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Top 11 Tips for Film Lovers in Berlin

Cinemas, Festivals & Exhibitions

Illuminated Cinema Berlin
Illuminated Cinema Berlin © Zoo Palast, Foto: Jan Bitter

Berlin is the German film capital with a long tradition. Here you can see the whole variety of current films and classical masterpieces in the most beautiful cinemas, visit a different film festival every day, meet celebrities or take a look behind the scenes at exciting exhibitions. We have put together our Top 11 for all cinemagoers, cineasts and film nerds.

Tip 1: Harry Potter™ – The Exhibition

Babelsberg Film Studio in Potsdam
Film Studio Babelsberg © Foto: Unify by wikimedia commons

You can currently visit the most famous student of magic in Potsdam. At the big exhibition Harry Potter™ - The Exhibition you can immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts, where you can visit his common room and classrooms, enter the Quidditch™ area, throw a quaffle ball, and marvel at fascinating costumes and creatures.

Where: Filmpark Babelsberg Caligari Hall: Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 9, Potsdam
When. Until 10 March 2019: Until 10 March 2019

More information and tickets for Harry Potter™ – The Exhibition

Tip 2: Film locations

Die Unterführung am Messedamm in Berlin
Die Unterführung am Messedamm © visumate

Where is the Moka Efti located? And what about the red tiles that can be seen in every second film from Berlin? For a real cinephilist, every visit to Berlin naturally includes a visit to the locations of his favourite films.

More Information about film locations

Tip 3: Film festivals

Whether you're a fan of Italian or Polish films, a horror movie lover or just want to discover something new, there's a film festival for every taste in Berlin. The biggest highlight is of course the Berlinale in February, but also the smaller, rather unknown festivals with their carefully selected films are worth a visit it.

The Top 11 film festivals in Berlin in our blog

Tip 4:  Extraordinay cinemas

Zoo Palast Berlin
Zoo Palast © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

If you want your visit to the cinema to be a special experience, then you should choose not only the film but also the cinema well. Many cinemas in Berlin like Kino International or Zoo Palast have beautiful architecture, others like the IMAX in the SonyCenter have outstanding technical equipment. Or they have their own charm like the Adria in Steglitz and the Neue Off in Neukölln.

More information about extraordinary cinemas

Tip 5: Exhibition "Zwischen den Filmen"

International Film Festival Berlin
In front of the Berlinale Palace © KARSTEN THIELKER

The exhibition "Between the Films" shows photographs from almost 70 years of the Berlinale. The photos of the professional photographers show the stars, emotional press conferences, but also those moments between the films that define the special spirit of the Berlinale.

Where: Museum for Film and Television, Potsdamer Straße 2, Tiergarten
When. May 5, 2019: Until 5 May 2019

More information about the exibition "Zwischen den Filmen"

Tip 6: Museum für Film und Fernsehen

Inside the Museum für Film und Fernsehen in Berlin
Inside the Museum für Film und Fernsehen © Marian Stefanowski
Charlottenburger Chaussee 109
13597 Berlin

The main highlight for all cineastes in Berlin is of course the Museum für Film und Fernsehen in the Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz. The permanent exhibition is a fascinating journey through German film history from the first experiments and silent films to today's masterpieces. Part of the exhibition shows the estate of Marlene Dietrich, including her most beautiful costumes. In addition, there are always exciting special exhibitions (like Tip 5).

More information about the Museum für Film und Fernsehen

Tip 7: VIP spotting


Sitting next to Tilda Swinton in a café or partying with Lars Eidinger as DJ: In Berlin this can happen to you at any time. The Berliners stay cool in these moments. That's certainly one of the reasons why the city is so popular with stars and why they like to got dining and clubbing in the restaurants and clubs after shooting. And during the Berlinale you can of course also see the big stars at the premieres and press conferences.

Tips for VIP spotting

Tip 8: Concerts with Film music

Symphony Orchestra on stage
Classical Music © Getty Images, Foto: DeshaCAM

You can relive magical cinematic moments at the concerts with film music, which are enjoying increasing popularity. Famous composers like Hans Zimmer come to Berlin and conduct large orchestras. The concerts of the Babelsberg Film Orchestra also bring masterpieces of film history back to life. 

More information about concerts with film music

 Tip 9: Filmtablequiz

© Prokura Nepp

Every two months (of course not in February) the film crazy people of the city gather in SO36 to prove their knowledge at the film table quiz. Quizmaster Rex asks for directors, actors, quotes, soundtracks and "How does the scene go on?" throughout film history. Anyone can come by, join a team and take part in the race for the trophy.

When: The next quiz is on 12 December.
Where: SO36, Oranienstraße, Kreuzberg

Our blog article about the Filmtablequiz

Tip 10: Filmpark Babelsberg & Filmmuseum Potsdam

The heart of German film production beats in Potsdam Babelsberg on the outskirts of Berlin. German and international films and series are still being produced on this traditional site. The Filmpark Babelsberg is full of action, where you can discover and experience everything that belongs to the film. Stuntmen shows provide thrills, sets, props and original backdrops show the exciting world of film making. The film museum in the Potsdam city centre takes you deep into the film history of 100 years of Babelsberg.

More information  and tickets for Filmpark Babelsberg

Tip 11: Bookshops with film literature

 Bookstore Bücherbogen at Savignyplatz in Berlin
Bookstore Bücherbogen © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Several bookshops in Berlin specialize in film books and offer a large selection. You can get reading food directly on the way from the Museum for Film and Television to the cinema at the bookshop "Dussmann der MuseumsShop am Potsdamer Platz" - directly in the Sony Center. The Bücherbogen Savignyplatz also specializes in architecture, design and film. Around the corner is Berlin's Filmantiquariat, where cineastes can browse undisturbed. 

Our Top 11 bookshops in Berlin

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