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Weekend tips 7 - 9 / 05 / 21

For a perfect spring weekend

Berlin Cathedral in Spring
Berlin Cathedral in Spring © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Spring is advancing and everywhere is already green and in bloom. Finally! Enjoy the wonderful colours that nature is preparing and take a look at what else Berlin has to offer.
Don't forget: this Sunday is Mother's Day. If you're still looking for a gift, check out our blog post. Here we have some great ideas for you: 11 gift ideas for Mother's Day.

And another tip for all ice cream fans: the Berlin Ice Cream Week 2021, Berlin's ice cream festival, takes place until 12 May in the city's best ice cream parlours.

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Don't be shy, but show your love for Berlin with d i s t a n c e - in support of everyones safety.

Tip 1: Cherry blossom greetings from the capital

Kirschblüten im Berliner Frühling
Kirschblüten im Frühling © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

The cherry blossoms have delighted us in recent weeks, and here and there there are still a few trees that are showing off their pink dress a little late. Take a look at the TV-Asahi cherry blossom avenue. On the former border strip between Teltow and Lichterfelde, you might still be lucky and catch a glimpse of spring colour on the almost 1.5-kilometre-long green strip.

#BerlinBlossom: The 11 most beautiful spring pictures

Tip 2: ... even more blossom magic!

Britzer Garten in Berlin
Britzer Garten © Grün Berlin GmbH

And while we're on the subject of blossoms and beautiful colours: the Britzer Garten and the Gardens of the World are particularly inspiring at this time of year with the most magnificent seas of blossoms. Tulip time is now beginning in the Britzer Garten: an entire field where the most beautiful and varied tulip shapes and colours are on display. Simply register for a time slot and stroll through the colourful blossoms for an hour.

Parks and gardens in Berlin

Tip 3: ... and more spring tips

Cherry blossoms at Gardens of the World
Cherry blossoms at Gardens of the World © visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit

And if you're looking for more places to go in spring to enjoy nature, rejoice in the sunshine and flowers, enjoy the blue skies and the first warming rays of sunshine at their best, we've put together a small selection for you in our Top 11 Places for Spring.

Top 11 Places for spring

Tip 4: Oh wie schön ist Panama!

Mädchen im Theater
Kindertheater in Berlin © Getty Images, Foto: Image Studios

The well-known play by Janosch is performed for children aged 4 and over at the Atze Musiktheater. The wonderful story about friendship and the common search for happiness will be brought to your living room as a live online stream by the fantastic ensemble of the Children's and Youth Theatre.

When: 7 May at 10 a.m. and 8 May at 3 p.m.

More information

Tip 5 : The Reading Hour from Rbb

in der Bibliothek
Hörgeschichten aus Berlin © Getty Images, Foto: Nattapong Wongloungud / EyeEm

The Ohrenbär programme from rbb's culture channel also offers exciting and great audio stories for children between the ages of four and eight. Every Sunday in May, you can listen to two stories performed by well-known actors and speakers. This Sunday, "Fürmicherleber" will tell you about feelings - good and bad - and Bruno and Grandma Mathilda will tell you about new and old things in life.

When: 9 May from 7 to 8 a.m.

More information

Tip 6: Signale! from Pankow

Skizzenhafte abstrakte Kunstgalerie oder Museum
Galerie in Berlin © Getty Images/JDawnInk

A festival month and open studios with the aim of turning the borough into a gallery. On Friday, the artspring berlin art festival opens in hybrid form under the motto Signal!

You can expect a cinema programme with live talks, cinematic signals from the city districts and open studios. Until 4 June, various readings will follow via live stream, theme days on exciting topics such as: "Raumfragen - Die Zukunft der Kulturorte im Bezirk Pankow". You can be curious.

When: 7 May to 4 June

More information

Tip 7: Music from the Hippo House

Hippos in the zoo - Zoological Garden Berlin
Hippos in the zoo - Zoological Garden Berlin © Zoo Berlin

Enjoy a concert stream of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra from an unusual location: the hippo house of the Berlin Zoo. Under their conductor Hansjürgen Schellenberg, the musicians present the concert 'OverTiere' with pieces by Schubert, van Beethoven, Haydn, Rimski and Debussy, among others. Enjoy the animal programme.  

When: online from 9 May at 4 pm

More information about the concert

Tip 8: Getting to know the Philharmonie

Kirill Petrenko conducts the Berlin Philharmonic
Kirill Petrenko conducts the Berlin Philharmonic © Foto: Monika Rittershaus

This weekend you can once again learn more about the Philharmonie Berlin - its architecture, its acoustics, its history. A guide will take you on a live zoom tour of the home of the Berliner Philharmoniker (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra). Did you know that the Berlin Philharmonic, as one of the world's most famous leading symphony orchestras, has a unique tradition of self-determination? If you're interested, then read one of our powerful stories:Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: We decide for ourselves!

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: We decide for ourselves!

Tip 9: Digital guided tours of Berlin's Underworlds

Berlin's Unterwelten-Museum - an attraction in Berlin
Berliner Unterwelten © Berliner Unterwelten e.V., Foto: Dietmar Arnold

The Berliner Unterwelten offer you an equally exciting but completely different experience. Since we can't go to the guided tours at the moment, they come to us. The guides will take you virtually to the Fichtebunker historical memory, to the AEG tunnel, Germany's first underground tunnel, but also to the permanent exhibition: Mythos Germania - Vision und Verbrechen.

More information

Tip 10: Music Europe Day

Musician in the orchestra

To celebrate Europe Day, the European Union is presenting #MusicEuropeDay for the second time. Twelve European artists will present their music in a unique way of merging their traditions with modernity. The shows have been recorded from the rooftops of big cities to small village squares, from a clearing in the forest or on a beach. Accompany this musical journey through Europe.

When: 9 May from 7 pm

More information

Tip 11: Asparagus to go

Asparagus season
Fresh on the table: asparagus © Getty Images, Foto: fermate

Finally, the asparagus season has begun. The restaurants in Berlin and the surrounding area are conjuring up all kinds of fine dishes from the popular vegetable. Classics and completely new creations are prepared for you, all you have to do is pick them up or have them delivered. We have put together our 11 tips for a few selected restaurants.

11 Tips for restaurants with delicious asparagues

You can find more events in Berlin in our event calendar.



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