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11 current Berlin movies you should stream now

How to get Berlin into your living room

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Have you already watched all movies on Netflix, Amazon and Co and don't know what to stream next? We have collected some movies from and about Berlin for you; not the great famous classics, but current works of the last ten years that capture the Berlin attitude to life in a very different way.
Among them are well-known works that have been shown at festivals and have also attracted international attention, as well as some rather weird finds for an entertaining evening on the couch.

And we have a special tip for a Berlin film for you: From Berlin with love 

Tip 1: The Kangaroo Chronicles

The movie The Kangaroo Chronicles had just started when the cinemas had to close. Now the comedy  about a Berlin-based artist, who lives with a communist kangaroo in a shared flat, can be purchased as a home cinema premiere.

Tip 2: Victoria

The 2015 film, shot in a single shot, has attracted international attention. If you haven't seen the film yet, get ready for a breathless trip through the Berlin night when Victoria from Spain and a Berlin boys' gang party all night long. Exciting and very cool ...

Tip 3: Bridge of Spies

On the Glienicker Bridge between Berlin and Potsdam, i.e. between West and East, agents of the two enemy camps were exchanged during the Cold War. Based on a true case, the film tells the gripping story behind the exchange. The leading role in Spielberg's film is played by Tom Hanks, and especially great is Mark Rylance, who won an Oscar for his nuanced portrait of the Soviet agent.

Tip 4: Oh Boy (A coffee in Berlin)

Almost a Berlin classic: Oh Boy, shot in black and white, tells the story of a young man who lives for the moment and can't get anywhere with his life.
Actually he only wants a black coffee (hence the beautiful English title: A coffee in Berlin), but something always comes up in between. One of the films that probably best describes the attitude to life of young Berliners in the early millennium.

Tip 5: Atomic Blonde

It's not quite authentic, how the film portraits Berlin shortly before the fall of the wall, but the casual look makes up for it. Charlize Theron is really cool as an agent who has to expose a mole in Berlin. So, if you want to spend an evening with lots of action, this thriller is great entertainment.

Tip 6: Berlin Syndrome

Another thriller, but completely different ... The Australian film, which was shown at the Berlinale in 2017, tells the story of the young backpacker Claire, who travels to Berlin. There she has a one-night stand, which she bitterly regrets the next day: she is locked in her apartment and cannot escape.

Tip 7: Cleo

Berlin, a fairytale city. In search of the stolen goods of the Sass brothers, Cleo travels through time - and through Berlin's history - with a magic watch. In the process, the charming, spunky film attempts to capture the soul of Berlin. Will the movie succeed? Find out.

Tip 8: Berlin, Berlin - The movie

The series about Lolle, who came to Berlin from the province, was a great success in the early 2000s. Only now follows the sequel, which starts directly on Netflix instead of in the cinema. However, the movies storyline quickly goes to the Harz Mountains, so Berlin is missing a little bit - and thus the special charm, which made the series Berlin, Berlin so special.

Tip 9: Don - The King is back

The excitement was tremendous when the Indian super-megastar Shah Rukh Khan came to Berlin to shoot a thriller here and later presented it at the Berlinale. The film is quite a shrill action comedy about the crime king Don, who plans a gigantic robbery in Berlin. There are car chases through the Friedrichstraße and through the ICC (behind which the Brandenburg Forests apparently start right away). Cars explode at the Brandenburg Gate. The movie is great fun but should not be taken too seriously.

Tip 10: Betonrausch

Completely new on Netflix is Betonrausch, only the second German Netflix in-house production ever. David Kross and Frederick Lau get involved in dubious real estate deals as impostors and have wild parties - the whole thing is a bit like the Wolf of Kurfürstendamm.

Tip 11: Berlin I love you

After the trailer of Berlin I love you had already horrified the Berliners, Berlin I love you quickly disappeared from the cinemas. The episodic film, which was shot by several directors, tries to capture the Berlin lifestyle of the present time, but most episodes have no feeling for what Berlin really is - as little as the Berlin dialect is authentic.
So, rather a tip for a fun movie night with Berlin cliché bingo.

Have fun streaming!

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