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12 beautiful viewpoints in the neighbourhoods

Berlin's various districts from above

Vew from the Panoramapunkt at Potsdamer Platz Berlin
Panoramapunkt at Potsdamer Platz Panoramapunkt

Twelve districts of Berlin, twelve different perspectives on the capital. Sometimes of treetops, sometimes of roofs of old buildings, but somehow always of the TV Tower. Climb with us to the highest peaks in the neighbourhood. The most important thing: You don't have to be free from giddiness for all the elevations!

Teufelsberg in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Drachenberg and Teufelsberg in Berlin
View on Teufelsberg from Drachenberg visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

On over 114 metres of rubble, the view of the capital is uniquely beautiful. At the top of the Teufelsberg, your gaze wanders towards the TV tower and the cathedral. Exciting guided tours take place weekly and you can buy tickets directly on the grounds without booking. Throughout the year you can go hang-gliding, paragliding, mountain biking and hiking. On a clear day, you can even see as far as Potsdam and the Müggelberge mountains.

Where: Teufelsseechaussee 10

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Großer Bunkerberg in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Volkspark Friedrichshain
Volkspark Friedrichshain visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

The Bunkerberg in Volkspark Friedrichshain rises 78 metres into the air. Either stroll up the winding paths at your leisure - or join the joggers who work their way up at speed. You'll be rewarded with a view of the park, Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte - especially beautiful at dusk.

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Schrotkugelturm in Lichtenberg

Tower Schrotkugelturm  in Berlin
The tower Schrotkugelturm in Kaselkiez visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

It is the landmark of its neighbourhood: the Schrotkugelturm (shotgun pellet tower) can be seen from afar in the Viktoriastadt district of Lichtenberg. Lead bullets were once cast here, which were particularly popular with hunters because of their marksmanship. Today you can climb the 200 steps to the platform of the tower, which was shut down in 1939, as part of a guided tour on Open Monument Day or during events.

Where: Nöldnerstraße 16

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Ahrensfelder Berg in Marzahn

Marzahn, Ahrensfelder Berge
Ahrensfelder Berge in Berlin-Marzahn visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

From the top of the Großer Ahrensfelder Berg you have an amazing view of Marzahn and the Brandenburg region beyond. And of course you can also see the TV tower from here. If you're cycling, it's worth taking a trip along the Wuhle River to the Ahrensfelder Terrassen (Ahrensfeld Terraces), an award-winning urban redevelopment project of the 21st century and a showcase project for the district.

By the way: not far from Ahrenfelder Berg are the Gardens of the World and the Kienberg with its observation tower.

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Flakturm Humboldthain in Mitte

Wedding Humboldthain Berlin
Humboldthain (c) visumate

The massive Flakturm (flak towers) were built in Berlin at the beginning of the 1940s. In the Humboldthain, you have a perfect view of the park and the Mitte and Wedding districts from above. The Berliner Unterwelten (Association) will even take you inside the bunker ruins..

Where: Hochstraße 5
Tickets for the Tour "Vom Flakturm zum Trümmerberg"

Village view in Neukölln

Landscape with wide sky: The village view in Rudow, Berlin
View over Rudow visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

In the south of Neukölln, the village view rises 86 metres above sea level. From the summit you have an overview of the villages of Großziethen, Bohnsdorf, Schönefeld and Waßmannsdorf. The futuristic skyline of the Rudow skyscrapers is equally impressive. The best thing to do is to combine the climb with a nice bike ride through Schönefeld.

Bicycle tour to the village view tour

Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg

junge Familie beim Spaziergang
Spaziergang in Berlin Tourismusverein Berlin Treptow-Köpenick e.V. (

At 121.9 metres, the Arkenberg is the highest elevation in Pankow and thus also the highest mountain in Berlin. The view from here is perfect for nature lovers: forests, fields and lakes lie at your feet. However, you'll need a little patience here too, because the paths to the top are not yet open! In the meantime, you can visit the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg. At its highest point, 91 metres high, the park with its trees, meadows and paths as well as the nature trail invites you to stroll, linger and jog.

Where: Schneeglöckchenstraße 61

Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg

Freizeitpark Lübars in Reinickendorf

Drachensteigen im Freizeitpark Lübars
Freizeitpark Lübars visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Freizeit Park Lübars (Leisure Park) can be recognised from afar by the 85-metre-high hill that lies at its centre. In winter there is a very popular 300-metre-long toboggan run with floodlights, and at all other times of the year kites fly around there.

Where: Alter Bernauer Heerweg

Freizeitpark Lübars

Hahneberg in Spandau

Fort Hahneberg in Berlin
Fort Hahneberg: Kehlkaserne ASG

The Hahneberg is only 83 metres high, but it offers a great view of Fort Hahneberg, the last Prussian artillery fort from the 1980s. The hexagonal fortification never really served military purposes. Among other things, it housed the central archives for military medicine, gliders were built here and scenes of Quentin Tarantino's American blockbuster Inglourious Basterds were filmed here. Today it is also a popular bat roost.

Where: Hahnebergweg 50

Fort Hahneberg

Schäferberg in Zehlendorf

The Peacock Island at Wannsee
The Peacock Island at Wannsee Wirtschaftsförderung Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Foto: Steven Ritzer

Between Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) and Griebnitzsee you will find the highest elevation in Zehlendorf, the Schäferberg, which is still just over 100 metres high. For a tour, we recommend starting at Wannsee S-Bahn station. Along the picturesque shore, through beautiful forests up to the natural elevation in Düppeler Forst. At the top you will reach the telecommunications tower, which at 212 metres is one of the three highest buildings in Berlin.

Where: Nikolskoer Weg

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Müggelberge in Treptow-Köpenick

Müggelberge visitBerlin, Foto: Verena Kneiske

Numerous cycling and hiking trails lead around and up the Müggelberge. Your way to the top: adventurously by mountain bike over the ski jumps, relaxed with a picnic basket at the campfire site or leisurely along the romantic root paths that wind their way under old oak trees. Once you've reached the top, you can look out over the Müggelsee lake or the course of the Dahme river.


Berlin's districts are also beautiful to behold from ground level. See our Going Local Berlin app for more than 700 personal tips, tours and restaurant recommendations.



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