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Weekend tips 29 / 9 - 1 / 10 2023

New exhibitions, lots of music and a mega show

Blick auf den Tiergarten im Herbst
Berlin WelcomeCard © Getty Images, Foto: golero

Autumn in Berlin is one thing above all: rich in events, new exhibitions and great concerts! Roll up your picnic blankets and bath towels and say goodbye to summer this weekend. For example, with Jazz & Swing or at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, where the latest show opens.

Tip 1: Experience Falling in Love at Friedrichstadt-Palast 

Falling in Love
© Friedrichstadt-Palast

Pure glamour: More than 100 artists from 28 countries revolve around the most beautiful theme of all on one of the world's largest show stages: love. Immerse yourself in the playful and dreamlike world of falling in love. A world made sparkling by chief curator and star designer Jean Paul Gaultier and with no less than 100 million Swarovski crystals. Book soon, previews of the show are hot ahead of the premiere on 11 October.

When: 29.9. 19.30, 30.9. 15.30 and 19.30, 1.10. 15.30, previews run until 10 October
Where: Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin, Friedrichstraße 107, Mitte

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Tip 2:  Go back in time to the Berlin Wall

Berliner Mauer
© visitBerlin, Foto: Tanja Koch

The cool autumn air also brings us back to the most important event in recent German history: the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. 2024 will be the 35th anniversary of the fall of the Wall and it will be commemorated in a variety of activities. But this year you can also experience Berlin's history in a lively way: On the two-hour city tour along the former course of the Wall, you will come very close to the dark period of German division - with all its fates, heroic deeds, escape attempts and tragedies of love.

When: daily tours in German at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Where: Meeting point at Elisabeth-Schwarzhaupt-Platz, Wall Kiosk, Mitte

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Tip 3: Discover a new museum: the Fotografiska

© Juliana Huxtable and Project Native Informant, London

The Fotografiska Berlin recently opened its doors in the centre of Mitte. The Swedish photo museum is the fourth branch after its foundings in Stockholm, New York and Tallinn. In the former legendary Kunsthaus Tacheles, it shows contemporary photo art, invites you to drinks and food in the bar, café and bakery and - and this is exciting - is open daily until 11 pm. Currently, the international artists Candice Breitz and Juliana Huxtable are exhibiting their works on the themes of race, queerness and sexual identity. For the third exhibition "Nude" we recommend adult accompaniment for your underage children.

When: daily 10am-2pm
Where: Fotografiska Berlin, Oranienburger Straße 54, Mitte

Fotografiska Berlin

Tip 4: Swing dancing or experiencing jazz? Just do both!

Jazz in Town
© visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

Are You Syncopated?! The question goes out to you and to everyone who likes to dance: The music collective Syncopation has organised a great get-together of the Berlin jazz scene with international guests to celebrate the heritage of early US music such as swing, hot jazz and blues in various dance venues in Berlin. And it's on: first-class bands, a hot jazz camp, dance tracks, lots of parties and even a family programme await you. The motto: fun, daring and very creative. Let's go....

When: 27.9. to 1.10.
Where: various venues in Berlin

Are You Syncopated?!

Tip 5: Ancestors, goddesses and heroes - do they belong in a museum?

African Sculpture in the Ethnological Museum at the Humboldt Forum
African Sculpture in the Ethnological Museum at the Humboldt Forum © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss / Foto: Alexander Schippel

Mary on the globe, a golden Buddha and a large wooden sculpture from Africa - once they had something in common: great significance for the people who set them up and looked at them, often even superhuman or magical powers. Today, they have something in common again: they have become "art objects", standing in sober showcases for everyone to see. What power have they been left with? The new exhibition at the Humboldt Forum invites you to take a highly interesting, thought-provoking walk through the fascinating diversity of ritual-religious sculptures.

When: 29.9 to 1.10, 10.30-18.30 hrs
Where: Humboldt Forum, Schlossplatz, Mitte

Ancestors, goddesses and heroes

Tip 6: Discover Berlin from a new perspective - on the French Cathedral

French Cathedral at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
French Cathedral at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin © Getty Images, Foto: Markus Gröteke / EyeEm

Actually unmissable: Together with the German Cathedral and the Concert Hall, the French Cathedral forms a beautiful historical ensemble of buildings on Gendarmenmarkt. Of course you're right, the Gendarmenmarkt with its large construction site is currently no feast for the eyes. The French Cathedral scores all the more points: from the new viewing platform you can experience the 360° panorama of the historic centre, ideally with the multi-media guide, and then visit the small, fine Huguenot Museum. Also explore the tower carillon up close and then fortify yourself in the cathedral restaurant Hugo & Notte.

