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11 tips for restaurants with delicious asparagus

Here the asparagus tastes particularly good

Spargel im Restarurant
Frischer Spargel auf dem Teller © Getty Images, Foto: AlonsoAguilar

We had to wait a long time, but finally the asparagus season has begun. Now the restaurants in Berlin and the surrounding area conjure up all kinds of fine dishes from the popular "Spargel" vegetable. From the classic "asparagus with ham and potatoes" to asparagus as soup, casserole, salad and completely new creations, the delicious range extends. As asparagus grows well on the lean soil of the Mark Brandenburg, the area south of Berlin is the perfect asparagus country with Beelitz as its secret capital.

For the asparagus season in spring  we have compiled our 11 tips for a few selected restaurants in Berlin and the surrounding area.  Many of the restaurants are located in such a way that you can combine the asparagus meal with an day trips into the countryside.

Restaurants in Berlin

Tip 1: Alter Krug Dahlem

© Alter Krug Dahlem

The restaurant Der alte Krug in Dahlem has already published the asparagus menu. The cosy restaurant in the south of Berlin has a rustic beer garden and serves traditional dishes. Here you can get fresh asparagus with melted butter, two fried eggs and freshly grated Parmesan cheese as a speciality. By the way, it is not far from the rustic country inn to the Botanical Garden and the Dahlem domain.

Where: Königin-Luise-Straße 52, Zehlendorf

When: Daily 10am - 11pm

More informationen about the Alten Krug

Tip 2:  Wirtshaus zur Pfaueninsel

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© Rinski

After the visit of the Peacock Island you can strengthen yourselves in the nice restaurant Wirtshaus zur Pfaueninsel. The inn is idyllically situated on the Havel river - right next to the ferry to Peacock Island - and has a beautiful courtyard for sunny days. Here, asparagus is served in the classic way with schnitzel or ham and hollandaise sauce.

Where: Wirtshaus zur Pfaueninsel, Pfaueninselchaussee 100, Zehlendorf

When: Dienstag - Sonntag ab 10 Uhr

More information aboout Wirtshaus zur Pfaueninsel

Tip 3: Luise in Köpenick

Asparagus with a view of water - this time on the Dahme in southeast Berlin - is also offered by the Luise in Köpenick.  With a view of a beautiful sunset over the water and the old town of Köpenick on a mild evening, the asparagus tastes so good here again.  A visit to the old town with the famous town hall or a boat trip across Lake Müggelsee is worthwhile.

Where: Luise in Köpenick, Alt-Köpenick 20, Köpenick

When: Monday- Saturday from 11am, Sunday 11am - 9pm

More information about Luise in Köpenick

Tip 4: Brachvogel

 The asparagus season has also begun in the Brachvogel restaurant with summer garden directly on the bank of the Landwehr Canal. Here you can enjoy fresh asparagus with salmon, schnitzel, ham or just young potatoes and choose between melted butter and hollandaise sauce.  Miniature golf gives you the appetite you need.

Where: Carl-Herz-Ufer 34, Kreuzberg

When: Daily 9am -  open end

More information about Restaurant Brachvogel

Tip 5: Scheune

In addition to the typical side dishes you can also choose a fine fillet of beef or a zander with asparagus in the Landgasthaus Scheune - or you can have asparagus soup, asparagus pasta or asparagus salad. The rustic restaurant is located in the romantic Grunewald. For an exploration tour through the forest and to the Havel river you can rent a bike in the restaurant.

Where: Scheune, Eichkampstraße 155, Charlottenburg

When: Daily 10am - Midnight

More information about restaurant Scheune

Tip 6: Britzer Mühle

Seasonal dishes are also available at the Britzer Mühle in Neukölln's south. And so it serves fresh asparagus in all kinds of delicious variations. By the way, the mill stands next to the restaurant, it is one of the last working mills in Berlin. On June 2 and 3, the Britzer Mühlenfest takes place here.

Wo: Britzer Mühle, Buckower Damm 130, Neukölln

Wann: Daily from 9am

More information about Britzer Mühle

Tip 7: Gugelhof

Special variations of our favourite vegetables can be found in the Restaurant Gugelhof at the beautiful Kollwitzplatz. Brandenburg asparagus meets Italian risotto and enriches the salmon fillet. In the starters, it is combined with grilled prawns to make a delicious salad. And, of course, it is also classically prepared with potatoes and schnitzel or ham on the menu. By the way, Bill Clinton and Gerhard Schröder have already been guests in the restaurant, which looks like a cosy country inn.

Where: Gugelhof, Kollwitzplatz/Ecke Knaackstraße 37, Prenzlauer Berg

When: Daily 5pm - Midnight

More information about Gugelhof

Tip 8: Zollpackhof Restaurant

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If you don't want to drive far out, but want to stay in the heart of Berlin, you can get Beelitzer asparagus directly from Jakobshof in the Zollpackhof restaurant near the main station and the government district. On the terrace of the rustic restaurant you sit with a wonderful view of the Spree and can eat asparagus in all kinds of delicious variations.

Wo: Zollpackhof, Elisabeth-Abegg-Str. 1 , Tiergarten

Wann: Täglich 10 Uhr - Mitternacht

Mehr Informationen über den Zollpackhof

Tip 9: Jakobs Spargelhof Beelitz

Besides delicious asparagus, the Jakobs Spargelhof Beelitz also offers music and entertainment when oldies and jazz are played on stage in the yard. A petting zoo for the children and Kremser trips across asparagus country for the whole family round off the programme on the asparagus farm.

In the asparagus stronghold Beelitz and around Berlin there are numerous restaurants and asparagus farms that are worth a trip. You can combine a trip to eat asparagus with a boat trip, a bike tour or a day trip

Where: Jakobs-Hof Beelitz, Kähnsdorfer Weg 1a,  Beelitz

When: Daily 8am - 9pm

More information about Jakobs Spargelhof Beelitz

Tip 10: Zur S-Bahn Kaulsdorf

The popular restaurant looks back on a long tradition. The cosy guest room is decorated with S-Bahn benches and doors. You can also enjoy your asparagus on the terrace and choose between pasta, pike-perch, pork medallions, schnitzel or rump steak as a side dish.

Where: Gaststätte "Zur S-Bahn Kaulsdorf", Heinrich-Grüber-Straße 1, Marzahn

When: Monday - Friday from Noon, Saturday - Sunday from 11am

More informationen about the restaurant

Tip 11: Zur alten Brauerei

In the middle of the city of Beelitz im you sit comfortably in the rustic courtyard. Not only the ambience with hunchbacked cobblestone pavement and checkered ceilings, but also the delicious asparagus dishes make the restaurant Zur alten Brauerei, a beautiful destination for outings.

Where: Zur alten Brauerei, Mühlenstraße 30, Beelitz

When: Mittwoch - Montag 12 - 21 Uhr

More information about Zur Alten Brauerei

We wish you good appetite with a delicious asparagus dish. Our mouths are already watering.
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