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Chocolate in Berlin: 11 ultimate tips for chocolate addicts

Berlin quite sweet: places where you can enjoy delicious chocolate

Truffles & Chocolates Berlin
Truffles & Chocolates © Getty Images, Foto: Yulia Naumenko

The original chocolate was first used by the Aztecs in 1,500 BC. Around 600 A.D. the Maya then cultivated cocoa. In its present form, chocolate only came to Europe in the 16th century. Since then, a whole lot of myths have developed around it: Dark chocolate is healthier, it is good for the heart, provides energy, is aphrodisiac and makes you happy. One thing is certain: it always tastes delicious. In Berlin there are endless possibilities to enjoy chocolate. Here are our 11 Berlin favorites for you. Enjoy!

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Don't be shy, but show your love for Berlin with d i s t a n c e - in support of everyones safety.

Tip 1: The largest chocolate house in the world

Rausch  Chocolate House Berlin
Rausch Chocolate House © Rausch GmbH

Fine cocoa chocolate on three floors, more than 250 chocolate creations, the longest praline bar in the world and impressive showpieces made of over 1,000 kilograms of chocolate - that makes the heart of every chocolate fan beats faster. Enjoy an exquisite tartlet and fine drinking chocolate in the chocolate café of the Rausch Schokoladenhaus and enjoy the view over the Gendarmenmarkt..

Where: Charlottenstraße 60, Mitte

Rausch Schokoladenhaus

Tip 2: Bean to bar

Hot chocolate Berlin
Hot chocolate © Getty Images, Foto: Enrique Di­az / 7cero

From the bean to the chocolate every step of the way: This is what distinguishes the small manufacture of Wohlfahrt Schokoladen. Certified since 2012, chocolate is produced here without exception from high-quality organic fine cocoa. You can also get Berlin salami (of course made of chocolate with different ingredients), salt sticks, chocolate records, drinking chocolate and much more. There are lots of sweet ideas for presents to bring home, but also lots of deliciousness to nibble on yourself.

Where: Soldiner Straße 37, Wedding

Wohlfahrt Schokolade

Tip 3: Chocolate con Churros

Store Nibs Cacao/Bleibtreustr.
© visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit

If you are in the Bleibtreustraße in Charlottenburg, you will not be able to pass this little store - no matter if you are a chocolate fan or not. The incomparable chocolate scent of Nibs Cacao will attract you, you just have to stop by the little chocolate oasis and you won't leave it without a cup of chili cocoa and a churros.
Tip: Why don't you get a chocolate subscription and then enjoy a monthly package with the latest fine cocoa trends from around the world. Also a great gift idea!

Where: Bleibtreustraße 46, Charlottenburg

Nibs Cacoa

Tip 4: From tree to bar

geraspelte Schokolade
© GettyImages, Bild: Robert Kneschke/EyeEm

From the tree to the finished bar:  Belyzium Craft Chocolate.takes all production steps in their own hands. The manufacturers know exactly what ingredients are used and where the chocolate comes from. Here too, you will find only organic and fair trade cocoa beans from the manufacturers own plantations in Belize. In the small chocolate factory, chocolate workshops are offered every Saturday. Tip: Watch the documentary film on the website and learn more about cocoa cultivation, processing and the creation of Belyzium.

Wo: Lottumstraße 15, Mitte

Belyzium Craft Chocolate

Tip 5: For the demanding chocolate palate

Schokoladen Hamann
© visitBerlin, Foto: Angela Kröll

As a Berlin-based family business, Erich Hamann is especially known for dark chocolate. Since 1912, the chocolate manufacturer has been offering unique enjoyment with the highest quality and the best of cocoa. In addition to a large assortment of excellent chocolates, wrapped in the famous confectionary boxes with the blue ribbon, you will also find delicious ginger sticks, bark chocolate, mocha beans and much more. The store and the interior decoration will also delight you, both designed by the Bauhaus artist Johannes Itten in 1928.

Where: Brandenburgische Straße 17, Wilmersdorf

Erich Hamann 

Tip 6: Süßkramdealer

Süßkramdealer in Berlin
Shop Süßkramdealer © Foto: Maria Dorner

The name keeps its promise: In the store, which still contains most of the wood furnishings from the Wilhelminian period, you feel as if you have been transported back to another time. At Süßkramdealer you can get fine chocolates, coffee and gift articles. Since 2011 a modern coffee house next door is part of the store, where you can sit comfortably and sip cocoa.

Where: Varziner Straße 4, Schöneberg


Tip 7: Chocolate workshop

Chocolate Berlin
Pralinen © Getty Images, Foto: Christopher Hall

First-class ingredients and high-quality creations. Master chocolate maker Sabine Dubenkropp knows all about the quality of the ingredients. Kakao Knusper, Fruity Jungle, MaKü Le PuCu, Berliner No 5 are just a few of her chocolate creations. Tip: Just take a chocolate workshop with her, then you will learn more.

Where: Grolmannstrasse 20, Schöneberg

Dubenkropp Pralinen

Tip 8: Hot chocolate

Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt
Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt © Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co.KG

Sweeten your afternoon with a hot chocolate. At Ritter Sport am Gendarmenmarkt you can even create your own chocolate of choice, then enjoy a delicious chocolate creation in the in-house café and finally pick up, admire, eat or give away your own treat. You want even more insights into the world of chocolate? Then take a course in the chocolate workshop. Tip: With the Berlin Welcome Card you get a discount.

Where: Französische Straße 24, Mitte

Ritter Sport

Tip 9: The Factory

Cocoa and chocolate Berlin
Cocoa and chocolate © Getty Images, Foto: Tracey Kusiewicz/Foodie Photography

Handicrafts with chocolate? Of course! At the Schoko-Fabrik you can fill the liquid chocolate in selected moulds with different motifs, then paint it and give it away beautifully wrapped as a gift or, of course, nibble it yourself. Stop by the Schoko-Fabrik (factory) in Krausnickstraße or the Mall of Berlin.

Where: Krausnickstraße 23, Mitte und Leipziger Platz 12 in der Mall of Berlin


Tip 10: The perfect dessert

Chocolate fondue with fruits in Berlin
Chocolate fondue with fruits © Getty Images, Foto: margouillatphotos

The Ars Vini is actually the address for hearty fondues, but why don't you skip the main course and go straight for dessert? The chocolate fondue is available with, among other things, whole milk, semi-bitter, strawberry yoghurt and is served with fruit, marshmallows or almond biscuits. And finally, you have the choice between different toppings. On the historic Saatwinkel ferry terminal, which has been open since 1882, you can enjoy a cosy evening by the fireplace with a view of the romantic lake.

Where: Im Saatwinkel 15, Tegel

Ars Vini

Tip 11: With tradition

Sawade Berlin
Sawade Berlin © Sawade Berlin

Sawade Berlin is the oldest chocolate factory in the city. For 140 years, the finest pralines, truffles and chocolate specialties have been produced in the Berlin manufactory. Besides the classics such as mousse au café, tiramisu, pistachios, walnut in brandy, there is also a large selection of non-alcoholic and also vegan chocolates, specialties for every season and a Berlin assortment, packed in lovingly designed boxes with Berlin sights. All made from natural ingredients and the finest raw materials, all 100% Berlin - so the ideal souvenir from your Berlin trip.

Where: Hackesche Höfe, Hof 2 Rosenthaler Straße 40, Mitte

Sawade Berlin

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