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11 Tips for delicious Roast Goose in Berlin

Breast or leg?

Group of friends eating a goose
Group of friends eating a goose © Getty Images, Foto: golero

In keeping with St. Martin's Day on 11 November, numerous Berlin restaurants serve roast goose in November and juicy roast goose in the Christmas season, either prepared very traditionally and heartily with dumplings and red cabbage or interpreted in a modern way. We have had a look around the city's restaurants and put together 11 tips for delicious roast goose.

And for those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan meal, also offers a list of restaurants with vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Tip 1: Die Scheune

Christmas goose
Christmas goose © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

The cosy Restaurant Scheune is perfect after a long walk through the Grunewald forest. Here regional cuisine from Berlin and Brandenburg is on the table. And the goose is one of the absolute highlights of the barn: there is a choice of breast or club from the goose, a special offer for four people, goose liver and matching goose wines. And you can also order a ready-made roast goose with side dishes (goose to go) for your home.

Where: Die Scheune, Eichkampstraße 155, Charlottenburg
When: Daily 10 am - midnight (kitchen 11 am - 10 pm)

More information about Restaurant Scheune

Tip 2: Zur Gerichtslaube

Christmas table set with goose roast
Christmas table set with goose roast © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

The restaurant Zur Gerichtslaube in Mitte also sets seasonal accents when it puts crispy roast goose on the Christmas card. Good plain hearty cuisine in the cosy ambience of the cross vaulted room with bull's-eye windows and rustic furnishings awaits you in the middle of the Nikolai quarter.

Where: Zur Gerichtslaube, Poststraße 28, Mitte
When: Daily from noon

More information about Zur Gerichtslaube

Tip 3: Ratskeller Köpenick

Old town Köpenick in Berlin
Old town Köpenick © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Crispy goose - without St. Martin - has been available since 8.11. until Martin's Day in the rustic Ratskeller Köpenick. The goose leg is glazed with spiced honey and accompanied by green cabbage or cranberry red cabbage and a delicious Thuringian dumpling on the plate. The Ratskeller also celebrates its 25th anniversary with jazz and Irish folk.

Where: Ratskeller Köpenick, Alt-Köpenick 21, Köpenick
When: Tuesday - Saturday 11.30 am - 11 pm, Sunday 11.30 am - 10 pm

More information about Ratskeller Köpenick

Tip 4: Ebert

Goose roast is cut
Goose roast is cut © Getty Images, Foto: Ruslan Olinchuk / 500px

The Restaurant Ebert is known throughout Berlin for its delicious roast goose and duck with a delicious sauce and homemade red cabbage apple. The restaurant is located near the Kurfürstendamm, so a visit after a Christmas gift shopping trip is a good idea.

Where: Ebert, Eisenzahnstrasse 59, Wilmersdorf
When. Noon  - midnight

More information about restaurant Ebert

Tip 5: Landhaus Hubertus

roast goose
roast goose © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

You can enjoy delicious roast goose in the Landhaus Hubertus in Reinickendorf all the way to Christmas. You can eat classic goose dishes with green or red cabbage and dumplings or boiled potatoes. For four people you can also order a whole goose filled with apples, prunes and apricots. Please call one week in advance for ordering a whole goose.

Where: Landhaus Hubertus, Invalidensiedlung 46, Reinickendorf
When: Wednesday - Friday 2 pm - 9 pm, Saturday - Sunday Noon - 9 pm

More information about Landhaus Hubertus

Tip 6: Alter Krug Dahlem

Christmas goose goose roast on festively arranged table
Christmas goose goose roast on festively arranged table © Getty Images, Foto: GMVozd

On the 11th of November the Martinsgans dinner will take place in the nostalgic ambience of the Dahlemer Krug. The rustic parlour is the perfect setting for a hearty meal. And before that you can visit the Dahlem domain or the Botanical Garden.

Where: Alter Krug Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Strasse 52, Zehlendorf
When: Daily 10 am - 11 pm

More information about Alter Krug

Tip 7: Dicke Wirtin

Dicke Wirtin
Dicke Wirtin © visitBerlin, Foto: visumate

The restaurant Dicke Wirtin has an extra goose menu to match the time of year, with breast, leg and whole geese with red cabbage and kale, goose broth and homemade lard from the goose. You can enjoy the goose meal or other typical hearty Old-Berlin dishes in the rustic ambience directly at the Savignyplatz.

Where: Carmer Straße 9, Charlottenburg
When: daily from 11 am

More information about Dicke Wirtin

Tip 8: Prater

Goose roast is served
Goose roast is served © Getty Images, Foto: GMVozd

The Prater is not only Berlin's oldest beer garden, but also a cosy restaurant with a rustic ambience and a lot of tradition. The traditional goose season begins on Sunday evening. From then on, the roast goose is served fresh on the oven, together with red cabbage and kale. Potato dumplings and cranberry-apple. Whole geese for four people can be ordered in advance.

Where: Prater, Kastanienallee 7-9, Prenzlauer Berg
When: Monday - Saturday 6pm  - midnight, Sunday noon - midnight

More information about Prater

Tip 9: Spindler

Festive roast goose
Festive roast goose © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

If you prefer a little more elegant and yet casual and relaxed ambiance: The chic brasserie restaurant at the Landwehrkanal has interpreted the Martin goose in a classic way and serves them with red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and dumplings.

Where: Spindler, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43, Kreuzberg
When: 6.30 pm - midnight

More information about Spindler

Tip 10: Wiesenstein

Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

The restaurant is located in the former winter residence of the Prussian princess Victoria-Luise, whose magnificent stucco on the ceiling bears witness to the noble history of this place. Game dishes such as wild boar, venison ragout or sour beards complement duck and goose on the seasonal menu.

Where: Wiesenstein, Viktoria-Luise-Platz 12a, Schöneberg
When: Daily Noon - 11 pm

More information about Wiesenstein

Tip 11: Brauhaus in Spandau

© Jürgen Howaldt

Festliche Tafel mit Weihnachtsgans

On Martin's Day, the goose season also begins in the Brauhaus im Spandau with a large goose meal. You can choose between a club or a whole goose (which, however, can only be ordered in advance) and enjoy one of 13 home-brewed beers. You can also watch the master builders brewing.

Where: Brauhaus in Spandau, Neuendorfer Straße 1, Spandau
When: Sunday - Friday 11 - midnight, Friday - Sunday 11 - 1 am

More information about Brauhaus Spandau

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