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11 Tips for Bubble Tea in Berlin

Just the right thing for a refreshing break in Berlin

Boba Fruit Pearls for Bubble Tea
Boba Fruit Pearls for Bubble Tea © GettyImages, Foto: Craig Hastings

Bubble Tea: there is something for everyone. The popular "street drink" is available in thousands of variants and designs. Which one you should definitely try and why, you can read in the following lines.

Our list contains a good mix, based on all relevant quality criteria. Environmental awareness, taste and authenticity. Each of the following stores meets these criteria according to its own interpretation and creativity.

Tip 1: Comebuy

Friends in the café
Friends in the café © GettyImages, Foto: simon2579

"Comebuy" means "cheers" in Chinese. It goes without saying that the founders refer to the founding country Taiwan and maintain the culture and production around tea that originated there. However, this does not mean that you can only drink traditionally prepared tea at "Comebuy". Innovations also find their place. Highlight: the self-invented "Teepresso", which offers you a completely new tea experience.

Where: Oranienburger Str. 83, Mitte

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Tip 2: Pao Pao

Bubble Tea and Food
Bubble Tea and Food © GettyImages, Foto: Waqar Hussain

"PaoPao" makes the heart of every aesthetic fan beat faster. Shop design and ambience are inviting and offer you the chance to enjoy your bubble tea in peace. Here, too, tradition is a top priority. The owners of the shop got to know Bubble Teas directly at the place of origin Taiwan, which gives you an authentic taste experience.

Where: Rosenthaler Straße 66, Mitte

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Tip 3: The Alley

Bubble Tea in Glasses
Bubble Tea in Glasses © GettyImages, Foto: Ugur Karakoc

Environmentally conscious cultivation and flawless quality are close to your heart? Then "The Alley" is the right place for you. According to their own statement, the manufacturing process is closely monitored and accompanied so that no blemishes can arise. Many tea lovers and influencers have already been convinced - a top tip for you in Berlin.

Where: Neue Schönhauser Straße 1, Mitte

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Tip 4: 90Degree

Bubble Tea with Straw
Bubble Tea with Straw © GettyImages, Foto: Anna Zakurakina

At "90Degree" you get in contrast to conventional tea shops extraordinary bubble tea, which is almost reminiscent of a dessert. In addition, creativity is the focus here. For example, with the "Cream-Cheese-Bubble-Tea" which is supposed to be extremely delicious, even if cream cheese as a tea additive may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Where: Novalisstraße 1, Mitte

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Tip 5: Bubble Bär

Fruit Pearls for Bubble Tea in Glasses
Fruit Pearls for Bubble Tea in Glasses © GettyImages, Foto: Cristina Alexe

As the name suggests, bubble tea is "Germanized" at the Bubble Bear. Asian tradition and culture play less of a role here, but taste all the more. With daring variations such as bubble tea with Red Bull and a huge selection, you are sure to get your taste.

Where: Gontardstraße 1, Mitte

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Tip 6: Dosha Teehaus Taiwan

Bubble Tea in two glasses
Bubble Tea in two glasses © GettyImages, Foto: Nemer-T

The "Dosha Teahouse" belongs to the upper class of tea shops. Here you will find classic bubble tea, but also "tea latte" with soy or oat milk as a vegan substitute and "tea brûlée" as a speciality. In addition, you can enjoy a few Taiwanese waffles, which are freshly baked there every day. In terms of sustainability, you have the opportunity to purchase a glass bottle, which you can then reuse. 

Where: Boxhagener Straße 65, Friedrichshain

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Tip 7: Mister Box Tea

Girlfriends at the table with bubble tea
Girlfriends at the table with bubble tea © GettyImages, Foto: jarenwicklund

If you don't just want to drink bubble tea, but also appreciate wit and entertainment, Mister Box Tea is the place for you: Here you will be handed tea in small figures that serve as fully functional cups. Depending on the content, your character always looks different.

Where: Tauentzienstraße 9-12, Charlottenburg

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Tip 8: Tea One

Friends at the restaurant in Berlin
Friends at the restaurant in Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Fotoagentur Wolf, freiheitswerke

Tea One combines Vietnamese tea culture with Vietnamese coffee culture in a modern Western setting. Most of us will not associate Vietnam with coffee, hardly anyone knows that 14 percent of the coffee served around the globe comes from Vietnamese growing areas. In addition to the many varieties of delicious bubble teas, you can also enjoy coffee and snacks. 

Where: Wilmersdorfer Straße 46, Charlottenburg

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Tip 9: Tudo Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea and Ingredients
Bubble Tea and Ingredients © GettyImages, Foto: yalcinsonat1

At Tudo there is also a paper cup with your paper straw. And so you probably get the most environmentally friendly bubble tea in Berlin. A unique selling point of Tudo is the possibility of catering: If you plan to celebrate a bubble tea party at home, Tudo will provide you with everything you need. But of course there is also a restaurant.

Where: Hardenbergplatz 2, Charlottenburg; Panoramastraße 1, Mitte

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Tip 10: Ulteamate

Bubble Tea and other drinks
Bubble Tea and other drinks © GettyImages, Foto: fdastudillo

Ulteamate is a bit out of the list of typical bubble tea shops. Here you can get lemonade, coffee – and of course bubble tea. Through the experience Ulteamate gains in its branches, you can be sure that you will be well advised.

Where: Kantstraße 40, Charlottenburg

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Tip 11: Duo Chá

Women drink bubble tea
Women drink bubble tea © GettyImages, Foto: simon2579

Duo Chá wants to give you a feeling of tradition with its special design. Both inside and out, the store is said to reflect the 1980s in Taiwan, when bubble tea had its breakthrough as a street drink. Here you can find bubble tea in all variations.

Where: Muthesiusstraße 17, Steglitz

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