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Why we look forward to 2022

Tips for our favourite Berlin highlights

visitBerlin, kulturellen Mitte Berlin
visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

The past year was not easy either, but despite the difficult times, many things were able to take place again. Other events were only possible via broadcast or digitally - including this year's New Year's Eve celebration at the Brandenburg Gate. In these last days of the old year, however, we don't want to look back but share with you what we are looking forward to in 2022. Many concerts are to be made up for, but of course there are a lot of new highlights and events in the coming year. We have put together our favourites for 2022 for you here.

Tip: 72nd International Film Festival 

Berlinale - Facade of cinema  Zoopalast
The facade of Zoopalast ©2016 Scholvien

Kristin: This year the Berlinale was moved to the summer. I really enjoyed sitting in the open-air cinema in my summer dress and watching films on a balmy summer evening. Nevertheless, I'm now really looking forward to the Berlinale in grey February, when the film world is once again a guest in Berlin and the city lights up. I'm especially excited about the retrospective, which features Mae West, Rosalind Russell and Carole Lombard, three great female comedians from Hollywood's golden age - and some of the funniest and wittiest films ever made. 

When: 10 - 20 February
Where: in cinemas all over the city

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Tip: Tempelhof Sounds

Sunset Tempelhofer Feld
Sunset Tempelhofer Feld visumate

Jordana: An open-air music festival at one of the most beautiful locations in Berlin? Well, that's something to look forward to! Next year, "Tempelhof Sounds" is to take place for the first time on the grounds of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport. The line-up already reads well: from The Strokes, Alt-J to MUSE, there are many exciting bands. So summer can come and with it a hopefully unforgettable cultural experience. 

PS: Lollapalooza is also scheduled to take place again in 2022.

When: 10-12 June 2022
Where: Tempelhofer Feld, Tempelhof

Tempelhof Sounds

Tip: Tristan is coming back

T-REX Skellet im Museum für Naturkunde
T-Rex Tristan Otto im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin visitBerlin, Foto:Wolfgang Scholvien

Dagmar: I'm really looking forward to seeing Tristan! The superstar of Berlin's Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Natural History) will return to us in the course of the year 2022 after an extended visit to Copenhagen. Thanks to visitBerlin's new podcast Berlin Unboxed, we now know a lot more about the predatory dinosaur: that it once hatched from an egg the size of a football, that it probably suffered quite a bit from toothache later on, also that it most likely didn't pursue its victims on two legs but on all fours. Dinosaur research never stands still....

When: first half of 2022
Where: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

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Tip: Berlin Unboxed - der visitBerlin Podcast

Viewpoint on the Berlin Cathedral
Viewpoint on the Berlin Cathedral visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

Christian: I'm looking forward to many episodes of our podcast Berlin Unboxed so that I can take a look behind the scenes, get lots of inspiration for my media talks and listen to exciting stories whenever it suits me. And of course we also have lots of inspiration for you in the podcast. Take a look behind the scenes of the Philharmonie and Humboldt Forum with us, look forward to the Berlinale with us and take a visionary look at the utopia that is the Kulturforum.

When: anytime
Where: on Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Googe Podcast, YouTube and in our ABOUT BERLIN App

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Berlin Unboxed: The visitBerlin Podcast

Tip: The Concert Year 2022

Open-air concert in the Parkbühne Wuhlheide Berlin
Open-air stage Parkbühne Wuhlheide Tourismusverein Berlin Treptow-Köpenick e.V. (

Sarah: Pictures like this shot of a concert at the Parkbühne in Wuhlheide seem almost utopian by now. Nevertheless, I fervently hope that 2022 will be my concert year! The following tickets have already been bought: In February I'm going to BICEP at Columbiahalle, in March to CARIBOU, also at Columbiahalle, in April HVOB are playing at Huxley Neue Welt and in June I'm looking forward to Gorillaz, who are playing at Wuhlheide. And in September Moderat are coming, which is already incredible because the Berlin band played their supposed farewell concert here at the Wuhlheide a few years ago. They are now reuniting there in 2022! Many of you are probably also going to one of the Ärzte concerts in the Berlin districts. Keep your fingers crossed: It would be great if you could go dancing again in 2022 at a real Berlin rave or festival.

Janine: I'm most looking forward to all the concerts that will be made up from the past 18 months. Massive Attack, Deichkind, Björk, Hundreds... I'm especially looking forward to a Die Ärzte concert at the disused Tempelhof airport. Finally dancing and partying again!

