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The Spring Map for Berlin

#BerlinBlossom in the capital: Where to find cherry blossoms

Infografik Berlin Blossom 2023
© visitBerlin

Spring in Berlin is particularly characterised by pink blossom trees: an unusually large number of cherry trees adorn the city. Many of them came to the capital from Japan as a gift for the fall of the Wall. But it's not only the cherry blossom that gives you spring fever: In our map we have put together a few of the most beautiful blossom locations for you. Here Berlin blossoms from February to May.

#BerlinBlossom Map

Infografik Berlin Blossom 2023
© visitBerlin

The #BerlinBlossom Map shows you the most beautiful springtime places in Berlin. From  Berlin Cathedral, from the Tiergarten park to the Gardens of the world, this free Berlin city map helps you quickly find the best places for a spring trip to Berlin.

Free Download of our BerlinBlossom map

Spring pictures from Berlin

The wonderful flowers can be discovered on walks through any of Berlin’s extensive parks and gardens. We invite you to scroll through some of the most beautiful photos here:

Our must-do this spring

Go on a photo safari across Berlin’s many districts! Inspiration can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #BerlinBlossom. Share your favourite images with Berliners and visitors from around the world who have fallen in love with spring in Berlin.

1. TV-Asahi Cherry Blossom Avenue

Under a pink roof of thousands of blossoms, you walk along the TV-Asahi Cherry Blossom Avenue on Mauerweg in Teltow. The many Japanese cherry trees here are a gift from Japan. Directions: S Lichterfelde Süde, bus to Schwelmer Straße

2. East side gallery

Just walk along the Spree from Oberbaumbrücke along the East side gallery in the direction of Ostbahnhof, then you can't miss the avenue of blossoming cherry trees. You can even see the pink blossoms from the boat. Directions: S+U Warschauer Straße

3. Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World)

In spring, visitors from all over the world come to the Gardens of the World to take pictures under the cherry trees in the Korean, Chinese and Japanese theme parks. You will also find numerous pink-flowered oases in the large meadows around them. Directions: Bus Blumenberger Damm / Gardens of the World

4. Britzer Garten

Every spring the Britzer Garten invites you to the Tulipan. From April to the beginning of May you walk through a colourful sea of tulips. Also in Britz, the Britzer Baumblüte (Britz Tree Blossom) is celebrated every year on the Parchimer Allee festival grounds next to the green Gutspark Britz. Directions: Britzer Garten bus

5. Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden)

In addition to the many other highlights of the Botanical Garden, you'll also find a spacious meadow with delicately flowering crocuses. Perfect for beautiful photos and a little spring picnic.  Directions: Bus Königin-Luise-Platz /Botanischer Garten

6 Zeiss Large Planetarium

The best time to visit the cherry trees at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium is in the evening. Afterwards you can watch the sunset on the hills behind the spherical planetarium building. Directions: Tram Fröbelstraße, S Prenzlauer Allee

7. Otto Lilienthal Park Berlin

When you climb up the Fliegerberg to the Lilienthal Monument in spring, it's a bit like rising into the blue sky through the pink blossom clouds of the cherry trees planted to the left of the hill. Directions: Bus Lilienthal Park

8. Tiergarten

Buzzing wildflower meadows and yellow daffodils in April, pink-blossoming chestnut avenues in May, islands of flowers between ponds and monuments, and a rose garden that blossoms especially beautifully from the end of May: Throughout the year, the Tiergarten surprises with a true splendour of flowers and blossoms. A real insider tip for the merry month of May are the wonderfully fragrant rhododendrons, which have grown over the years into a veritable labyrinth of colourful blossoms. It would be hard to imagine a more romantic stroll. Directions: S Tiergarten, bus Großer Stern, bus Tiergartenstraße

9. Bornholmer Strasse 

If you walk north from the S-Bahn, a veritable tunnel of pink blossoms awaits you. Heading south, you'll discover another type of cherry blossom that blooms very early, sometimes as early as February, but only until April. Directions: Tram Björnsonstraße, S Bornholmer Straße

10. Schwedter Strasse

You have to walk a good distance from the S-Bahn, but the bus stops nearby. The journey is definitely worth it. Here you can photograph the long cherry blossom avenue with the TV tower in the background. In March and April, the cherries on Schwedter Straße are in full bloom. Directions: S Bornholmer Strasse, bus Gleimstrasse

11. Kolonnenweg

Hopped off the bus and into the sea of cherry blossoms: here you can sometimes lose your bearings in front of pink cherry blossoms. Directions: S Wollankstraße, bus Wollankstraße/Sternstraße

12. Kommandantenstraße, Alexandrinenstraße/Luisenstadt 

Directions: Alexandrinenstraße bus

13. Oberbaumbrücke

On the northern side of the Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin's first pink cherry trees are already in bloom in February. The blossoms last until April. Directions: S+U Warschauer Strasse

14. Nymphenburger Strasse at Rudolf Wilde Park

So many cherries blossom in one spot here that the blossom island close to Rathaus Schöneberg is even indicated on the online street map. Directions: U Rathaus Schöneberg

15. Berliner Mauerweg in Treptow 

This happiness only lasts a few weeks. The cherry blossom along the former border strip, now the Berliner Mauerweg (Berlin Wall Trail), is a spectacle that captivates Berliners every year. Directions: Wildenbruchstraße 33B, bus Heidelberger Straße, Lohmühlenstraße, bus Lohmühlenplatz

16 Ceciliengärten

Directions: S+U Innsbrucker Platz

17. Hohenzollernplatz

Directions: U Hohenzollernplatz

18. Botanischer Volkspark

A place for all (floral) senses all year round. Directions: Bus Botanischer Volkspark

19. PalaisPopulaire

Whenever the time of the yellow daffodils arrives, you will find a particularly beautiful splash of colour in bright yellow at the PalaisPopulair. by the way, ideally suited for beautiful photos.  Directions: U Museumsinsel, Bus Staatsoper

20. Schlosspark Biesdorf

Tip for all those who eagerly await spring and go in search of blossoms as early as February:  Schlosspark Biesdorf has made it onto the map because of its romantically flowering crocus meadow in soft purple. 

Directions: S Biesdorf, U Elsterwerdaer Platz, Bus Schlosspark Biesdorf

21. Schloss Charlottenburg

Stroll between freshly planted, fragrant flower beds and glittering water features against the baroque backdrop of the gardens of Charlottenburg Palace. Directions: Schloss Charlottenburg bus

22. Greenwich Promenade

Take advantage of the warm sunshine for a trip to Tegeler See (Lake Tegel). Here, a sea of tulips spreads out before you directly on the promenade, with the glittering water panorama of the lake just behind. Directions: Bus Veitstraße

23. Royal Garden Academy

A place as enchanting as its name: At the Royal Garden Academy you can stock up on your own Blossom after having strolled through the Botanical Garden. Directions: Limonenstraße bus

Kirschblüten im Berliner Frühling
Kirschblüten im Frühling © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien