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11 tips for spring walks in Berlin

Fresh air, cherry blossoms and discovering new things

Berliner Siegessäule
© (c) visumate

Now it is getting warmer again and the days are getting longer. But above all, the first blossoms are appearing on the cherry trees and flowers, enticing us outside with their delicate play of colour. If you're looking for a new route away from your own neighbourhood, we've picked out a few routes for you here. Maybe you'd like to take a look and get to know something new. Here are our 11 best spring walks in Berlin.

Tip 1: Through the Tiergarten to the Victory Column

Tiergarten - Spring
Tiergarten - Spring © visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit

It's not an insider tip, of course, but definitely worth a visit: the zoo. A real recreation area in the middle of the city. If you start at the Tiergarten S-Bahn station, you can walk past the Tiergarten-Quelle and the Gaslaternen Freilichtmuseum. Continue on to Neuer See, where you can also take a look at the zoo, which is looking forward to a visit. Or you can continue past the Roon Monument to the Victory Column

Tickets for Berlin Zoo

Tip 2: Strolling by Charlottenburg Palace

Orangerie Berlin
Orangerie Charlottenburg © Orangerie Berlin GmbH

Many people are familiar with Charlottenburg Palace and its beautiful gardens, but have you ever walked through the beautiful forest and meadow park behind the palace? Past the carp pond, the mausoleum, the tea house and the Belvedere, you will reach the Spree and can continue walking through the park along the lock canal.

More information on the Charlottenburg Palace Garden

Tip 3: Beautiful view from the Humboldthain

Spring: Floral splendour in the Volkspark Humboldthain in Berlin
The rose garden in Volkspark Humboldthain © visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

When the weather is nice, the Humboldthain attracts visitors with a pretty wooded area and above all with its beautiful view from the former flak tower. Once you reach the top, you can look out over the park and the districts of Mitte and Wedding and enjoy the spring sun. By the way, all twelve Berlin districts offer wonderful vantage points of the city and its surroundings. Take a look!

12 beautiful vantage points in the districts

Tip 4: Along the Teltow Canal

Bikes on a rail of a bridge of the Teltowkanal
Bikes on a bridge in Teltow © (c) visumate

This tour through the south of Berlin leads along the Teltow Canal to Steglitz. Start at Tempelhofer Hafen and walk along the banks of the Teltowkanal. On the way to Steglitz, you will pass several bridges until you cross the canal at the Edenkobener Steg. From here it is only a few minutes to the beautiful Steglitz city park. Here we also have a nice bike tour for you:

Tip 5: Through the Fischerkietz and along the river Dahme

River Dahme in Köpenick
River Dahme © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

One of the smallest neighbourhoods in Berlin is the Fischerkietz in Köpenick. The enchanting area has a special charm, not least because of the single-storey, lavishly renovated fishermen's houses and the cobbled streets that lead directly down to the Dahme. From here you can follow the Dahmeweg, which leads beautifully along the riverbank promenade to Alt-Köpenick and on through a lovely wooded area to the Grünau lido. If you want even more, you can follow the path to Wernsdorfer See, where the Dahmeweg ends after a good three hours. From here you can return to Köpenick by public transport.

Fischerkietz in Köpenick

Tip 6: Around the Straulau Peninsula

riverside path on the Stralau peninsula
riverside path on the Stralau peninsula © visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

Berlin can be idyllic here. A lakeside path leads around the Straulau peninsula, past a cemetery and a charming old village church, which prides itself on being the oldest building in the district. On the northern side you have a beautiful view of Rummelsburg Bay. On the south side, you'll discover the Isle of Youth, the Ferris wheel at Spreepark and the expansive Treptower Park.

More information about the Treptower Park

Tip 7: Through the Volkspark Rehberge

Ballspielwiese im Volkspark Rehberge
Ballspielwiese im Volkspark Rehberge © wikimedia, Foto: Fridolin Freudenfett (CCBY-SA4-0)

You can take a particularly leisurely and equally undisturbed walk through the Volkspark Rehberge. An enchanted landscape of forests, meadows, hills and lakes awaits you here. It is definitely worth visiting the park several times, because it takes a while before you walk twice along a network of paths of almost 25 kilometres.

More information about the Volkspark Rehberge

Tip 8:  Audio walks

Girl with headphones in Berlin
Girl with headphones © Getty Images, Foto: yipengge

Our tips for audio walks in Berlin will definitely give you the opportunity to discover new corners of Berlin. Motivate the whole family with an exciting scavenger hunt through the city, learn more about the city's architecture and history while strolling through Berlin. From fantastic audio stories for children to site-specific poetry slam performances, it's all here.

Top 11 Audio Walks in Berlin

Tip 9: The Five Villages Tour in East Berlin

Berliner Balkon Marzahn/Hellerdorf
© Bezirksamt Marzahn-Hellersdorf/Foto: apercu

This tour takes you beyond the prefabricated buildings into the rural and village-like part of Hellerdorf-Marzahn. In the shadow of the high-rise buildings, historic village greens, manor houses and churches lie dormant. You will pass through Mahlsdorf, Kaulsdorf, Biesdorf, Hellersdorf and Alt-Marzahn. You should take a day to cover the whole route, as the historic buildings and the climb up the Kienberg take time.

Or you can decide to cycle, in which case the journey will take about 1.5 hours, depending on your speed and how much you want to see. By the way: between Mahlsdorf and Kaulsdorf a slope was formed during the last ice age, the Berlin Balcony, which marks the boundary between the Barnim plateau and the Berlin glacial valley. A vantage point with weathered wooden benches invites you to take a short breather.

The Five Villages Tour in East Berlin

Tip 10: The Havel Heights Trail

Havelradweg Spandau
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

The ten-kilometre Havel Heights Trail is particularly varied and takes you past many beautiful places in the Grunewald. Especially now, the air along the river is wonderfully clear and fresh. The best place to start your hike is in the north under the Stößensee Bridge on the banks of the Havel. From there, follow the water until you reach the Wannsee lido. A particularly nice place to take a short break is the Grunewald Tower. You can find more tips here:

Off into nature

Tip 11: Brandenburg

Landscape arround Chorin in Brandenburg
Perfect for an walk: Landscape in Brandenburg © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Steffen Lehmann

The blue sky beckons, the sun is shining and it's finally warm enough again for a day trip to Berlin's surrounding countryside. Brandenburg offers numerous charming destinations for cycling tours and hikes. Magnificent castles and parks, vast fields and forests and crystal-clear lakes offer the best conditions for springtime nature experiences.

If you want more, you can of course plan longer tours. For example, along the Wuhletalweg. The 14-kilometre route starts in Ahrensfelde and runs along the Wuhle River to its mouth on the Spree. On this route you will experience lots of nature and varied landscapes. Here we have some more ideas for you: Hiking in Berlin and the surrounding area.

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