When: 29-30 September, 10 a.m.-7.30 p.m.
Where: French Cathedral, Gendarmenmarkt 5, Mitte

French Cathedral

Tip 7: Listen to "Selected Literature" at the Admiralspalast

Admiralspalast in the Friedrichstraße Berlin
yard of Admiralspalast Berlin © ADMIRALSPALAST

This weekend it gets criminal at the Admiralspalast: Inspector Sörensen, in need of rest and just relocated from Hamburg to the quiet North Frisian town of Katenbüll, has to go against his will: A body is found in the Koog - stabbed to death with a screwdriver. And the last person who saw the dead man alive has disappeared without a trace... Author Sven Stricker and actor Bjarne Mädel read from the crime novel Sörensen am Ende der Welt as part of the successful series "Erlesene Literatur". Let yourself be carried away by the suspense and tragedy of an unusual murder case and, of course, by the passion and quality of the reading artists.

When: 29 September, 8 pm
Where: Admiralspalast, Friedrichstraße 101, Mitte

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Tip 8: Experience the fascination of video art with Julia Stoschek

Gallery in Beriln: Cosmic Realms in the Julia Stoschek Collection
Gallery in Beriln: Cosmic Realms in the Julia Stoschek Collection © Keiken

Julia Stoschek is an art collector who has entered an exciting niche: In Leipziger Straße, she shows the art of the moving image from the 1960s to the present, i.e. videos, but also net-based installations and ephemeral art forms such as performances. Her new exhibition Unbound: Performance As Rupture features 35 artists who explore the tense relationship between the body, physical movement and the camera. The points of contact between performance art and video art, which are accompanied by ruptures, interruptions and irritations, are guaranteed to get under your skin.

When: 30.9 and 1.10, 12-18 hrs
Where: Julia Stoschek Foundation, Leipziger Straße 60, Mitte

Unbound: Performance As Rupture

Tip 9: Wings out into the world of urban beekeeping

© Credit: imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

You not only love bees, but are also interested in beekeeping, the continuation of biodiversity and the traditions of beekeepers in other countries? Then visit the Museum of European Cultures this weekend and take a trip through Slovenia, a unique bee paradise: In the country with the highest density of beekeepers, bees and honey are simply a part of national culture. Take Slovenia as an example to discover the possibilities of sustainable use of resources and the harmonious coexistence of people, animals and nature.

When: 29.9. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 30.9. and 1.10. 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: Museum of European Cultures, Arnimallee 25, Dahlem

Buzzing Slovenia. Of bees and people

Tip 10: Have fun with optical illusions and confusing illusions

DeJa Vu Museum, Kaleidoscope
DeJa Vu Museum, Kaleidoscope © DeJa Vu Museum

In the Deja Vu Museum you can trust nothing and no one: Whether it's about fantastic dimensions and sudden abysses or about speeds, shapes and finally your own reflection: the world is literally upside down. And that can be great fun: float through infinite galaxies in starry space and sink into a sea of silvery spheres. Look through kaleidoscopes and let the mirage of a dragon chase you. Here you can experience a bewilderingly beautiful autumn afternoon!

When: daily 10-20 h
Where: Deja Vu Museum, Rochstraße 14c, Mitte

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Tip 11: Let the weekend come to an end at the Philharmonie

Symphony Orchestra on stage
Classical Music © Getty Images, Foto: DeshaCAM

The Philharmonie's concert programme on Sunday evening is exquisitely put together and will let you slide into the new week relaxed and at ease from a fulfilling weekend. With Alban Gerhardt on cello, accompanied by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, star conductor Marin Alsop takes you back through the contemporary works of Jessie Montgomery and Brett Dean to Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No.9 in E minor. Enjoy the great musical mix of new and past sounds, played by first-class artist:ing!

When: 1.10., 8.00 p.m.
Where: Philharmonie Berlin, Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1, Tiergarten

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