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The most beautiful swimming pools in Berlin

Mini holiday for families, history lovers, and water lovers

indoor swimming Oderberger Bath Berlin
Oderberger Bath Berlin © Hotel Oderberger Berlin, Foto: Martin-Nicholas Kunz

What to do when it gets cold and grey outside? Swimming, of course! Many of Berlin's indoor swimming pools are quite beautiful. Some feature Art Nouveau elements, while others offer temple-like saunas where you can recharge your batteries with a bit of heat, and others are simply good for a bit of fun splashing around in the water. Guaranteed fun for the whole family.

We recommend that you get a ticket with a time slot reservation online a few days before your trip to the pool.

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Only with your support will Berlin remain the best!

Tip 1: The oldest swimming pool in Berlin: Stadtbad Charlottenburg

Indoor pool Charlottenburg Berlin
Indoor pool Charlottenburg © visitBerlin, Foto: Sarah Lindemann

An excursion to the historic swimming hall in Charlottenburg is like a trip back in time. Even if you're not really into swimming, it's worth checking out the „Alte Halle. to see the light reflected against the blue water under the original steel construction. And as you swim 25-metre laps back and forth, you'll fall in love with the bluish-green lake painting from the turn of the last century . The kids, meanwhile, can splash around in the integrated non-swimmers' pool. For the athletes among you, the new pool next door offers 50-metre lanes, a water slide, and a diving board.

Tip 2: Simply beautiful: Stadtbad Neukölln

Stadtbad Oderberger Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Jan Frontzek

The Stadtbad Neukölln is considered one of the most beautiful baths in the city. The architects of the time were inspired by the ancient thermal baths. Enjoy the feast for the eyes here in the pool. Built around 1912, the Stadtbad Neukölln, which was designed for 10,000 visitors daily, was one of the largest baths in Europe at the time. At that time, ladies and gentlemen swam separately in the small and large hall.

Stadtbad Neukölln

Tip 3: For athletes: Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europasportpark (SSE)

Indoor swimming pool Berlin
Indoor swimming pool Berlin © camera 4

Originally, the swimming hall in Europasportpark was designed for the 2000 Olympic Games. Although these then took place in Sydney, Australia, the SSE is still the venue for numerous national and international competitions. When the competition is not swimming, the hall is open to the public. In addition to the 50-meter competition pool, you can also play in various smaller pools or at the slide.

Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europasportpark

Tip 4: Family fun on two floors: Stadtbad Schöneberg

Stadtbad Schöneberg
Stadtbad Schöneberg © STB Schöneberg Copyright: Elke A. Jung-Wolff/Berliner Bäder

Here several pools are distributed over two floors. Below is splashing around, above is swimming. Besides the deep pool there is also a non-swimmer area on the second floor. The whirlpools and the saltwater pool are unfortunately closed due to corona, but the small heated outdoor area with a current channel is also open in winter.

Stadtbad Schöneberg "Hans Rosenthal"

Tip 5: Stadtbad Mitte: James Simon 

Stadtbad Mitte
Stadtbad Mitte "James Simon" © STB Mitte Copyright: Elke A. Jung-Wolff/Berliner Bäder

A spacious 50-metre swimming pool, two extra sports rooms and regular yoga classes make the hearts of sports enthusiasts beat faster. Two lanes are separated for ambitious swimmers. And when you've really exhausted yourself, you can take advantage of the exclusive massage offers for swimming pool visitors.

Stadtbad Mitte "James Simon"

Tip 6: Swimming under a tent roof: Kombibad Seestraße

Stadtbad Seestr.
Stadtbad Seestraße mit Traglufthalle © KOB Seestr. - Traglufthalle Copyright: Elke A. Jung-Wolff/Berliner Bäder

The special feature of this bath in Wedding is the gigantic air hall that spans a 50-metre pool. In the building next door you can also take your lanes. The little ones can enjoy themselves in the non-swimmer's pool with a children's slide. Afterwards you can enjoy a snack in the restaurant "Seepferdchen". Please reserve in advance: 030/ 455 40 07.

Kombibad Seestraße

Tip 7: Entspannung pur: Tranxx

tranxx © tranxx

Let yourself drift relaxed in the water. In the darkened domed hall you can indulge all your senses. Feel the salt water on your skin and listen to classic or electronic underwater sounds. DJs also play at regular intervals. Please book your admission in advance. Tip: With the Berlin WelcomeCard you get a 25 percent discount!

Berlin WelcomeCard

Tip 8: Surfing in the city: Wellenwerk

Surfer im Wellenwerk Berlin
Surfer im Wellenwerk Berlin © Wellenwerk, Foto: Julius Niehus

You can also get a 25 percent discount with the Berlin WelcomeCard. Beginners as well as pros are welcome here, as Berlin's first artificial wave can be individually adapted to the needs of surfers. Throw yourself into a sporty big city adventure! You can round off your trip on the surfboard in style in the Mixology Bar.


Tip 9: More Family fun: Stadtbad Lankwitz

Badespaß im Schwimmbad
Junge im Schwimmbad © Getty Images, Foto: Imgorthand

Although the Stadtbad Lankwitz is a bit remote, it offers all the more family fun. Next to the sports pool, a 60-metre long water slide and a diving tower await you. And the little ones will feel at home in the heated baby pool.

Stadtbad Lankwitz

Tip 10: Holiday feeling: Tropical Island

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Although outside the city limits of Berlin, it is worth a visit, especially on grey autumn and winter weekends: The tropical paradise laid out in a former construction hall for zeppelins awaits you not only with water, beach and temperatures ripe for a holiday. Enjoy the slides and wander through the lovingly designed rainforest. By the way: Due to Corona, only 50 percent of the guests are allowed to visit the tropical paradise!

Tropical Island

Tip 11: Swimming with penguins: Spreewelten

Spreewelten Alter Speicher
Spreewelten Alter Speicher © Copyright: Spreewelten GmbH

Guess where here in the capital the penguins are at home? Right, in the zoo. And in the surrounding area of Berlin they swim together with you through the blue water, separated by a glass pane. The smooth divers are of course the highlights of the Spreewelten bathing paradise. You can also look forward to a wave pool, children's pool and the dry playground with a large panoramic window directly into the penguin pool. Dry- and bio sauna as well as salt gallery are open

Spreewelten Bade- und Saunaparadies Lübbenau

Please note that you can buy a time slot card online in advance at the swimming pools of the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe. At the cash desk you can also buy tickets for the time slot in the respective pool.

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