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11 DIY tips from Berlin

Creative from the capital

Brandenburger Tor im Frühling
© (c) visumate

DIY’s have become an attractive hobby for many of us in recent months. For some of us it’s passion, for others it’s beating boredom. But the reason doesn't actually matter, because making something yourself can be super relaxing and a lot of fun. Maybe you can even create something to give away.

We have put together a list of creative tips and shops in Berlin where you can collect ideas and order materials - for children, families, young people and adults. Have fun!

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Don't be shy, but show your love for Berlin with d i s t a n c e - in support of everyones safety.

Tip 1: JiMonLine – The virtual workshop

MachMit Museum Berlin
MachMit Museum © MACHmit! Kindermuseum, Foto: Sergej Horovitz

One thing's for sure: you won't get bored here. The offer is varied and designed for all ages. You can design houses, try your hand at the photo workshop, paint and print, draw comic figures and much more. The course instructors will teach you how to do all this with simple materials in various digital formats. Live online courses are also offered. Take a look.


Tip 2: Live to the craft lesson

© Getty Images, Bild: Hero Images

Every Wednesday to Friday at 5 p.m., the Children's and Youth Library offers a hands-on craft lesson for children aged 5 and up on its YouTube channel. They make octopuses out of old socks, funny animals out of leaves, bookmarks out of origami and much more. By the way, the KiJuBi also offers a reading and storytelling session, where you can curl up after the craft session and listen to a nice story.

More information about the hands-on craft lesson

Tip3: TheMakery

Tiny Gardens
© © Dept

Do-it-yourself is the motto here too. Simply have one of the DIY boxes sent to your home and you're ready to go. The boxes include instructions on the topics: plants & living, health & care, art, crafts and textiles. You can be creative by designing everything you can think of, making your own cosmetics, building concrete lamps or clocks, cooking unusual recipes or by planting an Asian herb garden. Currently, theMakery also offers a large number of creative online workshops, so it's worth taking a look at the website.

The Makery

Tip 4: Rotznasen & Zuckerschnuten

Pankower Adventsmarkt
© Fritz Heyn GbR, Foto: Tino Pohlmann

In addition to sewing kits for cushions, school cones, cuddly toys, bags and scarves, etc., Rotznasen & Zuckerschnuten also offer embroidery kits for relaxed hours. Various tools, fabrics and accessories on a wide range of topics and, of course, instructions, patterns and booklets on DIY complete the offered service. Sewing courses for experienced sewers and beginners from the age of eight and private coaching will be available as soon as it is possible again. In the meantime, you can order everything online.

Rotznasen & Zuckerschnuten

Tip 5: Learn to paint through play

Cups and Brushes
Cups and Brushes © GettyImages, Bild: grandriver

Kolibir School is the right place for all of you who want to put your own ideas on paper. In the online painting school, you get guidance and support. In age-appropriate video courses, you can learn more about techniques and tricks for detailed pencil portraits, delicate field flowers or 3D worlds and more. Suitable for children aged six and over, the videos are available at any time.

Kolibir School

Tip 6: Cake sets for baking enthusiasts and beginners

Five people having fun and laughing at a birthday party in a restaurant
© Getty Images, Foto: Paul Bradbury

At TortenMich you can get the ingredients for the most unusual cakes. The assortment ranges from dinosaur cakes to cake angels and wedding cakes. If you chose a cake, you can order a set and all the necessary ingredients, cake toppers, sugar flower and colours, baking moulds, piping bags and baking mixes will be sent to your home. Of course, you also get templates and a step by step tutorial. If you only need individual ingredients or baking aids, you can also find them on the site.

If you're still looking for shops where you can get materials for your creative hours, this is the place to start:

Tip 7: Artists' supplies

the Aufbau Haus on Moritzplatz in Berlin
the Aufbau Haus on Moritzplatz in Berlin © Beek100 by wikimedia commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0)

THE shop for architecture and artists' supplies. Here you can get everything from model making to modelling clay, foils, pens of all kinds, papers, glue, profiles and everything your creative heart desires. Simply order what you need for your next and it will be sent to your home. On the website, you'll also find some great tips on materials and a knowledge section. It's worth it for all DIY fans.


Tip 8: Four shops under one name

Ausflug in die Wuhlheide und FEZ
© visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Craft materials of all kinds, craft techniques, artists' supplies, ceramics, adhesives, tools, beads and so on and so forth... . You can really find everything in Rüther's craft shops. Simply pick up your order via Click & Collect or use the convenient. Same-Day-Delivery offer and have the material you need delivered on the same day (if ordered by 12 noon).

Rüthers Bastelladen

Tip 9: Sustainable crafting

YoungArts Neukölln
© YoungArts Neukölln, Foto: Lena Fingerle

If you like to work sustainably with things that are already available, you've come to the right place. The assortment of waste wood, cardboard rolls, paints, ironmongery, tiles, decorative materials, fabrics, packaging materials and much more is donated by tree markets, handicraft companies, businesses, trade fairs and private individuals and can be purchased for a small fee. This has the great side effect of saving waste and preventing new production. Simply pick up your material on-site after making an appointment. When and where? Please check the Kunst-Stoffe website.
Tip: The Kunst-Stoff team is participating in the Carnival for the Future, a creative parade for the environment on 12 June.

Tip 10: Everything about fabrics

© GettyImages, Bild: RomanBabakin
  • Smilla Berlin - the fabric shop with a wide range of fabrics and sewing machine accessories and, as soon as it's possible again, a wide-ranging sewing course programme.
  • Haute Couture Stoffe-Möller - silk, virgin wool, cashmere, linen, sequins - fabrics, Clic & Collect and telephone advice on the range, fabric samples and ordering goods.

Tip 11: Berlin manufactories where you can buy homemade goods

Traditionsfest in den Späth’schen Baumschulen
© Späth’sche Baumschulen/Daniela Incoronato
  • Verzaubereien, the small soap shop in the Spandau Citadel. For natural soaps and wild herbs - visit and pick up from the shop if you call ahead or drop by.
  • Die Wollnerin - hand-dyed yarns of selected quality.


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