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Vegan City Berlin

11 tips for vegan Berlin

Restaurant Kopps
Restaurant Kopps © Kopps, Foto: Ilhami Terzi

A classic: The new year is started with the best resolutions. For almost 10 years now, a good resolution for January has been proclaimed worldwide: Veganuary - Try vegan! Do without animal products completely for one month! In Berlin, this is easy. Numerous Berlin restaurants, cafés and ice cream parlours have been spoiling us with wonderful vegan dishes for a long time. And of course you can also find vegan fashion and cosmetics in the capital. We've put together a few tips for you here. Try your hand at it - for just one month. It's not that hard!

Vegan restaurants and more

Das Försters

Tip 1: Ataya Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan food in Berlin
vegan food © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

Here you can try your hand at Afro-Italian fusion cuisine. Enjoy the gnocchi as well as the delicious jollof bowl and a fresh mango smoothie. Especially popular: the Sunday Brunch, better book two days in advance.

Where: Zelterstraße 6, 10, Prenzlauer Berg

Ataya Vegan

Tip 2: 1900 Vegan Living

Dish with vegetables, coriander and sesame seeds
Dish with vegetables, coriander and sesame seeds © Getty Images, Foto: Lisovskaya

Vegan moments of pleasure - that is the restaurant's slogan. Here, too, the focus is on fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Vietnam is known for its varied vegan cuisine and this is wonderfully realised in 1990 vegan Living. Enjoy delicious tapas creations, crisp salads and soy with wonderful dressings and nuts.

Where: Krossener Straße 19, Friedrichshain

1900 Vegan Living

Tip 3: La Stella Nera

Eating pizza
Eating pizza © GettyImages, Foto: d3sign

Italian cuisine also likes to cook vegan. Try original Neapolitan pizza from the wood-fired oven, homemade pasta and fresh salads. The finale is a typical Italian dessert. The matching vegan wine is a must and is also available for pick-up or delivery at La Stelle Nera.

Where: Leykestraße 18, Neukölln

La Stella Nera

Tip 4: Vöner

Doner kebab in Berlin
Eating doner kebab © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

The dispute over the invention of the doner kebab has still not been settled. It is not clear where it was first sold and by whom. But it is certain that the kebab came from Berlin. Developed ten years ago for a mobile vegan sales stand, it is enjoying ever greater popularity today. In the meantime, there is a permanent sales stand and a small vöner factory from which other cities are supplied with the vöner spit. Enjoy the mix of conscious, vegan lifestyle and Turkish street food. Fast food: healthy and ethically correct!

Where: Boxhagener Straße 56, Prenzlauer Berlin


Tip 5: The Försters

Gourmet dish
Fine Dining © Getty Images, Foto: Marian Vejcik

At Försters, the classics of German home cooking are reinterpreted for you - 100% vegan. Of course, regional and seasonal products are used here as well. You can enjoy delicious vegan dishes - just have a look at the dish of the week, and maybe you'd like to order one of the wonderful desserts at the same time. By the way: To avoid disposable packaging, you can also take your food home waste-free at the Försters via #Vytal.

Where: Dunckerstraße 2A, Prenzlauer Berg

Tip 6: Brammibals`s Donuts

Vegan donuts from Brammibal's Berlin
Vegan donuts from Brammibal's Berlin © Brammibal´s Donuts GmbH

Now in five different locations in Berlin, Brammibal's Donuts enjoys great popularity in the vegan community and beyond. The exclusively plant-based café serves classic donuts and letter donuts in all colours. You can have them delivered or pick them up yourself in Mitte, Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Potsdamer Platz.

Where: Alte Potsdamer Straße 7, Mitte; Alexanderplatz, Mitte; Maybachufer 8, Neukölln; Danziger Straße 65, Prenzlauer Berg; Warschauer Straße 76, Friedrichshain

Brammibals`s Donuts

Tip 7: Chimneys - icecream

Eating ice cream, colourful variety
Eating ice cream, colourful variety © gettyimages, Foto: Stefan Cristian Cioata

A Baumstriezel wonderland where you can get the most delicious chimney cakes in different flavours: freshly baked pastries filled with ice cream, cream and various toppings. Now all you have to do is choose a flavour. Order to go or have it delivered.

Where: Brunnenstraße 173, Mitte; Warschauer Straße 81, Friedrichshain

Chimneys - Eismanukfaktur

Fashion and cosmetics

Tip 8: Loveco

LOVECO Shop - Vegan Fashion/Fair Trade
LOVECO Shop - Vegan Fashion/Fair Trade © Foto: Fideles Fuch/

Sustainable jumpers, fair sneakers, down jackets made from recycled PET bottles, without down feathers but still cosy and warm, comfortable fabric trousers, vegan boots, ecological, fair and vegan fashion, you can find it all at loveco. And also beautiful jewellery. In the current winter sale you can get the fair fashion style at reduced prices. Order online now.
Good to know: Loveco gets its electricity from renewable energies and the shipping of goods is climate-neutral.

Where: Eisenacher Straße 36, Schöneberg; Sonntagstraße 29, Friedrichshain


Tip 9: Und Gretel

Drag queen makes up in front of the mirror in Berlin
Dragqueen in Berlin © Getty Images, Foto: kali9

The two founders of the Berlin label Und Gretel have really taken off with their make-up products - and rightly so! Their secret: intensive colours and long-lasting adhesion based on natural ingredients. Because even if you want to be beautiful, you don't have to compromise on sustainability.

Wo: Tucholskystraße 18/20, Mitte

Und Gretel

Tip 10: Wertvoll Berlin

Sustainable Fashion in Berlin
© GettyImages; Bild: Mint Images

The slow fashion store where you can shop sustainably and draw on many years of experience. Since 2009, the store has only worked with brands that are transparent and authentic. So you can be sure that only sustainable materials are used and that ethically responsible production is behind it. You can order online and pick up the goods in the shop.

Where: Marienburgerstraße 39, Prenzlauer Berg
Wertvoll Berlin

Tip 11: format & Wesen Berlin

Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion © olgakr

The focus is on quality and durability. They only use products that are ecologically and ethically sound. In addition to the house brand format, which presents itself mainly through casual fashion with refined details, you will find vegan shoes and handmade, fine jewellery, also from Berlin labels.

Where: Tellstraße 7, Friedrichshain

format & Wesen

What else?

  • Food and things for everyday use are available at Veganz. The vegan supermarket has three branches in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg.
  • L'herbivore - seitan specialities made to their own recipes and with ingredients from organic farming in Friedrichshain.