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Top 11 Hotspots- Flying kites in Berlin

kite flying in Berlin
kite flying at the Tempelhofer Feld © Lichtschwärmer, Foto: Christo Libuda

Flying kites in Berlin? You bet! Where? Hills made from the ruins of war and large larges made from former airports, for example. Generally speaking, if you’re planning to go kiting, make sure there’s a bit of a wind and it wouldn’t hurt to have some snacks packed, either. Here’s our selection of the best and windiest kiting spots in and around Berlin.

1. Drachenberg am Teufelsberg

Not really a secret tip, but it still definitely deserves to be listed first: the Drachenberg (meaning “kite mountain” or "dragon mountain"), like the neighbouring US listening station Teufelsberg (“Devil’s Mountain), was built from the ruins of World War II. It's a fantastic spot to have your kite catch a wind. Granted, it can take a bit of an effort to get there and then climb the 99 metre hill, but once you get on top, you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views of the whole of Berlin at your feet. There’s always a decent breeze to catch up there, too, providing the ideal kiting conditions for old hands and newbies alike so that everybody will be having a beautiful day. Drachenberg next to Teufelsberg: Teufelsseechaussee 10/ 14193 Berlin Wilmersdorf

2. Tempelhofer Feld

The Berliners love their disused airport, an expanse that is as unique as it is large, all right in the middle of the city. The winds can pick up speed on this flat field at almost any time, making this an ideal spot for kite flying and not just in autumn. So don’t be surprised at the colourful sea of windsurfers and kite-flyers that can be found here year-round. Tempelhofer Park: Tempelhofer Damm, 12099 Berlin Tempelhof  

3. Hahneberg

This former landfill, called Neuer Hahneberg, is an 87 metre hill that was once a landfill and is now being put to use by recreational athletes and hikers. It’s no wonder, since it is one of the highest elevations in Germany’s flat capital city and forms a wonderfully breezy place for flying kites and enjoying the view. But do be aware that there are actually two hills called Hahneberg standing side-by-side: the smaller, natural Hahneberg with the old Fort Hahneberg and the adjacent trash hill (Müllberg), which has also been called the new Hahneberg.

4. Freizeitpark Lübars

Even further to the north, there’s another perfect spot for catching a breeze on a hill made of a former landfill in Reinickendorf’s Freizeitpark Lübars. The hill is the centre of this extensive nature area that includes park facilities, an adventure playground, and a farm. As always you can combine your trip to the Lübars with a nice autumn walk to make it a fun day trip for the whole family. Alte Fasanerie, 13469 Berlin

5. The Reichstag Lawn

No, we’re not kidding you. You’re free to fly kites and have fun on the lawn that stretches to the west of the Reichstag building. And it’s not just tourists who love taking a photo or chilling out in this area between the Chancellor’s Office and the Reichstag: the lawn is also suitable for small kites and offers very special panoramas to enjoy. Do note: the lawn is always full of people, so make sure to keep your small kite well under control! Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin Tiergarten

6. Britzer Garten

The Britzer Garten is one of the most extensive and beautiful parks in Berlin, covering 90 hectares and featuring wonderful landscaping, nature, and rolling hills. Even if there might be a tree here or there, you’re sure to find your personal favourite spot for kite flying in the landscape surrounded by countless lakes and lovely flower beds, for example, on the playground and lawn at Britzer Höhe. Buckower Damm. 12349 Berlin Neukölln

7. Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg

A playground for summer adventures, winter sledging, and autumn kite flying: the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg is yet another hill made from the ruins of war. The green space is now a popular park with a 90m high plateau and expansive hills that offer perfect conditions for kite flying. Schneeglöckchenstraße, 10407 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

8. Volkspark Potsdam

This year’s international kite festival is already over, but it’s not for nothing that it’s held at Volkspark Potsdam. On the former site of the Bundesgartenschau, the park offers a tropical greenhouse, a miniature golf course, a water playground, and a great spot to let your kites fly high, because these lawns are meant to be enjoyed. Georg-Hermann-Allee 101, 14469 Potsdam

9. Berlin Wall Park

The Berlin Wall Park is located on former no-man’s land between the two sides of the Berlin Wall, so there are very few trees and the winds can really get blowing here, taking your kite as high as can be. When you need a break, you can chill out in the park’s peaceful atmosphere, listen to some great street musicians, or just watch the world go by from the hill at the park’s edge. Weekends can be pretty busy here, so you might want to come on a quieter day to fly your kite. Bernauer Straße/Eberswalder Straße, 10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

10. Freizeitpark Marienfelde

Where kite flyers of all ages meet: the slightly hilly terrain of this park offers an incline of about 70 metres, a large open space (to the east of the Diesdorfer Weg), and a breath of fresh air. But do be aware the park is part of a nature reserve, so seek out information about any areas that are off-limits before heading out.

11. Kite Festivals

Every year there are some really colourful kite festivals on offer in Berlin, for example:

  • Drachenfest One Sky One World Luftikus at Britzer Garten
  • Festival der Riesendrachen (Giant Kites) at Tempelhofer Field
  • International Kite Festival Berlin/Brandenburg at Volkspark Potsdam
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