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The 11+1 least-known places in Berlin

Skywalk Marzahn
Skywalk Marzahn © Konzept und Bild / Cathrin Bach

Think you already know every corner in Berlin? Let us show you some really hidden places! After all, there are some places in Berlin that have yet to be found (by many). They might be off the beaten path, hidden in nondescript buildings, or seem so inconsequential that we walk right past them at first. They tell open up whole new perspectives on the city or tell hidden stories of its past.

Drachenberg, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

The Drachenberg towers 99 metres over the Grunewald, but it stands in the shadow of its better known neighbour, the Teufelsberg. The Drachenberg still has its fans among Berliners who appreciate the treeless plateau on top which, as it turns out, is the perfect spot to fly your kite.

Drachenberg and Teufelsberg in Berlin
View on Teufelsberg from Drachenberg © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Narva, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

While passengers coming and going at the Warschauer Straße station see the Narva tower's glass design as they make their way about the city, many are unaware of the factory's brick courtyards. More than a century ago, the site became a light bulb factory that still employed 5,000 people during the Communist era. The Narva tower, incidentally, was Berlin's first high-rise building!

Rummelsburg Memorial, Lichtenberg

If you walk along the idyllic banks of the Rummelsburger Bucht, you will barely be able to make out this location's past. The Rummelsburg Memorial recalls what was once the largest workhouse in Germany and then an East German prison for men. 21 stelae tell the stories of selected people once detained here.

Skywalk, Marzahn

As a free viewing platform it is a real secret tip and worth checking out, assuming you're not afraid of heights! Perched atop a Marzahn high-rise building 70 metres in the air, the Skywalk platform offers views of central Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg.

viewing platform Skywalk Marzahn in Berlin
Skywalk Marzahn © Konzept und Bild / Cathrin Bach
An den eigenen Füßen vorbei in die Tiefe schauen, das können Berliner und Berlin-Besucher nun erstmalig auch in Marzahn. Der "degewo-Skywalk Marzahner Promenade" bietet eine atemberaubende Aussicht über Berlin und Umgebung. Die Aussichtsplattform liegt 70 Meter hoch über der Marzahner Promenade und ist für Einzelpersonen und Besuchergruppen kostenfrei zugänglich.

Die Lesebühne Brauseboys in Mitte

Pssst... Thursday is read-aloud day! And that's when the Brauseboys invite you to the Wedding neighbourhood for an entertaining evening full of literature and Satire.

Violinmaker Jakob Motter, Neukölln

From violins to cellos and basses: Jakob Motter has a passion for stringed instruments. In his workshop in the Reuterkiez neighbourhood, you can admire the handmade pieces and also rent one to put on your own little concert.

The advertising column in front of the MACHmit! Museum, Pankow

The MACHmit! Museum in Pankow is known to most Berliners young and old. But it's worth taking a second look at the cylindrical advertising column in front of the building: the colourful posters were designed by neighbourhood children as part of a holiday workshop.

Osterquelle Schildower Weg, Reinickendorf

It is the last free wellspring in all of Berlin and easy to miss! Hidden away in a ravine, the Osterquelle puts out about seven litres of water per second and has a year-round temperature of about 9°C.

Ulis Museumsladen, Spandau

The people of Hakenfelde know Uli Feick and his bicycle shop. But Berliners from the eleven other districts ought to visit the friendly owner in his Spandau shop, where he exhibits historic bicycles and repairs vintage bikes with original parts.

Ulis Fahrradladen in Alt-Sapndau
© visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Philologische Bibliothek, Steglitz-Zehlendorf

Lord Norman Foster designed this library for the Free University of Berlin. Visitors can explore the impressive structure either as part of a public tour or individually with an audio guide.

Mariendorf Track, Tempelhof-Schöneberg

The Mariendorf harness racing track celebrated its opening more than a hundred years ago. On racing days, more than 5,000 visitors can be found in the stands or watching the action whilst picnicking among the massive chestnut trees.

Schaumschläger, Treptow-Köpenick

Attention men! Need a good shave? Head to Schaumschläger, the stylish shaving salon run by Thomas Kurzweg and furnished with heavy leather armchairs and dark wood furnishings. Find these twelve unknown places and many more in our free Going Local Berlin app where we provide some 700 personal neighbourhood tips in all twelve districts of Berlin.