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11 Valentine's Day gift tips

Ideas from Berlin

Couple dating on Valentine's day
© Getty Images, Foto: Martin dm

Maybe you didn't know: The tradition of celebrating romantic love on Valentine's Day developed as early as the 14th century. There are numerous stories about the real origin. It is not certain which historical figure is really behind it. But in general, Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, is invoked. He lived in Rome and married lovers according to the Christian rite, despite the ban by Emperor Claudius II. But no matter why this day exists, it should be celebrated properly. And to make sure you have a suitable Valentine's gift, we've taken a look around at what's on offer in Berlin

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Please note, that many places in Berlin are currenty open to vaccinated or recovered visitors only. Let us appeal to your sense of responsibility and help us to keep Berlin open!  Get vaccinated if possible and follow the hygiene regulations of the organisers. Berlin is counting on you! #vaxnvisit

Tip 1: Erlebe Deine Stadt! Is back again!

I love Berlin - Brandenburger Tor mit Herz
Brandenburger Tor ©, Foto: Manuel-F-O

Be a tourist in your own city. We've been making you this offer for many years. And now it's time again: discover the diversity of Berlin and enjoy the city on a short holiday. Great hotels are waiting for you and feeling good is written in capital letters. A great gift idea for your loved one.
By the way: This offer is open to all Berliners and Brandenburgers and is valid until the end of April. To stay up to date and informed about the next Erlebe Deine Stadt promotion, subscribe to the Erlebe Deine Stadt! Newsletter and receive the latest information.

Erlebe deine Stadt

Tip 2: Berlin in a box  

Valentinstagsbox von Kiezhelden
Valentinsbox von Kiezhelden © Dirk Krischenowski

They're back: the Kiezhelden boxes, now also for Valentine's Day. The Kiezhelden put together beautiful packages for you, with selected products from small shops and manufacturers in Berlin. Each box contains something sparkling to toast, a tasty nibble, something sweet and other great surprise products from small Berlin manufactories, all lovingly packaged. The box will be sent to you. The proceeds go exclusively to the participating manufactories. A particularly nice Valentine's idea.


Tip 3: Cocktails from the Bonvivant

Cocktails Bonvivant
Cocktails aus der Valentinsbox © Bonvivant

The romantic experience box contains everything you need for a romantic evening. In addition to the drinks from the Bonvivant cocktail bistro, the matching soundtrack and charming games are also included. The instructions for the five different drinks are so simple that nothing can go wrong and there is something for everyone: the selection includes the gin-based Raspberry and Plum, the Toscana Sour, the Herbal Daiquiri, the Mushroom Sour and the Orochata.

By the way: if you return the box including bottles on your next visit to the cocktail bistro Bonvivant, you'll get an aperitif on the house.

Order: by e-mail: Pick-up possible from 7 to 13 February 2022 between 10 am - 6 pm at the cocktail bistro.

Bonvivant cocktail bistro

Tip 4: Bake toghether

Cupcakes © Getty Images, Foto: Sisoje

In keeping with the motto: The way to a person's heart is through his stomach, Bake Night is offering hearty new baking classes for Valentine's Day. Under the guidance of a baking professional directly from your own kitchen, you can create something suitable for your loved one:Twisted Bread Hearts or Heart Macarons. And don't forget the Valentine's Day special for couples: interactive online baking courses with guaranteed success.


Tip 5: Gives away a bee sponsorship

Café Botanico
Café Botanico © Martin Höfft, Cafe Botanico 2019

And another beautiful, individual, special, meaningful and sweet gift for all those who like to give sustainable gifts. Maybe your sweetheart is already enthusiastic about the subject anyway, then you can take on a symbolic sponsorship for a bee colony in an apiary and give it as a gift. For example, at the Imkerverein Steglitz (Beekeepers' Association) or the City Bees. In return, you will receive honey and exciting information about bees.

Citybees Berlin

Tip 6: Enjoy wellness and sauna

Winter Wellness Area in Berlin
Wellness in winter © Getty Images, Foto: Kalo Vicent

A nice relaxing day, and - because it suits the gloomy days so well - a bit of warmth and perhaps a massage. That's the all-round carefree package for an unforgettable Valentine's Day with your loved one. Take a look at our wellness website, you're sure to find something suitable for you.

11 Tips for Winter-Wellness

Tip 7: Gives away sustainably

LOVECO Shop - Vegane Mode/Fair Trade
Loveco Shop Berlin © Foto: Fideles Fuch/

You can find even more great accessories to give as gifts in the Slowfashion Store. Here you can give sustainable gifts. Since 2009, the store has only worked with brands that are transparent and authentic. So you can be sure that only sustainable materials are used and that ethically responsible production is behind it.


Tip 8: DIY toghether

Junges Paar zu Hause
Valentinstag © Getty Images, Foto: Luis Alvarez

For all those who like to make something themselves, you are sure to find the right gift for your sweetheart at themakery. For a cosy afternoon for two, you can order a beautiful box on one of the many themes such as food & drink, plants & living, health & care, art, crafts and textiles and bring creativity into your home.


Tip 9:  Delighted with flowers

Blumen zum Valentinstag © Getty Images, Foto: Lisa Schaetzle

Flowers should not be missing on Valentine's Day. Whether roses, tulips, lilies or beautiful arrangements, flowers bring colour to your home and joy to your heart. The delivery and collection service from Blumen Koch is happy to help. If you would like to have even more of them, why not send your flower greetings on Saturday, so that the recipient has even more of them.

When: Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 6 pm, Saturday 8.30 am - 1.30 pm
Where: Westfälische Straße 38, Charlottenburg

Blumen Koch

Tip 10: Sweets to snack on

Truffles & Chocolates Berlin
Truffles & Chocolates © Getty Images, Foto: Yulia Naumenko

Chocolates and chocolate are always a good idea for Valentine's Day. It's a great way to make those special moments even sweeter. Many chocolate shops deliver the sweet seduction directly to your door. Let us inspire you with our ultimate chocolate tips.

Chocolate in Berlin: 11 ultimate tips for chocolate addicts

Tip 11: Creates own fragrance creations

Frau Tonis Parfum Manufaktur
Frau Tonis Parfum © FRAU TONIS PARFUM

And another classic: perfume. Ms Toni's fragrance creations captivate with beguiling scents: as tangy as the forest, as warm as the earth, as fresh as the sea air and as sweet as a bouquet of flowers. Filled in bottles, you can give your sweetheart a fragrance set of your choice or an individual collection for him and her.  

Where: Zimmerstraße 13, Mitte

Frau Tonis Parfum

And here you can find an overview of the current situation in Berlin.



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