also dance a little to the sound of Berlin and take funny selfies in a small room under a reflecting disco ball. You can really immerse yourself in the world of techno at the almost two-month-long Tresor 31 festival. Exhibitions and concert series at Kraftwerk give an insight into three decades of techno culture in Berlin. And of course the tradition will continue. More than 20 club nights will feature DJ and live sets by over 150 artists, including Antenes, RP Boo, Simo Cell, Tresor labelmates Helena Hauff, Jensen Interceptor, Yazzus and Moritz von Oswald and many more.

When: 8 July to 28 August
Where: Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Straße 70


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