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11 Valentine's Day gift tips

Ideas from Berlin

Couple on Valentine's Day
Couple on Valentine's Day © Getty Images, Foto: Martin dm

Maybe you didn't know: The tradition of celebrating romantic love on Valentine's Day developed as early as the 14th century. There are numerous stories about the real origin. It is not certain which historical figure is really behind it. But in general, Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, is invoked. He lived in Rome and married lovers according to the Christian rite, despite the ban by Emperor Claudius II. But no matter why this day exists: It should be celebrated properly. And so that you have a suitable Valentine's gift, we have taken a look around at what is on offer in Berlin.

Tip 1: Enjoy a romantic dinner on the TV Tower Berlin

TV Tower in Berlin at dusk
TV Tower in Berlin at dusk © Getty Images, Foto: Sven Hansche/EyeEm

Toast with a glass of champagne at a breathtaking height and then enjoy a delicious dinner. And around you, dusk transforms the pulsating city into a sea of lights: this is pure romance! Restaurant Sphere on the TV tower not only offers you delicious food, but also a magnificent 360-degree panorama at a height of more than 200 metres. A great gift!

Tickets for a dinner on the TV tower

Tip 2: Take a boat trip on the Spree

Boat trip in Berlin Treptow
Boat trip in Berlin Treptow © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

If you're not drawn to lofty heights, invite your loved one onto the water and take a boat trip through Berlin: while the city's great sights glide slowly past you, you can sit back in comfort, relax, enjoy coffee & cake or tapas & wine.
Experience two and a half hours of highlights, from the government district to the Reichstag and the cathedral to the Nikolai quarter and beyond.

Tickets for 2.5 hours boat trip

Tip 3: Give away a bee partnership

Beekeeping, Café Botanico Berlin
Beekeeping, Café Botanico Berlin © Martin Höfft, Cafe Botanico 2019

A beautiful, individual and sustainable gift for everyone who cares about sustainability: Give a symbolic sponsorship for a bee colony in an apiary! Maybe your sweetheart is already enthusiastic about the subject anyway, in which case it hits the mark. Or you can raise awareness for this sensitive topic. For example, contact the Steglitz Beekeepers' Association or the City Bees. In return, you will receive honey and exciting information about bees.

Citybienen Berlin

Tip 4: Relax with wellness and sauna

Winter Wellness Area in Berlin
Wellness in winter © Getty Images, Foto: Kalo Vicent

The weather is not yet inviting you to go out into the countryside and the days are still dull: the right time of year to immerse yourself in warmth and well-being together with your loved one and forget everyday life for good with a stimulating massage. Take a look at our wellness page and give an all-round carefree package for an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

Winter wellness in Berlin

Tip 5: Be inspired by Klimt's kiss

Klimts Kuss - Spiel mit dem Feuer, immersive Ausstellung
Klimts Kuss Ausstellung mit Blick auf den Ausstellungsbereich © Andy Juchli

You can now experience one of the most important works by the Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt immersively at the Musikbrauerei: "Klimt's Kiss - Playing with Fire" is an exciting mix of digital visualisation of the genius's works, intoxicating colour explosions and sound adventures. Best of all, you can become part of the painting yourself!

Tickets for Klimt's Kiss

Tip 6: Get up close and personal with Berlin celebrities at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds Berlin
Madame Tussauds Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Pierre Adenis

Having fun together is also romance. In the Berlin wax museum of Madame Tussauds, you can actually get up close and personal with all of Berlin's greats - whether it's Marlene Dietrich or David Bowie, Erich Honecker or rapper Capital Bra - look them in the eye and take funny selfies. Or dive interactively into fashion, football or party worlds.

Tickets for Madame Tussauds

Tip 7: Give happiness - with a sweet gift

Truffles & Chocolates Berlin
Truffles & Chocolates © Getty Images, Foto: Yulia Naumenko

Chocolate is known to release happiness hormones...and it tastes good! It's not a bad idea to sweeten the best moments even more on Valentine's Day. Berlin has a rich, innovative range of chocolates and pralines in shop for you, and many shops deliver the sweet seduction straight to your door. Let us inspire you with our ultimate chocolate tips.

Our ultimate chocolate tips

Tip 8: Surprise your loved ones with sustainable accessories

LOVECO Shop - Vegan Fashion/Fair Trade
LOVECO Shop - Vegan Fashion/Fair Trade © Foto: Fideles Fuch/

Gifts that are future-oriented and sustainable: the slow fashion store Loveco, for example, has great accessories ready for you to give away. Since 2009, the store has been working exclusively with brands that are transparent and authentic. So you can be sure that only sustainable materials are used and that ethically responsible production is behind it. Loveco also offers gift vouchers.


 Tip 9: Plunge into ice-cold adventures - at the Berlin Icebar

Berlin Icebar
Berlin Icebar © BCT Berlin City Tour GmbH

Pretty cool: Start your hot date in the coldest bar in Berlin. In the Berlin Icebar everything is "icy", even the beer glasses are made of pure ice. Together you'll set off on the North Pole expedition aboard the Hansa with crew and captain, three drinks included, and you'll also get gloves and winter jackets. An ice-cold surprise - in the truest sense of the word!

Tickets for the Berlin Icebar

Tip 10: Discover the great past together - Mythos Tempelhof

Tempelhof Airport in Berlin
Tempelhof Airport in Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Janine Blechschmidt

Tempelhof Airport stands not only for skating and jogging, but also for Berlin's great eventful past. Tempelhof Airport is the largest architectural monument in Europe! Give away a journey back in time to exciting times, discover hidden underground floors and the secrets of the airport building.

Tickets for guided tour Myth Tempelhof

Tip 11: Give away a Green Hour at the Royal Garden Academy

Garden bed in Berlin
Garden bed in Berlin © himmelbeet 2019

Do your loved ones like to garden? Do they love their balconies, patio pots or flower beds? From March onwards, they will be sowing and planting again, preparing flower pots and gardens for spring. In the middle of one of Berlin's most beautiful gardens, the Royal Garden Academy, experts invite you to Green Hour: Here everything can be asked and explored, individual advice is given, plans are made. A gift that makes you blossom.

Green Hour at the Royal Garden Academy

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