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11 reasons why we are looking forward to EURO24

First game on 14 June

Olympic Stadium Berlin blue-green
Olympic Stadium Berlin blue-green © Olympiastadion Berlin

Today marks 100 days until the kick-off of UEFA EURO 2024. 2.5 million fans from all over the world will be in Berlin to cheer on their team as they compete for the trophy in the Olympic Stadium. In addition to the six matches, much more awaits you in the capital. The Brandenburg Gate will become a football goal and the Straße des 17. Juni will be the longest fan mile in the world. Here we tell you why we can hardly wait for the action to start. 11 reasons why we at visitBerlin are looking forward to EURO 2024.

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Tip 1: Looking forward to a second "summer fairytale"

C4 FBWM20060620
© camera4;

Kristin: There was an incredible atmosphere and lightness in Berlin during the 2006 World Cup, the whole city was full of happy fans celebrating the big football festival - everyone in their own jerseys and for their own team, but all together.  And so I'm looking forward to long summer days when people from all over the world cheer and celebrate peacefully together all over Berlin. 

Summer in Berlin

Tip 2: See a player live in the city

visitBerlin - UEFA-Fanfest - Finaltag
© visitBerlin, Foto: Pedro Becerra/

Melanie: I'm particularly looking forward to UEFA as my children (aged 10 and 6) are passionate about football. They can hardly wait to see the international players in the city. They are really hoping to see one or two of the players live in the city. We live in Altglienicke, so although we are often travelling around the city to visit all the events, exhibitions and museums, it will be a very special highlight for them to enjoy the city in this special atmosphere. We will certainly also be travelling to the Olympic Stadium so that we can attend one or two matches "live" as "acoustic eavesdroppers".

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Tip 3: Watch street art as well as football

Erstellung Mural "The Wall"
© Maria Petrenko

Catrin: I am particularly pleased that the topic of street art, as an art form that has established itself so wonderfully in Berlin and makes the streets more colourful and attractive, is also being taken up. As part of 11 Walls, new murals will be created in Berlin and other German cities. Together with pop-up concerts near the large-scale paintings, the anticipation of UEFA EURO 2024 will be celebrated and at the same time the street art tours in Berlin will be extended. It will be a marvellous open-air festival.

Street Art Icons in Berlin

Tip 4: Spanish summer feeling at the first match in the Olympic Stadium

Spanische Touristen in Berlin. Modelle: (weiblich) Tina Tabiei Razligh, (männlich) Ricardo Grijalva Russelmann
© visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Melanie: Personally, I'm most looking forward to the Fan Mile because I'm expecting a lot of Spanish groups for the match on 15 June. The Spanish national team will be playing in the Olympic Stadium on that day. I am convinced that, together with the Spanish community living in Berlin, we will give this day a very special touch and bring a touch of Spanish summer feeling to Berlin.

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Tip 5: Be in the thick of it

Brandenburger Tor als Fußballtor
© Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH

Kristin: The Brandenburg Gate becomes the biggest football goal in the world. And the Straße des 17. Juni becomes a gigantic playing field. Against this unique backdrop, fans from all over the world will come together for a huge football party. Here at the UEFA EURO 2024 Fan Festival, the heart of this European Championship will beat for four weeks with many great events. And I can be right in the middle of it all when Berlin welcomes the fans and gives them a summer full of unforgettable moments.

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Tip 6: Great cultural programme for UEFA EURO 2024

museum Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin
museum Hamburger Bahnhof © visitBerlin, Foto: Martin Gentischer

Josefine: A Radical Playground around the Gropius Bau, a film installation that shows the theme of football as a ballet in three acts? I'm very excited to see how the many planned art and cultural projects will creatively realise the theme of football. There are exciting projects to discover all over the city for EURO UEFA 2024. I'm looking forward to many cultural highlights that put fair play and team spirit centre stage.

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Tip 7: I'm looking forward to meeting new people

Anstoßen mit Wein
© GettyImages, Foto: Foxys_forest_manufacture

Lara: Many international guests will be coming to the city for UEFA EURO 2024. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world and sharing with them the feeling of "pulling together" and being one big community. We have put together some restaurants with international cuisine for you to enjoy a nice evening together. Your new friends will feel right at home.

International cuisine

Tip 8: The cheerful, peaceful atmosphere at the finale

Strandbar in der Rummelsburger Bucht
© visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

David: The final in Berlin will be one of the highlights of the summer for me. I'm looking forward to the whole city joining the teams on the pitch on a warm summer evening and everyone coming together in a cheerful, peaceful and exuberant atmosphere. And if you want to continue partying, here are a few tips for going out in Berlin.

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Tip 9: Festival feeling throughout the city

junge Mädchen auf Musikfestival
© Getty Images, Foto: PeopleImages

Maxi: I'm looking forward to the festival feeling in the whole city and the many great people from all over the world who will hopefully bring a lot of good vibes and a great atmosphere with them.

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Tip 10: Cheer along and play betting games with friends

Viele Hände in der Luft, Klatschen, Anfeuern

Aurélie: I'm looking forward to finally watching football together with friends and family again. Hopefully outside in good weather. There's always a very special atmosphere at such a big event that brings so many different people together. I'm also looking forward to the betting games with friends and cheering on the individual matches.

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Tip 11: Podcast with Josephine Henning and Tabea Kemme

Young woman listening to audio tour at Brandenburg Gate.
Young woman listening to audio tour at Brandenburg Gate. © Getty Images, Foto: Bojan89

Josefine: Two former players of the German women's national football team talk to us in the podcast about UEFA  EURO 2024. I'm really looking forward to this interview and I'm curious to hear how they experience the preparations. As a member of the programme advisory board of the Football and Culture Foundation, Josephine Henning is heavily involved in the planning of the EURO24 cultural programme. Tabea Kemme reports for Magenta. So you get first-hand tips on the prospects of the German team. Stay on the ball with us!
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