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11 things that will brighten up winter time in Berlin

That's why we love Berlin in winter weather

Reichstag Berlin im Winter mit Blick auf den Fluss
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

We do love fairytale white winters, snow flakes falling from the sky and covering up the whole city in beautiful white. But even though Berlin's winter landscape is mostly grey and rough, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the cold season. Wellness, cosy cafés and much more: Here come our tips for wonder and winter happiness in Berlin!

Should you be out and about, please show responsibility, wear your masks and adhere to the organizers' hygiene regulations. Only with your support Berlin - and d i s t a n c e - stays at its best!  Read our FAQs to stay informed about the current regulations. Berlin is counting on you! #vaxnvisitBerlin

Tip 1: Take a break and listen to the city

junge Frau mit Kopfhörern
© Getty Images, Foto: 10000 Hours

When it's cold and gray outside, it's all the more cozy at home. How good that you do not have to go outside the door to discover new sides of Berlin. Our podcast Berlin Unboxed takes you behind doors that are otherwise closed to visitors. In the 20-minute episodes, you'll get to know people who are doing something special in Berlin and learn about the stories behind various Berlin institutions. Listen in right now!

Listen now!

Tip 2: Take your loved ones Ice skating

Brother and Sister Skating Together
© Getty Images, Foto: FatCamera

First glide hand in hand over the ice and then warm up with a hot chocolate. Ice skating in Berlin is the perfect family fun in the afternoon and in the evening a great start for a romantic winter date. Here the little ones can let off steam during the day and young adults will have fun to try some rhythmic moves during the ice discos in the evening.

11 coole ice rinks Berlin

 Tip 3: Enjoy Berlin from the couch

Babylon Berlin: Ilja Tretschkow (Tim Fischer) in the Dutchman
Ilja Tretschkow (Tim Fischer) in the Dutchman © Frédéric Batier / X Filme 2017

What could be nicer than making yourself comfortable on the couch with hot tea and biscuits on a grey, cold day? Why not get a glimpse of Berlin in your living room? How about all three season of the successful Babylon series? We have collected here the best streaming series in which Berlin plays the leading role.

Film location Berlin: The best streaming series

Tip 4: Take a wonderous winter walk

The Botanical Garden in Berlin in winter
The Botanical Garden in winter © Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Foto: I.Haas

The air is clear and cold, the icy ground creaks under your feet and the branches are festively rimmed with frost. Get your scarf and mittens out, and head outside for a wonderful winter walk. In the Grunewald forest or one of Berlin's many parks you can discover enchanting landscapes and picturesque photo motifs, even in winter.

The most beautiful photo spots in Berlin

Tip 5: Cuddle and read

Book arch at Savignyplatz
Book arch at Savignyplatz © visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

After the winter walk you may make yourselves comfortable on the couch or in yout hotel. Dress in comfortable clothes, get a plate of cookies and fragrant winter tangerines. Have you already finished all your streaming series? How about a good read again? In these 11 bookstores you can spend a whole afternoon browsing and reading. Here are our tips for bookworms.

Top 11 bookstores in Berlin

Tip 6: Sweeten the day with chocolate

Rausch Schokoladenhaus
Rausch Schokoladenhaus © Rausch GmbH

What better way to sweeten a winter afternoon than with chocolate? Whether drunk hot or enjoyed as a praline, whether vegan or filled with truffle or brandy: In Berlin you will find the perfect creation for every taste. In the small chocolate manufactory Belyzium Craft Chocolatee, you can even learn to create your own chocolate in workshops: from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate.

11 tips for chocoholics in Berlin

Tip 7: Celebrate a Tea Ceremony

Moroccan Mint Tea
Moroccan Mint Tea © Getty Images, Foto: viennetta

After a walk in the cold winter air, a steaming cup of tea is particularly good, preferably with fresh mint, ginger and lemon. Or how about a traditional tea ceremony? In the ChenChe tea house you can celebrate your own special tea ceremony in a separate room.

More cafés und tea rooms

Tip 8: Warm up and relax by the fireplace

Restaurant Schneeweiß
© visitBerlin, Foto: Claudio Fragasso

It crackles and flickers, radiating a particularly cozy warmth. On cold winter days, such a fireplace is simply the very best. And how about a delicious dinner to go with it? We have looked around for you and picked out the most beautiful places and restaurants with fireplaces for you. Here you can enjoy the winter warm and cozy.

11 tips for cozy hours by the fireplace

Tip 9: Find a treasure in Berlins many vintage stores

A girl is shopping vintage and second hand clothes
A girl is shopping vintage and second hand clothes © gettyimages, Foto: lechatnoir

Tired of dark winter fashion or looking for a warm sweater, a fancy scarf or a chic hat? Then rummage around in Berlin's many vintage and second hand stores. Here you are sure to find one or the other treasure and unique clothes and accessories with which you can refresh your wardrobe. Besides: Shopping makes you happy!

Vintage, Second Hand & more

Tip 11: Enjoy a day at Berlins spas and saunas

Gartenträume Berlin
© Daniela Incoronato

At Olivin on the Pfefferberg site, you can even enjoy the enchanting bamboo garden after your sauna session on cold winter days. Numerous spas in the Berlin area also invite you to relax. In Berlin, municipal baths offer time slot tickets and private providers, such as the Saunafloß, the vabali Sauna-Oase or the tranxx are also happy to welcome you. Here you can find an overview of the wellness offers in Berlin and the surrounding area.

11 Tipps für Winter-Wellness

Tip 11: Timewalk in the museum

Gemäldegalerie at Kulturforum in Berlin
Inside the Gemäldegalerie © visitBerlin, Foto: Pierre Adenis

If the wind blows too violently outside, you can take your walk inside. Stroll past 1,400 works of art in the Gemäldegalerie while covering a distance of  two kilometers. On this tour through cultural history, you'll wander from the Middle Ages to the 18th century and see masterpieces by Rubens, Botticelli, Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt, among others.

Tickets for Gemäldegalerie

For more tips on what you can do in Berlin check out our event calendar.

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