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Bars near the Berlinale cinemas

Tips for the drink after the movie

Cocktails in a bar
Cocktails in a bar © GettyImages, Bild: Enrique Díaz/7cero

The film is over, but the discussion is still ongoing. So, was the movie great or horrible? What was the ending? For a lively discussion and a tasty drink to go with it, we introduce some bars very close to the Berlinale cinemas.

At Potsdamer Platz

Blackberry Thyme Champagne Cocktail
© GettyImages, Bild: GMVozd

Very classy is The Curtain Club, the bar at the Ritz-Carlton. The excellent bar is designed like an English club with lots of dark wood and serves delicious long drinks, aperitifs and cocktails. The Victoria Bar in Potsdamer Straße near the Wintergarten Theatre is also a multiple award-winning bar. In a simple and elegant ambience the barkeepers mix the great cocktail classics and innovative own creations.

In the City West

Monkey Bar
Monkey Bar © Stephan Lemke for 25hours Hotels

Right next to the Zoo Palast in the Bikini Haus is the hip Monkey Bar. By the way, it got its name from the panoramic view of the monkey rock in the zoo. A classic among Berlin's bars, the stylish Times Bar in the Savoy Hotel is just around the corner in Fasanenstraße, directly opposite the Delphi cinema. Ginfans stop by the House of Gin at the Palace Hotel and enjoy one of the fine drinks with selected varieties.

Two bars at Fasanenplatz, where the Haus der Berliner Festspiele is located, invite you for a nightcap: The F37 combines bar and gallery. With their own infusions and original ingredients, the drinks are given a special touch. Also popular is the Bar Rum Trader, where the bartender serves fine drinks and encourages sophisticated conversation - perfect for a chat about a festival film.

At Alexanderplatz and in Friedrichstraße

© Getty Images, Foto: gradyreese

In the Friedrichstraße is the rustic Hackendahl in the style of the 20s. A few steps away from the Friedrichstadt-Palast is the Reingold in the Novalisstraße. Under the giant picture of Klaus and Erika Mann, excellent drinks go over the bar.

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