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Tip: Berlin questions

Berlin Questions 2021, 12. August
Berlin Questions 2021 visitBerlin, Foto: Kevin McElvaney

Maike: Our conference "Berlin questions 2021 - Metropolis: The New Now" was a great success. On four conference days, in the best August weather, more than 60 international speakers and over 2,000 guests came together at six special locations in Berlin and virtually in the 3D world "The Virtual Now", specially developed by the Berlin studio Waltz Binaire, to discuss the future of metropolises after the pandemic. The conference was hosted by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, who welcomed experts from the fields of science, business, architecture, art and culture, as well as other international politicians.

Where do we stand in the here and now? What do we have to do to make our cities more liveable and sustainable in the future? What opportunities and challenges does the pandemic bring? - These are just some of the many questions discussed at the conference. Here and on our Berlin questions website you can browse through all the content again. We can't wait for the next edition - Berlin questions 2022.

Berlin questions

Tip: Gamesweek and Gamescom

Gamescom 2017
Gamescon Getty Images, Foto: Lukas Schulze

Paul: I'm looking forward to 2022 because I hope Corona will finally leave us and I can do the things I'm interested in without a mask and without waiting forever and being afraid of the virus. One of these things would be a visit to Gamesweek berlin, for example. There is also always talk of bringing Gamescon to Berlin. But even if that doesn't work out in 2022, there are of course many other exciting offers for gamers in Berlin.

When: probably in May 2022
Where: hybrid

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Tip: Sunny days in Berlin

View from Elsebrücke while the sun sets to Oberbaumbrücke and TV Tower
View from the Elsebrücke visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Daria: I'm really looking forward to spring and summer, when people can get together again under Corona. The sun shines more, the flowers start to bloom and people just get happier. And then when summer starts, I look forward incredibly to the sunsets and summer nights on the Drachenberg or Teufelsberg with some snacks.

The best places for sunsets in Berlin

Tip: Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week: Pavillon im BAW Garten
Berlin Art Week: Pavillon im BAW Garten visitBerlin | Josefine Köhn-Haskins

Josefine: In 2021, a very special pavilion on the square in front of the KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art invited visitors to explore Berlin Art Week. There were workshops for children, discussions, music and many of the guided tours through Berlin's galleries and institutions started here. I can't wait to see what the organisers come up with for 2022, when contemporary art will be presented all over Berlin for five days in September. There are always new things to discover on the guided tours for art novices and experts alike. Open project spaces, off-spaces and an open programme for all ages show that art in Berlin is for everyone! 

When: 14 to 18 September
Where: everywhere in the city

Berlin Art Week

Tip: Samurai Art Museum

SAMURAI Museum Berlin
Samurai Museum Berlin Ruben Meier

Tobias: As a Japan fan, I'm really looking forward to the Samurai Museum. From March, the Samurai Art Museum is expected to present one of the world's largest collections of weapons and blacksmithing of the Samurai culture outside Japan. On around 2,000 square metres, works by contemporary Japanese artists will be exhibited alongside armour, swords and masks of the legendary warriors.

When: Early 2022 at the Mitte location
Where: Auguststraße 68, Mitte

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Tip: Skate and compete in the Berlin Half Marathon

Berlin Marathon with inline skaters at Potsdamer Platz
Skater Marathon at Potsdamer Platz Camera4

Catrin: What is the skate season without starting at the Berlin Half Marathon? Only half the fun. That's why I'm especially happy to be able to start the season again with many other skate enthusiasts on the first weekend in April. On 3 April, the inline skaters will start with the 21 kilometres through Berlin's city centre, followed directly by the runners, who will also be cheered on by thousands of Berliners on their sightseeing tour. To help you train, we have put together a list of the 11 most beautiful routes.

When: 3 April
Where: across Berlin

The 11 most beautiful skating routes

Tip: Street festivals & Festival of Lights

Brandenburg Gate at Festival of Lights
Brandenburg Gate at Festival of Lights, Foto: Verworner

Josefine: Berlin celebrates its festivals as they fall. Many had to be cancelled in the past two years. I really hope that at least some street festivals can take place in 2022. Maybe even a version of the Carnival of Cultures? But the many small wine and street festivals are also welcome highlights, where Berliners and guests come together in their neighbourhoods to enjoy life. I'm especially looking forward to the Festival of Lights. It's fun to stroll through Berlin with a few friends and be surprised by the ever-changing video and light animations.

Street festivals in Berlin

Tip: Together with the whole of Berlin we are looking forward to welcoming guests

Familie_Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin
Familie im Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin

Ynske and Sabrina: Together with the city's hoteliers, we look forward to hosting again in 2022. We are simply delighted when you feel welcome in Berlin - weekend guests as well as business travellers, gourmets as well as wellness lovers. We welcome them with a wide range of services in different languages. Every guest is special to us - and we look forward to personal encounters with them, with our partners in the city and, of course, with the people of Berlin.

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For even more event tips, you can click through our tips for every day throughout the year in Berlin's biggest events calendar.

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