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11 tips for Austrian soccer fans

"Leiwande" places for team fans from Austria

View from Kreuzberg, Victoria Park Berlin
© Getty Images, Foto: Gerrit Fricke

The Austrian team has brilliantly qualified for the big European football festival UEFA Euro 2024. The team will play twice in the preliminary round at the Olympiastadion - and Berlin is looking forward to seeing the fans! To help you feel a little bit at home away from home, we have put together 11 tips for the most Austrian places in Berlin.

Tip 1: Explore the radiance of Austrian culture

Luiseninsel im Tiergarten
Luiseninsel in the Tiergarten © visitBerlin, Foto: Daria Baron

To prevent your UEFA EURO 2024 spectacle from being clouded by homesickness in the first place, plan a visit to the Austrian Cultural Forum at Tiergarten! This place is a centre for encounters that showcases Austria's cultural diversity and creative energy. With exhibitions, readings and concerts, it opens a window to Austrian culture. The premises themselves are a work of art that will inspire you. The current exhibition "Writing against war - Ingeborg Bachmann" bears witness to Bachmann's literary struggle against the horrors of war. An exhibition that also touches the soul. Because football remains a minor matter after all - albeit the most beautiful in the world.

Where: Stauffenbergstraße 1, Tiergarten
When: Monday to Friday from 1 to 4 pm by appointment only

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Tip 2: Fortify yourselves for the upcoming match at Horváth

Sebastian Frank - Cook at Horváth in the kitchen
Sebastian Frank - Chef at Horváth © René Riis

Austrian cuisine - so much more than just schnitzel! The Restaurant Horváth in Berlin is a culinary jewel that has won multiple awards. Even with stars and toques! It offers "emancipated vegetable cuisine" inspired by Sebastian Frank's Austrian roots. Like a good playmaker, the chef combines creativity with fine craftsmanship and an unmistakable aura. So it's off to the stadium or public viewing with satisfaction. And after the game, you can review the match together in the legendary Paris Bar, founded by Austrian artist Michel Würthle. Honestly, it could just as well be called Wien Bar.

Where: Horváth, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, Kreuzberg;
Paris Bar, Kantstraße 152, Charlottenburg
When: Horváth: reservations for Wednesdays to Saturdays between 6.30pm and 8.30pm; Paris Bar: Daily from 12 noon


Tip 3: Go on an Alpine hike - in the middle of Berlin

Gärten der Welt
© visitBerlin

3000 square metres of Austria? And green and relaxing too? Just the right thing in the hectic UEFA EURO 2024 hustle and bustle. The Austria Park is a piece of Alpine idyll in the middle of the city. It offers you a variety of plants and recreational opportunities: You can admire the alpine rock garden, stroll through the avenue of ornamental Styrian apple trees or relax on Salzburg's alpine benches. The park is also a cultural meeting point that presents the nine Austrian federal states, each with an adventure station. Whether for a football break or as part of a walk towards the Olympic Stadium along the Spree - Österreichpark is a charming piece of home. In the Gärten der Welt you can even ride a cable car - and for even more relaxation, you can find other beautiful parks and gardens in Berlin.

Where: Sömmeringstraße 1, Charlottenburg
When: Open all day

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Tip 4: Visit a Viennese woman in her Berlin retreat

Berliner Ensemble at Schiffbauerdamm
Berliner Ensemble at Schiffbauerdamm © Foto: Monika Ritterhaus

In 1922 she came to Berlin as a young actress, in 1923 she met Bertolt Brecht, in 1924 she gave birth to their son. It can happen that quickly. In 1949, she finally took over the Berlin Ensemble as artistic director. Today, Helene Weigel is considered an icon of Berlin theatre history. She originally came from Vienna. So there is certainly still a bit of Austria on the Berlin theatre stage. Take a look at how Weigel and Brecht lived an Austrian-German artistic relationship in Berlin. A visit to the Brecht-Weigel-Museum is worthwhile - because even during the European Championships there are sometimes days off.

Where: Chausseestraße 125, Mitte
When: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am and Sunday from 11am

About the Brecht-Weigel Museum

Tip 5: Listen to the sounds of top Austrian musicians

Symphonie Orchester
©, Foto: cyano66

Fan chants or stadium music: sometimes the ear also enjoys classical delicacies. It's not just thousands of football fans from Austria who have travelled to Berlin for UEFA EURO 2024. The Vienna Philharmonic will also be doing the honours during the tournament summer. This summer, the orchestra will embark on a musical journey through Europe at the Waldbühne; in September, Schumann and Bruckner will be on the programme at the Philharmonie. And the Philharmonix, the joint ensemble of members of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic, will perform pieces by Schönberg and Strauss, among others, in June. La Ola may even wave through the chamber music hall.

