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A sporty start to the Berlin autumn

Spectate or get active yourself

Berlin Victory Column in autumnal backlight
Victory column in autumn ©, Foto: querbeet

Berlin always has a great deal of sport to offer. This September some great sporting events are coming to the city once more, so make sure not to miss them. From recreational to top-class sport, Berlin has everything and also a few tips for those who wish to get active themselves. Let´s go!

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Don't be shy, but show your love for Berlin with d i s t a n c e - in support of everyones safety.

Tip 1: ISTAF 2020

Berlin International Stadium Festival ISTAF at Olympic stadium
Berlin International Stadium Festival ISTAF at Olympic stadium © camera4

Already on this Sunday the best track & field athletes will be coming together in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. European champions, world champions, Olympic champions and reigning world record holders will meet at the International Stadium Festival in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

When: 13 September
Where: Berlin Olympic Stadium, Olympischer Platz 3, Charlottenburg

Tip 2: German Rapid Surfing Championship

Surfer im Wellenwerk Berlin
© Wellenwerk, Foto: Julius Niehus

As soon as the Wellenwerk reopens it will become the venue of the Second Official German Championship in Rapid Surfing. Be there when the Rapid Surfing aficionados show off their spectacular manoeuvres. Reach fever pitch with the reigning German champions and the big names of the scene when they present their different styles and skills. You can also enjoy the Rapid Surf DM live from your living room!

When: 19 and 20 September
Where: Wellenwerk, Landsberger Allee 270, Lichtenberg


Tip 3: Life Run charity run

Sprint im Stadion
© Getty Images, Foto: Chin Leong Teoh / EyeEm

If you like sport then the Life Run is a great opportunity to fight stigmatisation, discrimination and exclusion while getting active. Since the charity run cannot start in a group this year, you have five days to run your own personal Life Run. There won’t be a mass start or any overtaking manoeuvres on your own private track in a place of your choosing. Choose between five and 10 kilometres of jogging, Nordic walking or walking. The proceeds from the Life Run will support the projects of the Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V. So be there!

When: 20 to 24 September

Tip 4: Ready - Set - #20139

07.04.2019 Halbmarathon  Berlin
© Camera4

Are you ready for the 2:01:39 challenge? 2:01:39 hours - that is the world record time set by Eliud Kipchoge in 2018 at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. How many kilometres can you manage in this time? Let’s go!

When: 26 to 27 September


Tip 5: Respect Gaymes

Tempelhofer Feld
© visitBerlin, Foto: Janine Blechschmidt

The Respect Gaymes have been taking place in Berlin for 14 years and this year the event is taking place Berlin-wide even. From Mauerpark to Tempelhofer Feld and Neukölln you can take part in sports or just watch: From football tournaments to kite flying, the event has everything you could possibly imagine. The message is: against discrimination and for mutual respect.

When: 26 September

Tip 6: Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld
© visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

Kite flying, juggling , jogging, skating - Tempelhofer Feld offers many opportunities for sporting activities in the fresh air. It is not only a popular hotspot for various wind sports such as streetkite longboarding, kite landboarding, wind skating and kite buggying. Classic ball sports like basketball, football and boules can also be played in the corresponding facilities. Nordic walking and skating are also available. So just drop by and see if there is something suitable for you.

More information about Tempelhofer Feld

Tip 7: Bouldering and climbing

Boulder hall
Boulder hall © Getty Images, Foto: Hero Images

If the weather isn’t so pleasant, the numerous bouldering and climbing halls in the city are a good place to go. Climbing without a rope up to a height from which you can still jump off safely is as well established as the higher via ferrata of the climbing gyms. Beginner climbers, and those just trying it out, are just as welcome here as proficient climbers. And if you do feel like being outside, you can explore the beautiful high rope courses and climbing parks where you can try out different courses with different levels of difficulty.

Recreational sports in Berlin

Tip 8: Calisthenics

Young sportsmen and sportswomen in outdoor sports
Calisthenics © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

Calisthenics offers a good alternative to the gym. In permanently installed sports parks you can combine weight training and gymnastics and thus target whole muscle groups at the same time. Exercises are performed solely with your own bodyweight. You can find street-workout climbing frames in Park am Gleisdreieck, Böklerpark, Poststadion, Wuhlheide and in many other places in Berlin. Push yourself to your limits with pull-ups, push-ups and handstands.

More information about Calisthenics

Tip 9: Boule

Boccia balls on the floor
Boccia balls on the floor © Getty Images, Bild: Mint Images
Boccia balls on the floor

The modern version of boccia revolutionises the traditional sport and brings it into urban surroundings. Boules has been played on the central reservation of Schlossstraße in Charlottenburg since the 1960s. The golden stag in Rudolph-Wilde Park listens to the clicking and clacking of the balls until late in the evening. Boules players also let the balls fly and roll in Mauerpark and in Park am Gleisdreick.

Parks & Gardens in Berlin

Tip 10: The classic

Landscape Park Rudow-Altglienicke_Berlin
Landscape Park Rudow-Altglienicke © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Running, jogging, walking: It’s easy, you don’t need much equipment and can start anywhere. Continue through the many beautiful parks of the city, along the waterfront or over Tempelhofer Feld. Or you can combine running with a fantastic sightseeing tour through the city, for example with Mikes SightRunning. Try out the different tours, particularly recommended is the night-running tour at the Festival of Lights. On your marks, get set, run!
Recreational sports in Berlin

Tip 11: Outlook for October with German MMA Championship GMC

© Foto: Sebastian Greuner

The MMA Championships GMC in the Tempodrom offer you spectacular and exciting martial arts with fair play and great sporting prowess. The relatively modern style of full contact competition consists of extremely diverse techniques from martial arts like kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, judo and sambo. In October, the top athletes of German martial arts will be climbing into the octagon to demonstrate their skills.

When: 24 October
Where: Tempodrom

You can find more tips for the autumn in our calendar of events and here is some important information about your visit to Berlin.



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