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11 Tips for delicious Roast Goose in Berlin

Goose to go

Group of friends eating a goose
Group of friends eating a goose © Getty Images, Foto: golero

In keeping with St. Martin's Day on November 11, numerous Berlin restaurants serve delicious roast goose in November and in the pre-Christmas period. And this year, although the restaurants are closed, there is juicy roast goose to take away or delivered to your home.

We took a look around the restaurants in the city and put together 11 tips for delicious roast goose.
So, set your table with the good dishes and enjoy a feast at home.

And for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan food, we also has a list of restaurants with vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Please show responsibility, wear your masks and follow the hygiene rules of the organizers. Only with your support will Berlin - by far - remain the best!

Tip 1: Die Scheune

Christmas goose
Christmas goose © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

Perfect after a long walk through the forest Grunewald is the cosy restaurant Die Scheune. Here regional cuisine from Berlin and Brandenburg is on the menu. And the goose is one of the absolute highlights of Die Scheune: there is breast or leg for one person or a special offer for four people. Currently you can order them online and then pick them up. You can find out when there is a delivery service again on the website.

Where: Eichkampstraße 155, Charlottenburg

More information about Die Scheune

Tip 2: Ebert

Goose roast is cut
Goose roast is cut © Getty Images, Foto: Ruslan Olinchuk / 500px

Restaurant Ebert is known throughout Berlin for its delicious roast goose and duck with tasty sauce and homemade apple red cabbage. By the way, the restaurant is located near the Kurfürstendamm, so you can pick it up after a Christmas gift shopping spree. There is also a sumptuous menu for four people on the menu. Please call at least 30 minutes in advance, as the Ebert team prepares all dishes freshly.

Where: Eisenzahnstraße 59, Wilmersdorf

More information about Restaurant Ebert

Tip 3: Landhaus Hubertus

roast goose
roast goose © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

You can order the delicious roast goose at the Landhaus Hubertus in Reinickendorf to pick up. If you live in the north of Berlin, Landhaus Hubertus will also deliver the goose to your home. You can enjoy classically prepared goose or game dishes with kale or red cabbage and with dumplings or boiled potatoes. For four persons you can also order a whole goose stuffed with apples, prunes and oranges.

Where: Landhaus Hubertus, Invalidensiedlung 46, Reinickendorf

More information about Landhaus Hubertus

Tip 4: Treptower Klause

Christmas table set with goose roast
Christmas table set with goose roast © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

On the border to Neukölln and Kreuzberg is the traditional restaurant Treptower Klause, which offers a variety of daily dishes for pick-up. Every day until Christmas, Treptower Klause also serves you a fresh goose with red cabbage, dumplings, apple chutney and prunes to take home and enjoy at home.

Where: Karl-Kunger-Straße 69, Treptow

More information about Treptower Klause

Tip 5: Zur letzten Instanz

Restaurant Zur letzten Instanz in Berlin
Restaurant Zur letzten Instanz © visitBerlin, Foto: Pierre Adenis

The classic in the district Mitte: Zur letzten Instanz is the oldest restaurant in Berlin. And even though the rustic rooms are currently closed, they have menus with whole deliciously prepared goose roasts to go for you. You can choose between three different offers.

Where: Waisenstrasse 14-16, Mitte

More information about Zur letzten Instanz

Tip 6: Alter Krug Dahlem

Christmas goose goose roast on festively arranged table
Christmas goose goose roast on festively arranged table © Getty Images, Foto: GMVozd

The botanical garden in Dahlem is open. Why not combine a leisurely walk with a stop at the restaurant Alter Krug Dahlem. The rustic restaurant specializes in hearty home cooking, and so since 11.11. the seasonal menu has included delicious roast goose. Please call in advance and order, then the delicious food is ready to be picked up.

Where: Königin-Luise-Straße 52, Zehlendorf

More information about Alter Krug

Tip 7: Dicke Wirtin

Dicke Wirtin
Dicke Wirtin © visitBerlin, Foto: visumate

Suitably to the season the Dicke Wirtin has an extra goose card, on which beside breast, leg and whole geese with red and green cabbage. You can pick up your goose dinner or other typical hearty Old-Berlin dishes in the rustic restaurant directly at Savignyplatz.

Where: Carmer Straße 9, Charlottenburg

More information about the Dicke Wirtin

Tip 8: Miteinander Restaurant

Goose roast is served
Goose roast is served © Getty Images, Foto: GMVozd

Leg, breast or both? In the restaurant Miteinander you can choose your favorite piece of roast meat. And for dessert, take the delicious gingerbread pancake with you and enjoy a festive evening at home. You can pick up food and drinks and, if you live within a radius of five kilometers from the restaurant, have them delivered.

Where: Taunusstraße 1, Schöneberg

More information about the Restaurant Miteinander

Tip 9: Jolesch

Festive roast goose
Festive roast goose © Getty Images, Foto: Alex Raths

Austrian specialties such as Wiener Schnitzel are on the menu at the Restaurant Jolesch. And also the delicious roast goose, which will make your mouth water, you get to go. In addition to the offer for self-collectors, you can use the delivery service of the Jolesch from a minimum order value of 50 Euros.

Where: Muskauer Str. 1, Kreuzberg

More information about the restaurant Jolesch

Tip 10: Renger Patzsch

Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

The stylish restaurant Renger Patzsch in Schöneberg offers delicious tarte flambée specialities as well as a whole goose. You can order the juicy St. Martin's goose either pre-cooked or ready to eat, with kale and red cabbage, dumplings and sauce. It is only available on advance order and to pick up at the restaurant.

Where: Wartburgstr. 54, Schöneberg

More information about the Renger Patzsch

Tip 11: Jelänger Jelieber

© Jürgen Howaldt

Festliche Tafel mit Weihnachtsgans

Oven-fresh goose from the oven: crispy and delicious, the goose from the Jelänger Jelieber restaurant comes to your table. You can order a quarter, half or whole goose, accompanied by apple red cabbage, kale and dumplings.
Please order two days in advance.

Where: Kaskelstraße 49, Lichtenberg

More information about the Jelänger Jelieber

Additional tip: delivery services

The Christmassy illuminated Kurfürstendamm in Berlin with the Memorial Church
Christmas lights on the Kurfürstendamm © visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

The delivery service Floris offers the seasonal Gans lecker fresh box. The box contains a pre-cooked goose with fresh red cabbage with quince, kale and potato dumplings and sauce. And the delivery service Gans wie bei Oma specialises entirely in goose and delivers pre-cooked Christmas goose and duck (but also vegetarian alternatives), which you have to roast to a crisp in your own oven in just 60 minutes at home.

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