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Easter for children

Easter with kids: find the best tips here!

Easter eggs
Easter eggs © Getty Images, Bild: lacaosa

Easter is a classic family celebration. Having brunch together, going for spring walks or simply sitting together - for many families, these rituals are simply part of Easter. To make sure the little ones don't get bored, we have put together a few great suggestions for you. They are guaranteed to bring child-friendly entertainment to the four long holidays!

You can find even more tips for Easter in Berlin on our website.

Celebrate Easter in the medieval open-air museum

Museumsdorf Düppel
Museumsdorf Düppel © Förderkreis Museumsdorf Düppel

The Düppel museum village offers everything that makes children's hearts beat faster. A journey back to the Middle Ages with historical buildings, animals and children's games, bread on a stick from an open fire, archery and other exciting activities. This programme is even extended at Easter: young and old can paint Easter eggs together or make seed bombs, with which they can easily take nature from there into the city. The puppet theatre Vom kleinen Volke teaches young guests about the wonders of nature and in the Kinderkramerey , the whole family can make things with sustainable materials. A lovingly curated excursion where you can celebrate Easter sustainably.

When: Friday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm
Where: Museumsdorf Düppel, Clauertstraße 11, Steglitz-Zehlendorf

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In the beginning was ...?! The egg!" in search of clues

Ausflug in die Wuhlheide und FEZ
© visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Chaos has once again broken out at the FEZ, and the adults really need the children's help. Because suddenly Prof Dr Ovum can no longer save himself from egg-shaped things. There are chicken eggs, turtle eggs, giant eggs and one is even crackling eerily. What's the story behind the eggs? And what do they actually have to do with Easter? At the FEZ, young visitors can get to the bottom of the egg riddles together and learn exciting facts about Easter. An interactive hands-on event for little Easter detectives!

When: Friday to Monday from 12 to 6 pm
Where: Wuhlheide Leisure and Recreation Centre (FEZ), Straße zum FEZ 2, Treptow-Köpenick

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Accompany the little ones on an interactive kids' tour through KLIMA_X

Großstadtnatur Berlin
© Getty Images, Film: red moon rise

Easter is a celebration of spring - the time of year when we rediscover the beauty of nature every year. And for this to continue for generations to come, we must all work together. The Museum of Communication is now hosting the KLIMA_X exhibition on precisely this topic, which offers an interactive children's tour . Here, young visitors can explore topics such as nature, climate and weather on their own and explore our planet in a creative way. And after your visit, everyone will receive a small seed bag for edible flowers. An Easter weekend with a view into a (hopefully) green future!

When: Friday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm
Where: Museum for Communication, Leipziger Straße 16, Mitte

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Accompany your children to SCHWITZEN & FRIEREN (Sweat and freeze) at the MACHmit! museum

© Sebastian Rieger

The MACHmit! museum in Prenzlauer Berg is a place designed exclusively for children. Here, young visitors, who are of course allowed to bring their accompanying adults, are introduced to complex topics in a playful way. The current exhibition entitled "SWEATING & FREEZING" is all about fluctuations: in our own feelings, the seasons, the weather or our heat balance. Why is the world constantly in motion? Why does sweating make sense? And how are the seasons created in the first place? During this informative Easter excursion, even the grown-ups can learn a thing or two.

When: Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm
Where: MACHmit! museum for children, Senefelderstraße 5, Prenzlauer Berg

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Experience the Frog King in a completely new way at the Galli play-along theatre

Mädchen im Theater
© GettyImages, Foto: Image Studios

A princess, a golden ball, a fountain, a frog. Most people know the story of the enchanted prince who is unceremoniously smashed against the wall by his chosen one. It's not quite that wild at the Galli play-along theatre, but it's certainly exciting. The special thing about the performances at Galli is that the children don't just sit still and watch, but can take part in the action themselves. The actors, who slip from one role to the next on stage, listen to the children's calls and integrate their ideas into the story. At many points, the young guests are also allowed on stage themselves. Look forward to a lively theatre performance!

When: Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday at 12 pm
Where: Galli Theatre Berlin, Oranienburger Straße 32, Mitte

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Let off steam in the colour workshop at the Kulturforum

Cups and Brushes
Cups and Brushes © GettyImages, Bild: grandriver

In the Picture Gallery, the great masters such as Jan van Eyck, Botticelli and Rembrandt are nothing more than a source of inspiration for the actual artists this weekend. In the foyer of the museum, children can get creative together with their grown-ups and create colourful masterpieces. Watercolours, pastels and pigmentsare provided on spacious tables for you to let off steam as you please. And there are no guidelines: Whether it's Easter bunnies, locomotives or completely abstract painting - what do you fancy?

When: Saturday from 2 to 4 pm
Where: Painting gallery, Matthäikirchplatz 4, Tiergarten

Information about the colour workshop at the Kulturforum

Get the spring off to a swinging start

Girl on a merry-go-round
Girl on a merry-go-round © Getty Images: Foto: Becca Wohlwinder Photography

Carousels and candy floss, Ferris wheel and roasted almonds: Great fun for the whole family awaits you at the fun fair Frühlingsfest on Zentrales Festgelände in Reinickendorf. The folk festival season starts on Easter Saturday - with a sparkling firework display in the sky over Berlin.

When: March 30 to May 12 
Where: Zentrales Festgelände on Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 

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