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Vegan City Berlin

Bunt hergerichtete Speisenauswahl im Holy Flat
Bunt hergerichtete Speisenauswahl im Holy Flat © HOLY FLAT!

Vegan cocktails, vegan tapas, even a vegan butcher can be found in Berlin. But that’s not all... Follow me on a tour of the vegan side of the German capital.

Eating and Drinking: Feasting without Remorse

Berlin’s restaurants are also increasingly catering to vegans. More than 340 restaurants offer food without animal products and 43 eschew milk, eggs, etc. entirely. Josita Hartanto, chef at Lucky Leek, has even earned a mention in the Michelin Guide with her vegan creations! Vegan menus include such things as Koodles (noodles made from carrots and zucchini) and dishes based on lentils, pasta, rice, or quinoa. I’ve fallen in love with these simply because they’re delicious! Also in trend: juices and smoothies from super foods, for example at Liquid Garden. They are healthy even for non-vegans! Yet for dessert, I need something sweet, maybe crêpes or doughnuts. And that’s no problem in Berlin, either. The wide range always surprises me!

Clothes and Style: Vegan Chic

Fashionable without animal products: Umasan Healthstyle in Mitte is the world’s first label offering only organic vegan goods under fair trade conditions. This clothing is made with innovative fibres that will convince you to move beyond leather. The matching vegan shoes to your outfit can be found at avesu in Prenzlauer Berg. For the perfect look, natural make-up is a must: Und Gretel produces high-quality natural cosmetics with brilliant colours and durability. The vegan tattoo shop Little Bird Tattoo in Rummelsburg provides even longer lasting colour. Food and things for everyday use can be found at Veganz, the first vegan supermarket in Europe, now with three branches in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Prenzlauer Berg! And if you’d like to get all of the insider tips on vegan Berlin, how about taking a tour with Vegan Tours Berlin?

Even more recommendations can be found at Including everything a vegan’s heart could desire. For example, the Berlin Vegan Guide app lists over 300 restaurants, snack bars, ice cream shops, and more than 200 stores across the city. WeGreen Berlin's Green Map also gives an overview of vegan and sustainable hotspots. More offers for vegans and vegetarians can also be found at Written by Kathrin Hoffmann

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