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11 tips for great Christmas gifts from Berlin

Culinary delights to give away

Christmas presents
Christmas presents © Getty Images, Foto: AlexRaths

All Christmas presents together already? There is still enough time to take care of them. And we want to make it easy for you this year, because Berlin is of course also well positioned when it comes to gifts. Made in Berlin - is the motto. We have looked around the capital and put together some tips for you. Most suppliers even provide for a nice packaging. Have fun and a nice pre-Christmas season.

Tip 1: Sweets from Berlin chocolate factory Sawade

Sawade Berlin
© Sawade Berlin

Sawade Berlin is the oldest chocolate factory in the city. For 140 years, the finest pralines, truffles and chocolate specialities have been produced in the Berlin manufactory. Besides classics, there is also a large selection of non-alcoholic and also vegan chocolates. Specialities for the Christmas season are of course also available, packed in lovingly designed boxes.

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Tip 2: Marzipan from Wald Königsberger Marzipan

Shop window of Wald Königsberger Marzipan Shop: traditional marzipan shop in Berlin
Facade of Wald Königsberger Marzipan Shop © visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

Delicious fine marzipan according to old tradition can be found in this stylish store in Charlottenburg. The marzipan is flamed according to a classic secret family recipe and is not only enjoyed by those with a sweet tooth. At Christmas, of course, there are Santa Clauses and angels made of marzipan.

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Tip 3: Even more fine chocolates from Erich Hamann

Schokoladen Hamann - Store in Berlin
Schokoladen Hamann © visitBerlin, Foto: Nele Niederstadt

Where shopping is already in style: the Erich Hamann chocolate shop in Wilmersdorf is furnished in the original Bauhaus style - designed by Bauhaus icon Johannes Itten. Here you can browse in the beautiful ambience and stock up on delicious chocolates, fine dark chocolates, mocha beans and other treats for the festive season. By the way, the ginger sticks are especially recommended.

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Tip 4: Berliner Kaffeerösterei -  Coffee and cakes

Berliner Kaffeerösterei
Berliner Kaffeerösterei © visitBerlin, Foto: Andreas Schwarz

Another traditional house in Wilmersdorf is the Berliner Kaffeerösterei, whose delicious coffee aroma wafts through Uhlandstraße. In addition to a large selection of coffees from all over the world, you will also find delicious teas and everything you need for a coffee chat. In the adjacent café, you can relax with coffee and cake after a shopping spree on Kurfürstendamm.

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 Tip 5: Chocolate binge at the Rausch Chocolate House

Rausch Schokoladenhaus
Rausch Schokoladenhaus © Rausch GmbH

A perfect gift for your loved ones at Christmas. The winter wonderland in the Rausch Schokoladenhaus welcomes you with Christmas chocolate creations and a festive atmosphere. Surely you will find the one or other sweet present. In the gift service it will be wrapped up festively.

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Tip 6: Berliner Bohne – the fair capital chocolate

Cocoa and chocolate Berlin
Cocoa and chocolate © Getty Images, Foto: Tracey Kusiewicz/Foodie Photography

What does fair chocolate mean? Climate-friendly and socially responsible economic activity. What does fair chocolate taste like? Well, sweet and delicately bitter, full-bodied round and with corners & edges. All in all: 100% fair. 100% organic. Ideal as a Christmas present.

fair capital chocolate

Tip 7: Knalle Popkorn

Popcorn confectionery Knalle
Popcorn from the popcorn confectionery Knalle © Foto: Popkornditorei Knalle GmbH

You know popcorn sweet and salty? Then have a look at Knalle Popcorn, they have the most incredible flavours: dark chocolate roasted almond, peanut butter salted caramel, Malabar pepper salted caramel, white chocolate salted pretzel and and and - the choice is enormous and an ideal crunchy gift. Either as a box or as a gift companion. Let it pop.

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Tip 8: Délicieux Macarons: Makrönchen Manufaktur

Makrönchen Manufaktur
© visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

For over ten years, the Makrönchen Manufaktur has been making its delicate macarons in soft pastel colours that melt in your mouth. The macarons are made with the best ingredients, without gluten, alcohol or gelatine, and are a fine gift for all those who love something special.

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Tip 9: Sweet or spicy: Bonbonmacherei

Die Bonbonmacherei
© Bonbonmacherei

Whether sweet, sour or spicy, caramel or malt liquorice, honey or medicinal herbs: they are all delicious, the colourful sweets from the candy maker's shop Bonbonmacherei. The shop is located in the Heckmannhöfe, so it's easy to combine a flying visit with a stroll through the small shops and boutiques in Mitte.

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Tip 10: Brlo

Brewery Brlo in Berlin
Brewery Brlo © Seren Dal/BRLO

For adiúlts only are the last two tips:

Whether pale, pale ale or white, the beers of the craft beer brand Brlo Browhouse are brewed by hand and in small quantities. And this year, beer is also being given away as a Christmas present - with original tasting sets especially for Christmas, you will certainly give a lot of pleasure to friends of Craft Beer.

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Tip 11: Fine distillates

German Spirits Manufactory Berlin
German Spirits Manufactory Berlin © Foto: DSM Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur GmbH

State-of-the-art copper kettles, unusual botanicals and only the finest ingredients of the highest quality: the result is extraordinary distillates such as brandies, spirits, liqueurs, gin and vodka - all made in Berlin. You can have something sent to you from the large assortment of the Deutschen Spirituosen Manufaktur or you can pass on one of the tasting kits with different distillates as an unusual gift.

The Store & Showroom is located in Brunnenstraße 63 in Mitte.

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