Berlin illuminated - Lichterfest 2014

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Berlin illuminated - Lichterfest 2014

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Lichterfestival "Berlin leuchtet" - Zoo – © agentur baganz
Lichterfestival "Berlin leuchtet" - Bundesrat – © agentur baganz
Lichterfestival "Berlin leuchtet" - Leuchtschiffchen – © agentur baganz

The city will become a light show during the light festival "Berlin leuchtet": for 17 days, more than 70 structures in Berlin, including striking building façades, bridges and landmarks, will be staged by famous artists and lighting designers at nightfall.

The motto of this years festival gonna be World Stage Berlin .

The artists will illuminate the city of Berlin as a stage for urban life. To document the major urban development processes of the past 100 years by accentuating two dominant, eastern-western axes.

To Event Calendar Verschiedene Orte from 10/02/2014 to 10/19/2014


Verschiedene Orte
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