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Streetfood without street - 11 tips

From the street to your own stove

Taco aus einem Foodtruck
© gettyimages, Foto: MStudioImages

Delicious, surprising, fresh, regional, and sometimes unique - this is what streetfood can be. Streetfood is not necessarily fast food. Streetfood tastes good when you're on the go, but since we all stay at home at the moment, we bring Berlin's streetfood markets inside your own four walls. Some dishes are healthier than others, some take more time to prepare, others less. But one thing is for sure: they are all easy to cook and taste simply delicious.

Tip 1: Gua Bao Burger

Streetfood_Gua Bao Burger, steamed dumpling with duck. A Japanese fast food
© gettyimages, Foto: Ihor Smishko

The Asian sandwich: Pickled root vegetables, salad, cucumber and meat in a great sauce, served in a steamed yeast bun. Due to the steam cooking the buns are extremely soft and fluffy. After that they are folded and filled with whatever you like. For the topping use peanuts chopped and roasted in a pan. Or you can try the vegetarian variation.

Here you can get the recipe for Gua Bao Burger

Tip 2: Currywurst

© gettyimages, Foto: Alexander Spatari

Who invented the Currywurst is still not cleared up. Was Herta Heuwer from Berlin, who created a sauce with tomatoes and spices in 1949 out of boredom. Or was it a woman from Hamburg, who opened a takeaway and sold the first Currywurst there after the Second World War? It also might have been originally prepared for Alexander Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe from Bückeburg in the kitchen of his castle. The opinions are split. But one thing is certain: the real secret is the sauce. There are countless variations, original, hot or fruity. You can find a quick and easy variation here.

Currywurst-Sauce - made easy and fast

Tip 3: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese Sandwich
© gettyimages, Foto: Thomas Barwick

Bread - butter - cheese - ready! A cheese sandwich is that simple and you don't really need a recipe for it. But the Grilled Cheese Sandchwich from the USA is a speciality: What at first glance looks like a roasted toast sandwich with melted cheese can be transformed into a delicious snack with a few subtleties.

Here you can get the recipe for Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tip 4: Berliner Pfannkuchen

Berlin doughnut
© gettyimages, Foto: ZenShui/Laurence Mouton

Berliner, Krapfen, Kreppel, Puffel, Fasenachstkiechle ... the Berlin doughnut has countless names, but what is always meant is a fried yeast pastry, filled with jam and sprinkled with fine sugar or covered with a glaze. The fillings are very variable: advocaat or whiskey cream, plum jam, rosehip pulp or you can come up with your own. Be creative!

Tip for all those who like it colourful: For a pink-coloured icing at the very end, simply mix 2-3 tablespoons of red jelly with 150 grams of icing sugar until it thickens. Spread the pancakes with it after filling and let them dry.

Here you can get the recipe for Berliner Pfannkuchen

Tip 5: Burger

vegan burger
© gettyimages, Foto: lavizzara

For a good burger, it is easy to throw all thoughts about low carb, superfoods and calories away. The fast food classic inspires. You can read about what makes it so irresistible in "The World is Your Burger" by David Michaels. The author has written over 430 pages about this topic and sheds light on the cultural history that goes back to the 19th century. Before you start reading, prepare a classic burger - or try the vegetarian option.

Click here for the history of Burgers

Tip 6: Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble
© gettyimages, Foto: loooby

This is real soul food: Simply mix butter, flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon and knead into a crumbly mass. Crumble all of this over the sliced apples and in less than three quarters of an hour the most delicious dessert is ready - preferably still warm with a scoop of ice cream and vanilla sauce.

Apple Crumble with many variations

Tip 7: Vegan Chickpeas Curry

Vegan curry
Vegan curry © gettyimages, Foto: Joan Ransley

Healthy! Quick! Delicious! Decorated with fragrant jasmine or basmati rice and a few cashew nuts, it also looks great. Prepared in half an hour, you can also cook larger portions of it, so you'll have lunch ready for tomorrow or the day after. By the way, the curry can be put into the freezer, thereby you have something delicious at home when you don't have time to cook.

Here you can get the recipe for Chickpeas Curry

Tip 8: Waffles

© gettyimages, Foto: Westend61

For coffee, dessert or just for fun - waffles are always an amazing addition. Maybe you prefer the simple version with icing sugar or a healthy toppings of fresh fruit, try white or dark chocolate, nuts, yoghurt or lemon and blueberries, banana and Nutella ... the list goes on and on. There are no limits to your imagination. 

By the way: for all those who don't have a waffle iron: you also can fry the dough in a pan and then toast it. Speaking of toasters: if you should have made  too many waffles, you can put them in the freezer and then crisp them up again in the toaster.

Waffel variations

Tip 9: Tortillas

Chili con carne Tacos
© gettyimages, Foto: istetiana

Tortillas are easy to make and incredibly versatile: you can bake or fry them, make crispy burrito samosas or stuffed quesadillas, use them instead of pasta for enchilada lasagna, roll wraps for work or fold burritos for breakfast. The basic recipe is very simple: flour, baking powder, oil and a pinch of salt. Simply stir these ingredients together, done! Here are some favourite recipes: sweet potato quesadillas, vegan burrito samosas, or Mexican tortilla casserole.
If you don't want to use the whole dough, you can store it in the fridge, wrapped in foil and airtight, and prepare a completely different version the next day.

Here you can get several tortilla recipes

Tip 10: Falafel

Falafel, hummus and bread
© gettyimages, Foto: J-O Eriksson/EyeEm

Here is a wonderful recipe from the Arabic kitchen. The deep-fried balls of pureed beans or chickpeas, herbs and spices, have become a worldwide hit in vegetarian streetfood cuisine. Making falafel yourself is not difficult and really worth it. For the homemade falafel you don't need too many ingredients. Put them in pita bread as a substitute for kebab (grilled meat) or simply enjoy them with salad or vegetables. Immerse yourself in the aromatic world of Arabia at home.
By the way: Falafels are a very good source of vegan protein and contain hardly any fat.

Recipes and interesting facts about Falafel

Tip 11:Sweat potato chips

Streetfood sweet potato fries
Streetfood sweet potato fries © gettyimages, Foto: asab974

Hardly any other root plant is as versatile as the sweet potato. It is a real all-round talent. There are recipes from savoury to sweet. Whether as soup, puree, as a sweet snack or for baking in brownies and wafers. But unbeatable it is certainly prepared as chips. Try it out!

Here you get the recipe for sweat potato chips

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