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Top 11 doughnuts and desserts in Berlin

Sweets to go

Vegan donuts from Brammibal's Berlin
Vegan donuts from Brammibal's Berlin © Brammibal´s Donuts GmbH

Do you know when you are full from dinner, but you're still craving something sweet? Then we have the perfect 11 tips for desserts that you can still enjoy late at night. Of course there is also something for the vegetarians and vegans among you. Our motto is: Something sweet is always good!

Tip 1: Brammibals

Brammibal´s Donuts
© Brammibal´s Donuts GmbH

100% taste without animal products. That's what you'll find in Europe's first vegan donut shop at Brammibals in Berlin. Brammibals has conquered the market with 14 donut varieties in its standard range and specials that follow time and time again. And not without reason: you can taste with every bite that the donuts are fresh and handmade. See for yourself how delicious vegan can be!

Where: Alte Potsdamer Str. 7, Mitte or Friedrichshain, Alexanderplatz, Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln.
When: Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm, Saturday 10am - 9pm, Sunday 11am - 7pm

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Tip 2: Chimneys

Baumstrietzel with brittle and chocolate
Chimneys Berlin © Chimneys

Baumstriezel are no longer only available at Christmas markets or in Hungary, but also at Chimneys in the heart of Berlin. But here they have been completely reinvented. The Baumstriezel are baked on site, filled and topped with ice cream, heavy cream and various sauces. You can either create your own chimney cake according to your taste or choose one of the ready-made combinations. The café is completely vegan.Toppings such as macarons are homemade. To complete the treat, order your favorite  coffee speciality.  

Where: Brunnenstraße 173, Mitte or Friedrichshain
When: Monday to Thursday 1pm - 9pm, Friday to Sunday 1pm - 10pm

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Tip 3: Lookma

Filled Lokmas from Lookma Berlin with chocolate sauce, strawberries and toppings
Lokmas by Lookma Berlin © Lookma Berlin

Now it's getting really sweet! Lookma are deep-fried dough balls filled with the finest chocolate. Little insider tip: The "Lookma Special" filling tastes like Kinder Bueno! To top it all off, you can have your Lookma topped with sauces, sprinkles and fresh fruit. The crispy baked dough with this delicious filling makes for an incredible late-night snack!

Where: Reichenberger Str. 176, Kreuzberg or Steglitz, Wedding, Charlottenburg, Schöneberg.
When: Sunday to Thursday 3pm until midnight, Friday and Saturday 3pm - 1am

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Tip 4: SmooZery

Smoothies and Bowls with fruits and toppings from Smoozery Berlin
Bowls and Smoothies at Smoozery Berlin © Smoozery Berlin

If you like it less sweet and chocolatey, here's the perfect alternative for you. Smoozery shows you how delicious and varied smoothies, bowls and juices can be. There are also weekly changing cakes on offer. Everything is prepared with love, is vegan and 100% organic. The bowls are not only filled with plenty of vitamins, but are also decorated with cocoa nibs, lots of fruit and coconut paste that melts on your tongue. Just see for yourselves!

Where: Krumme Str. 52-53, Charlottenburg
When: Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 8pm, Sunday 12pm - 7pm, Monday 12pm - 8pm

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Tip 5: Puffle Bees

Offer from Puffle Bees with Lotuscookies, Strawberries and pistachio cream
Offer at Puffle Bees © PUFFLE BEES

A mix of croissant and waffle? That's only available at Puffle Bees! Two sisters have brought the latest street food trend from South Korea to Berlin. The puffles come in many different variations. Savoury tastes also get their money's worth. In keeping with Valentine's Day, you can order a snack box as a gift to show your love.

Where: Brunnenstraße 165, Mitte
When: Monday to Friday 12pm - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 8pm

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Tip 6: Spooning Cookie Dough Bar

Cookie dough for spooning with toppings and sauces at Spooning Cookie Dough
Cookie dough in a cup Spooning Cookie Dough Bar © Spooning Cookie Dough

Snacking on cookie dough is known to be the best part of baking cookies. But that doesn't count anymore! The inventors of Spooning Cookie Dough have opened a shop in Prenzlauer Berg where you can spoon cookie dough. You can choose from seven different varieties. From the classic Chocolate Chips to Cookies'n'Cream or BrowniePeanutCrunch. You absolutely have to try it!

Where: Kollwitzstraße 56, Prenzlauer Berg
When: Thursday to Tuesday 1pm - 8pm, Wednesday 12pm - 8pm

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Tip 7: Churrolade

Filled Churros with icing sugar
Filled Churros © GettyImages, Foto: Rafa Elias

Churrolade has expanded the base of the Spanish dessert. Churros are deep-fried shortbread biscuits made from choux pastry. To stand out from the standard, Churrolade fills the churros with creams of your choice. There are fillings made of Oreos, lotus biscuits or normal chocolate. If you like, you can also have a scoop of ice cream melted on top of your churros. All orders are freshly prepared so you can enjoy your crispy churros warm.

Where: Residenzstraße 115, Reinickendorf  
When: Monday to Sunday 2pm - 11pm

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Tip 8: Delabuu

Ice cream rolls with marshmallow
Ice cream rolls at Delabuu Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Daria Baron

Instead of a normal scoop of ice cream, Delabuu serves you Thai-style ice cream rolls. You can create your own ice cream from over 70 different ingredients. Your favourite ingredients are poured over oat milk and crushed on a plate at -25 to -37 degrees. Once the ice cream has reached the perfect temperature, use a spatula to roll the mixture into small rolls. And then you can eat your ice cream.

Where: Gerichtstr. 47, Wedding or Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg
When: Sunday to Thursday 12pm - 10pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm - 11pm

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Tip 9: Mubis Cookies

Mubis Cookies filled with Lotus, Oreo, Bueno
Cookies at Mubis Cookies © Arslan

Everyone knows the normal American Cookies, which are very flat. With Mubis Cookies, the complete opposite is the case. The biscuits are filled with sweet creams. Cookies have never been as moist as these. One of the bestsellers, for example, is the pistachio Raffaello cookie.

Where: Reichenberger Str. 176, Kreuzberg
When: Sunday to Thursday 12pm - 11pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm - 1am

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Tip 10: Schöne&dasBiest

Milk chocolate fountain with strawberries and grapes
Chocolate fountain with fruit skewers © GettyImages, Foto: Eilidh Mckibbin/EyeEm

A variety of sweet delicacies await you in this stylishly furnished café with a large rose wall. Enjoy waffle and crêpe creations and spend a nice evening at Schöne & das Biest. Our highlight is the Fruit Sushi, which is a strawberry or banana wrapped in crêpe pastry. And even better, why not order your own white or milk chocolate fountain and share it with your friends?

Where: Mainzer Str. 20, Friedrichshain
When: Monday to Friday 2pm - 10pm, Saturday 1pm - 11pm, Sunday 12pm - 10pm

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Tip 11: Sunnysu

Bubblewaffles with soft serve and toppings from Sunnysu
Bubblewaffles Sunnysu © Virginia Su

The three pillars of indulgence: frozen yogurt, soft serve and waffles. Sunnysu combines the unique Bubblewaffle with soft serve ice cream and fruit. The final treat scores points not only for its taste but also for its appearance. In addition, Sunnysu offers different types of dough every day. From fruity blueberry dough, to vegan coconut dough, to a red velvet dough and many more.

Where: At Rewe / Ackerhalle, Invalidenstraße 158, Mitte.
When: Monday to Saturday 12pm - 9pm

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