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Foodspots of August 2017

The Instagram restaurant guide for Berlin

Cafe Five Elephants in Kreuzberg Berlin
Cafe Five Elephants © (c) visumate

Berlin not only has delicious food, you can also eat out in style. Every month we look for the best, the tastiest and the most exciting food spots for you.

1.  Five Elephant

Micro-coffee roasting house, café and bakery - all of this is hiding behind Five Elephant Coffee & Cake in Berlin Kreuzberg. Here you not only get numerous hearty snacks, but also the supposedly best New York Cheesecake in Berlin. But the coffee also doesn't fall short. The aim of the owners is, namely to create the best coffee in the world that is produced both with social and environmental responsibility in mind - and you can taste it!

2. Ankerklause

Harbour bar with cult status: The Ankerklause in Berlin Kreuzberg is right on the Landwehr Canal and one of the real neighbourhood classics. While in earlier days, Kreuzberg's rockabilly scene used to sell here, the crowd is now really mixed. In addition to an extensive breakfast, the menu also offers you daytime and evening meals such as burgers, currywurst and homemade chili. It is also well-known for its Thursday evenings: The Ankerklause turns into a club with a dance floor with different DJ's. Another highlight: There is a jukebox too!

3. Kanaan

Israeli, Arabian and Palestinian cuisine under one roof Kanaan in Prenzlauer Berg. The restaurant is a unique place in Berlin: Freshly prepared, Israeli-Palestinian homemade food meets authentic Arabian coffee and cakes. It also sells high-quality gourmet products, such as organic tahini, spices and olive oil. Especially during the summer, Kanaan invites you to stay longer with its cosy balcony and garden. And for those who can't get enough, there is the chance to try a Kanaan cooking course.

4. Muse Berlin

Making a hobby a profession - many dream about it, but the owners of  Muse in Prenzlauer Berg took the leap. Just a few years ago the couple operated the "Thyme Supper club" in their own apartment, after gaining a lot of popularity, four years ago they finally opened the Muse. And the restaurant still reminds one of the living room: long wooden tables, large shelves and plenty of attention to detail. The menu is varied and international. In addition to numerous first class burgers, salads and sandwiches, you will also find unusual creations such as chili con carne with hummus or stuffed giant mushrooms with gorgonzola and caramelised onions.

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