Where: Waldbühne, Glockenturmstraße 1, Westend
Philharmonie, Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1, Tiergarten
When: 3 June and 15 September at 8 pm. September at 8 pm


Tip 6: Come to the Joseph Roth Diele for a chat and a feast

Joseph Roth Diele
Joseph Roth Diele © visitBerlin, Foto: visumate

Berlin can't quite keep up with Vienna's coffee house culture. But we get help from the experts: the Austrian writer Joseph Roth. The Joseph Roth Diele in Berlin is a unique restaurant dedicated to the famous writer. With rustic furnishings and a warm atmosphere. In addition to literature and culinary enthusiasts, Austrian football fans are sure to feel right at home here. With a German-Austrian gourmet kitchen and a wide range of newspapers, including Roth's novels, you can immerse yourself in the author's life and work. It's also not far from here to the large fan zones at the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag for public viewing.

Where: Potsdamer Straße 75, Tiergarten
When: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 10 pm

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Tip 7: Feel the Berlin soul at Max & Moritz

Beer © GettyImages, Bild: Niccoló Pontigia / EyeEm

Dear guests from Austria, you are known for your hospitality and cosiness. So feel equally welcome at the Max & Moritz, a real piece of Berlin history. Since 1902, this Kulturwirtshaus has been a meeting place for connoisseurs of authentic German cuisine. Experience the openness and informal atmosphere of an old Berlin inn in the heart of Kreuzberg. Of course, you can also come in a team uniform. Taste your way through the traditional Berlin specialities, well-dressed and surrounded by the charm of Art Nouveau. Max & Moritz is a place where the soul of Berlin is literally tangible and cultures come together - just like at UEFA EURO 2024.

Where: Oranienstraße 162, Kreuzberg
When: Wednesday to Monday from 6 pm

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Tip 8: Celebrate neighbourly friendship

Photo: Finow canal in the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin
Finow canal in the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin © TMB/Wolfgang Korall

Nothing separates Austrians and the Piefke more than the common language. And the rivalry on the football pitch, of course. So much fun is a must. But apart from that, the Austrian-German society prefers to celebrate what unites them. In the encounter and dialogue that unites tradition and innovation and holds up the red-white-red colours in Berlin. People come together at events. Even during UEFA EURO 2024, of course: for example on 16 June for a Sunday breakfast with a dance class or at the Treidelfest on 6 July, where the tradition of using horses on the 400-year-old Finow Canal is celebrated.

Where: Motzener Straße 5, Marienfelde

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Tip 9: Climb our snazzy little Großglockner

Viktoriapark © Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Despite Teufelsberg and Müggelberge, Berlin must be for Austrians:feel as flat as pancakes on the inside. For longing mountain lovers, the Kreuzberg, which rises - more or less - majestically from the - more or less - alpine Viktoriapark, is a view with a view. There is even a stately mountain stream that pours down here as a waterfall. Even if it's a man-made one: it's the will that counts! Refresh yourself after your - more or less - sweat-inducing mountain adventure in the Golgatha, a hip beer garden directly in the park, where football is also shown. For a great culinary Alpine feeling, a detour to Westend to the Tiroler Stuben is definitely worthwhile: although there are no mountains not far from the Olympiastadion, great Alpine cuisine is served in an authentic atmosphere.

Where: Viktoriapark, Kreuzberg
When: Day or night

Your mountain tour in Viktoriapark

Tip 10: Sniff the aroma of the wide world of coffee

Frau sitzt im Straßencafé
© GettyImages, Foto: Tom Werner

From Vienna to Berlin: The Andraschkos brought the coffee house to Berlin over 40 years ago and now also run a coffee manufactory, inspired by Viennese cosmopolitanism and a love of coffee. The Rösterei is a place where the aroma of freshly roasted beans fills the air and the art of coffee making is celebrated. Here, the Andraschkos create coffee compositions that revitalise the senses. A visit is possible by appointment. Discover a selection from the best coffee-growing regions in the world. So every sip is a little celebration. And the best thing? You can also take these specialities home with you or order them and bring a piece of Berlin-Austrian coffee culture into your own living room.

Where: Industriestrasse 18, Tempelhof
When: Book a visit from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4.30pm on Tel.030/69 59 86 87

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Tip 11: Say hello at the Austrian Embassy

Victory column and Berlin Tiergarten, Germany
Tiergarten with Victory Column © GettyImages, Foto: Nikada

Whether you make it out of the preliminary round or win the final - at some point, even the best tournament comes to an end and you want to go home. But where has your ID gone? And your driving licence? Lost while celebrating, jumped out of your pocket while cheering? Whatever the case, our red-white-red point of contact knows how to help: whether you've lost your passport or are homesick - the Austrian Embassy in Berlin is not just a place for consular services and diplomacy. It is also a cultural meeting place where you immediately feel at home. Whether you are looking for advice, want to enjoy cultural events or just want to get a breath of home air - the doors of the embassy are open to you. The Austrian Cultural Forum is also waiting for your visit in the same building. Just drop by and say hello!

Where: Stauffenbergstraße 1, Tiergarten
When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9am to 1pm and Wednesday from 12pm to 4pm

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