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Street Art Sightseeing in Berlin by Bus, Tram and Train

Colorful views for rainy days

© (c) visumate

Sightseeing for free. With S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus and tram (streetcar) you can easily discover Berlin on your own. We have put together the best sightseeing routes for you. And if you want to cheer yourself up on a gray rainy day with the prospect of a colorful mural, here are the best routes for a street art city tour.

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Tip 1: U2, U3 Bülowstraße - URBAN NATION | ONE WALL

Street Art on the Wall of the Urban Nation Museum: Man is Man's Wolf by Broken Fingaz Crew
Street Art on the Wall of the Urban Nation Museum. © visitBerlin, Foto: Josefine Köhn-Haskins

The facade of the URBAN NATION Museum of Contemporary Art is probably the most colorful wall in the city. Again and again, street artists create new murals here, which often hit the spirit of the times. The Broken Fingaz Crew's current theme is human communication, inspired by the Latin proverb "Man is man's wolf". The recurring motif thus addresses togetherness in the age of digital communication. Will the wolf be able to distinguish fake information from real information through its sense of smell?

Where: Bülowstraße 7, Schöneberg
Route: U2, U3 between Bülowstraße and Nollendorfplatz

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Tip 2: U2, U3 Bülowstraße - Untitled: Shepard Fairey, D*Face, Cyrcle und Word to Mother

Original Berlin Walks
© original berlin walks

Do you see the woman peeking out from behind a curtain? For her, it's the first glimpse of the real world - and thus a timid step towards personal freedom. This is the interpretation of the artist, Shepard Fairey. In addition to his work, you can discover many other street art icons during a ride on the elevated train along Bülowstraße. Among them are D*Face, Maya Hayuk, Cyrcle, Word To Mother, Miss Van, The London Police,
Herakut, and Snik and Evoca 1. It's worth getting out! 

Where: Bülowstrasse 31/32, Schöneberg
Route: U2, U3 between Bülowstrasse and Nollendorfplatz

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Tip 3: Ringbahn - Herakut: This game called life

Street Art Berlin: Herkut Mural "My home is no castle" in Luckauer Straße
Street Art Berlin: Herkut Mural "My home is no castle" in Luckauer Straße © visitBerlin, Foto: Josefine Köhn-Haskins

You can find beautiful murals from Herakut all over the city. They are part of the Giant Storybook project, for which Herakut travelled around the world in 2012 to show that there are themes and ideas that engage and connect all people in the world. The mural, which you can see from the Ringbahn, shows a mother in a red dress (not the one in the picture). The sleeves resembling armour, symbolizing the inner strength we discover as soon as we care for someone else: "In this game called life there is a hidden resource of strength. You'll find it once you start caring about someone." Almost all murals by the street artist duo Herakut contain a message.

Where: Sickingerstrasse 2, Moabit 
Route: Ringbahn, between Jungfernheide and Beusselstraße (near Berlin Beusselstraße station)

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Tip 4: Ringbahn - The sun will sink into the ocean

Street Art: The sun will sink into the ocean by Ricky Lee Gordon
© Benjamin Lewis

A white horse stands in a flooded palace. The setting sun glitters on the water and a few white doves have just fluttered in through the open window. Despite the flooding, the mural by Ricky Lee Gordon radiates hope rather than a doomsday mood. 

Where: Landsberger Allee 121, Prenzlauer Berg
Route: S8, S85 and Ringbahn, near Landsberger Allee station

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Tip 5: Ringbahn - Victor Ash: Tree Children and Astronaut

Street Art: Tree Children by Victor Ash
Street Art: Tree Children by Victor Ash © visitBerlin, Foto: Julius Groeschke

Tree Children is just one of the many murals that French street artist Victor Ash has immortalized himself with in Berlin. His most famous mural is Astronaut | Cosmonaut at Oranienstraße 195, which you can see from the U1 and U8. 

Where: Lynarstraße 1, Wedding
Route: Ringbahn between Wedding and Berlin Gesundbrunnen (near Wedding station)

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Tip 6: S-Bahn Hackescher Markt: Anne Frank

Streetart vor dem Anne Frank Zentrum 2014
© visitBerlin; Foto: Christina Martin

Jimmy C.'s mural in the backyard of Haus Schwarzenberg is based on a photo of Anne Frank. It is no coincidence that a large picture of the courageous Jewish girl can be seen here from the S-Bahn. The Anne Frank Center is also nearby, surrounded by graffiti, artists' studios, bars and galleries.

Where: Rosenthaler Straße 39, Mitte
Route: S3, S5, S7, S9 Hackescher Markt

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Tip 7: U1, U3 - BRAVE WALL

Mural "Brave Wall" von  Kate Voronina in Zusammenarbeit mit Emily Eldridge
© Nika Kramer

Artist Katerina Voronina has created a monument to Brazilian human rights activist Marielle Franco with her mural on the occasion of International Women's Day. At a height of eight stories, Franco's impressive profile provides space for many, many women - in all their facets. The mural was created with the support of the URBAN NATION Museum of Contemporary Art.

Where: Gitschiner Straße 65, Kreuzberg
Route: U1, U3 between Prinzenstraße and Kottbusser Tor

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Tip 8: U1, U3 - Daphne & Apollo

Mural "Daphne und Apollon" von Francisco Bosoletti und Young Jarus
© visitBerlin, Foto: Josefine Köhn-Haskins

If you photograph this mural and edit the picture, you will experience a real surprise. Just invert the photo, that means you edit the image in such a way that you reverse the color spectrum. Because then suddenly Daphne becomes colored and Apollo dissolves into a black and white negative version.  This interplay is an allusion to the hopeless love story from Greek mythology, in which Daphne detaches herself from her human form because Apollo's courtship simply becomes too much for her.

Where: Wassertorstraße 65, Kreuzberg
Route: U1, U3 between Prinzenstraße and Kottbusser Tor

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Tip 9: Tram M2 - Attack of the 50ft Woman

Mural "Attack of the the 50 Foot Socialite Mural" von Tristan Eaton
© Tristan Eaton: Attack Of The 50 Foot Socialite, Berlin, Foto: Jana Noritsch

The enormous female figure has its origins in the science fiction flick "Attack of the 50ft Woman". While the production falls more into the "trashy B-movie" category, the film still manages to be discussed and celebrated as an early work of emancipation and female power.

Where: Am Friedrichshain 33
Route: Bus 200, Tram M1, M2, M4, M5, M6, M8

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Tip 10: Tram M2 - Wrinkles in the City

Street Art: Mr Zyia by JR
© Benjamin Lewis

The photo-realistic mural of Mr. ZYIA at Soho House is one of a total of 15 that the French artist JR is installing on facades in Berlin as part of his "Wrinkles in the City" project in 2013. With the oversized portraits, he brings old people, who are otherwise often pushed to the fringes of society, right into the middle of the urban space. Many of the murals from this project have unfortunately since disappeared.

Where: Soho House Berlin, Torstr. 1, Mitte
Route: Tram M2 between Alexanderplatz and Prenzlauer Allee/Ostseestraße

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Tip 11: Tram M10 - Well Done Steakart

Street Art at the Bernauer Strasse Memorial: Incisive by Xi-Design
Street Art at the Bernauer Strasse Memorial: Incisive by Xi-Design © visitBerlin, Foto: Josefine Köhn-Haskins

With this mural, the artist group "The Dixons" (Xi-Design) sets a monument to the "incisive" event of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification. If you look closely you can see the outline of Berlin in the bold drawing of the steak.

Where: Bernauer Str. 11
Route: U8 Bernauer Straße, Tram M10 and Bus 247

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