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11 tips for French restaurants in Berlin

Here you can enjoy onion soup & cheese platter

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Eating like God in France. We have put together 11 of the many restaurants in Berlin that offer particularly fine French cuisine - from hearty brasserie dishes to the creative dishes of haute cuisine. In this sense: Bon Appétit!

Tip 1: Tulus Lotrek

No, that's not a typo. The Michelin star-winning restaurant Tulus Lotrek has changed the name of the painter and ardent eater Toulouse-Lautrec to go beyond the classic French cuisine to match the unconventional dishes. The menu includes dishes such as "Maibock & Schokominze". And the ambience is also individually designed: With its plant wall the restaurant looks like a jungle, wooden floors and tables spread a rustic flair.
Where: Fichtestrasse 24, Kreuzberg
When: Tuesday - Sunday from 19 h

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Tip 2: Bandol sur Mer

The interior of the Bandol sur Mer restaurant, but not the kitchen, bears witness to the past as a kebab shop (the first of its kind in East Berlin). This serves refined French cuisine, awarded a Michelin star. Each plate is a feast for the eyes and makes your mouth water. This unconventional mix of casual surroundings and star gastronomy distinguishes the Bandol sur Mer and makes it so special.
Where: Torstraße 167, Mitte
When: Thursday - Monday 18 - 23h

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Tip 3: Brasserie Lumières

Potsdamer Strasse has become a hot spot, and many new shops and restaurants have recently opened here. Among them the Brasserie Lumières. The restaurant serves modern French brasserie cuisine with popular classics such as steak fries and onion soup. 14 candlesticks from the Zeughaus are integrated into the bright, friendly room and give the restaurant its name.
Where: Potsdamer Straße 102, Schöneberg
When: Monday + Wednesday Fr 17 - 24 h, Saturday + Sunday 10-24 h

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Tip 4: Bricole

Down with the classic menu of appetizer, main course and dessert! Bricole is Berlin's first hors d'œuvre bar and has therefore specialized in French starters. You can choose from the small dishes to your heart's content and combine them in the way you like best. Or you can choose from two tasting menus with four starters. The restaurant is kept friendly and bright with white wooden trunks on the walls. And Brigitte Bardot also lifts the glass - even if only on the photo.
Where: Senefelderstraße 30, Prenzlauer Berg
When: Tuesday - Sunday from 18 h

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Tip 5: Le Bretagne

Le Bretagne is both a café and a crêperie. On the menu are the sweet crêpes with sugar and fruit as well as the hearty galettes of buckwheat flour with cheese and ham. In addition, there is the finest patisserie art for the typical French feeling. This starts with a tasty breakfast with a selection of delicious croissants and tasty cafés. In summer you can also sit outside on the terrace in the middle of the cozy acacia district and dream of Brittany.
Where: Karl-Schrader-Straße 1, Schöneberg
When: Monday - Friday 8 - 18 h, Saturday - Sunday 9 - 18 h

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Tip 6: Rosa Lisbert

Actually it is a market stall with tables and not a real restaurant, but you will soon forget that when you sit in the Rosa Lisbert and enjoy the delicious food.  After all, the Arminiusmarkthalle in Moabit is one of the most beautiful market halls in Berlin. In the middle of the hall, the "Rosa Lisbert" serves Alsatian specialities such as the classic Coq au vin, snails and various Flammkuchen and an Alsatian wine. You can also choose from a refined 4-course menu with wine. By the way, the name is made up of the first names of the two operators Lisa and Robert.
Where: Arminiusstraße 2, Wedding (in the Arminiusmarkthalle)
When: Monday - Friday from 17 h, Saturday from 12 h

More information about Rosa Lisbert

Tip 7: Le Saint Amour

Off to Lyon - a visit to the Kreuzberg restaurant is a trip to the culinary stronghold of France. In the tradition of the region's home-style cuisine, there are classics such as pike dumplings, sausage specialities and, of course, a selected cheese platter. The cosy atmosphere also makes you forget that the Landwehrkanal and not the Rhône flows in front of Le Saint Amour.
Where: Maybachufer 2, Kreuzberg
When: Tuesday - Saturday from 18.30 h

More information about Le Saint Amour

Tip 8: Brasserie Le Paris Kurfürstendamm

Paris is on Kurfürstendamm: this is what it feels like when you enter the Brasserie Le Paris. Red and white plaid tablecloths, a dark wooden counter and bistro chairs in front of the entrance create the typical Parisian bistro feeling. Also the menu (decorated with an Eiffel Tower) is classically French with traditional and deliciously prepared dishes like onion soup, flame cake and steak frites. Every afternoon you can relax from shopping at the Plat du jour (from 12 to 17 o'clock).
Where: Kurfürstendamm 21, Charlottenburg
When: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 2h, Saturday + Sunday 11 - 2h

Tip 9: Brasserie Colette

Berlin's top chef Tim Raue has now turned with his Brasserie Colette to French cuisine after promoting Asian cuisine. The restaurant opposite the KaDeWe is more of a traditional brasserie with modern elements than a noble gourmet restaurant, which is already reflected in the rustic interior with old train seats. In addition to oysters, fish dishes, suckling pig and black pudding, the menu also includes the very popular sardines with brown bread.
Where: Passauer Straße 5 - 7, Schöneberg
When: Monday-Sunday 12-15 h and 18-23 h

More information about Brasserie Colette

Tip 10: Brasserie Lamazère

Feeling like God in France is easy at the Brasserie Lamazère on Stuttgarter Platz. The small brasserie serves simple and traditional dishes that are simply delicious. On the panels on the wall are the changing dishes: four starters, three main courses, three desserts and a cheese platter. You can choose from the exquisite wine list.  And when the sun is shining, you can also sit outside and let the hustle and bustle pass you by in a relaxed way.
Where: Stuttgarter Platz 8, Charlottenburg
When: Tuesday - Sunday 18 - 2 h

More information about Brasserie Lamazère

Tip 11: Chez Maurice

Chez Maurice is a wine shop, delicatessen and restaurant at the same time. In the shop you can choose from around 200 wines from all over France and also buy the matching cheese and other delicacies. In the restaurant there is a delicious lunch table with dessert or starter during the day. In the evening, traditional dishes, including hearty classics such as Boudin Noir (black pudding) and an Assiette de charcuterie (hors d'oeuvre with ham and sausage) are available. The Chez Maurice cooks will be happy to prepare special specialities such as lobsters and crabs in advance. For special occasions you can put together the 10-course Amuse-Bouche menu from the dishes on the menu.
Where: Bötzowstraße 39, Prenzlauer Berg
When: Daily from 5 pm (Restaurant)

More information about Chez Maurice

Tip: You can find even more French restaurants on our Food site. There are also restaurants of all other country cuisines.

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