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11 reasons to look forward to spring in Berlin

It looks so green when Berlin’s blossoms bloom …

Berlin Cathedral in Spring
Berlin Cathedral in Spring © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

The time has finally come: the days are getting warmer and longer, the first flowers and blossoms are bringing color into the gray that was so dreary just a short time ago. And the sun's rays are luring us outside, too. It's springtime in Berlin. 11 reasons why you can really look forward to spring in Berlin now!

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Tip 1: Finally sitting outside again

Café Lenné in the Königlichen Gartenakademie in Berlin
Café Lenné in the Königlichen Gartenakademie © Foto: Wilfried Gerstel

With the warmer weather, cafes and restaurants will be reopening their outdoor spaces. Find a nice spot in the sun and enjoy your time outside.

Cafés in Berlin

Tip 2: Enjoy the sun's rays in Berlins neighborhoods (Kieze)

Frühling am Tegeler See
Frühling am Tegeler See © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Experience shows that the first rays of sunshine quickly fill up the popular places. That's why we went looking for places in all the districts where you can enjoy the spring sun relatively undisturbed. By the way, you can also enjoy a breathtaking sunset from these twelve vantage points in the districts.

12 beautiful viewpoints in the neighbourhoods

Tip 3: Spring Cleaning: Make everything beautiful

Flowers at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Flowers at Brandenburg Gate © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

All of Berlin is getting ready for spring. Time for spring cleaning at home! Take advantage of this opportunity and drop off your well-preserved items and clothes in the outdoor area of NochMall, the second-hand store of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR). Online, via WhatsApp chat or video call, you can browse through the shelves together with the staff and pick up your new, used treasures on site. And of course, don't forget the spring flowers!

BSR NochMall

Tip 4: Enjoy delicious ice cream

Eisessen, bunte Sortenvielfalt
Eisessen © gettyimages, Foto: Stefan Cristian Cioata

Of course, ice cream is delicious all year round, but it simply tastes best outside. Look forward to great new creations with original flavors at the start of the season.

More ice cream parlors in Berlin

Tip 5: Go for a walk to explore Berlin

Audiotour am Brandenburger Tor
Audiotour © Getty Images, Foto: Bojan89

Going for a walk is always a good idea - and finally when the weather is nice again. If you need a little change and want to discover new corners of Berlin, then check out our tips for audio walks in Berlin. Motivate the whole family with an exciting scavenger hunt through the city, learn more about the architecture and history of the city while strolling through Berlin. From fantastic audio stories for kids to site-specific poetry slam performances, it's all here.

Top 11 Audio-Walks in Berlin

Tip 6: Enjoy cherry trees in bloom

Kirschblüten im Berliner Frühling
Kirschblüten im Frühling © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

At the beginning of spring, all of Berlin glows pale pink, because that's when the cherry trees blossom. From Lake Tegel to Peacock Island, from the Gardens of the World to the Britz Garden - blossoms and buds everywhere bring color to the city. Take the opportunity for a trip to Berlin's numerous parks and gardens.

You can post your most beautiful blossom pictures under #BerlinBlossom. 

Parks & Gardens

Tip 7: Experience Berlin's nature

View of the Wannsee © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Get outside! Do you know how quickly you can get to Berlin's parks, forests and lakes to take a deep breath and clear your head? Either get on your bike and cycle along the lakes or enjoy the silence in the park and let your mind wander.
And the best thing is: On the holidays in the spring months, you can plan great long weekends in Berlin with the bridge days (Brückentage) - without having to take too much vacation.

Discover Berlin's Nature

Tip 8: Cycling through Berlin

Tiergarten - Spring
Tiergarten - Spring © visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit

The best way to explore Berlin this spring is by bike. In addition to classic bike routes such as the Wall Trail, there are numerous scenic tours along the waterfront and out into Berlin's surrounding countryside. Architecture enthusiasts in particular will get their money's worth on the Berlin Industrial Heritage bike tour. Discover factories and factory sites as well as breweries from the times of industrialization and embark on an exciting journey through time. The tour takes you through Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg along exciting places full of fascinating insights.

Bike tours off the beaten track

Tip 9: Visit castles and parks

Park Schloss Charlottenburg im Frühling
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

The perfect place for a romantic spring stroll are Berlin's palace parks. Stroll through the magnificent baroque gardens of Charlottenburg Palace or visit the enchanted Peacock Island. Although the palace is currently closed, the island is a worthwhile destination. The enchanting Glienicke Palace has an enchanted park overlooking the Havel River. Or you can head to Potsdam for the extensive parks of the impressive palace landscape.

Palaces and Gardens

Tip 10: Experience the vastness of Brandenburg

Landscape arround Chorin in Brandenburg
Perfect for an walk: Landscape in Brandenburg © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Steffen Lehmann

The blue sky beckons, the sun is shining and it's finally warm enough for a day trip to Berlin's surrounding countryside. Brandenburg offers numerous charming destinations for bicycle tours and hikes. Magnificent castles and parks, vast fields and forests and crystal-clear lakes offer the best conditions for springtime nature experiences.


Tip 11: New perspectives: ABOUT BERLIN App

Street art in Berlin
Street art in Berlin © Benjamin Pritzkuleit

All of Berlin is a gallery, for example around the URBAN NATION Museum on Bülowstraße. And when you're not looking at a large mural, there's an exciting story hiding behind the facade. You can easily find out which one with our ABOUT BERLIN app. Using the map function, you can discover which special places and sights are close to you. Learn the stories behind the scenes and immerse yourself in exciting, historical and contemporary snapshots. Discover the city of tomorrow, street art or Berlin's monuments of industrial culture.


Find more powerful stories from Berlin on our app ABOUT BERLIN App. You can download it for free for iPhone and Android.

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There are many stories to tell. ABOUT BERLIN.

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