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Package offer of the month

Package offer

Special Offer: Stay 4 nights, pay 3

Enjoy an extra day in Berlin for free! Stay four nights at a selected hotel and only pay for three. The Berlin WelcomeCard offers some attractive savings on various attractions. Book this great offer now!

from € 149 p.p. in a DBL
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Berlin by car

    • 3 nights accommodation with breakfast
    • free garage parking
    • Berlin WelcomeCard 2014 for 72 hours AB fare zones
from € 179 p.p. DBL
City trip incl. free garage parking.
from € 179 p.p. DBL
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Berlin Panorama

    • 1 night accommodation with breakfast
    • Berlin WelcomeCard for 48 hours
    • Ascent of TV Tower at the reserved time without having to wait
from € 95 p.p. DBL
Berlin from the Television Tower – without any queuing.
from € 95 p.p. DBL
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    • 1 night including breakfast
    • Admission to the show THE WYLD
    • Berlin WelcomeCard incl. travel pass
from € 139 p.p. DBL
New show: THE WYLD
from € 139 p.p. DBL
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Packages for Berlin

We can put together an all-inclusive Berlin package to suit your every need.

Stay 3 nights, only pay 2

Package offer
from € 99 p.p. in a DBL
  • 3 nights accommodation + breakfast
  • 1 night for free
  • Berlin WelcomeCard (incl. travel pass)
Berlin Welcome Card
  • Incl. Ticket
  • Incl. 200 discounts
  • Incl. City map + guide
from € 18,50
  • Incl. Ticket
  • Incl. 200 discounts
  • Incl. City map + guide
from € 25,50
5 Days
  • Incl. Ticket
  • Incl. 200 discounts
  • Incl. City map + guide
from € 32,50

Berlin‘s biggest show

Experience at Friedrichstadt-Palast visually breathtaking images with more than 100 artists on the biggest theatre stage in the world.

Silent movie concerts

Frightened she opens her eyes widely; a shadow appears out of the dark, along with it, the thundering piano tones! In suspense, I follow what’s happening on the...


Event highlights in Berlin

What's on in Berlin?

Culture, art or music - in Berlin there is always something going on. Find here the Event-Highlights for the next couple days.

Discover Berlins neighbourhoods

The Gardens of the World bloom in Marzahn, Köpenick is home to the famous captain Köpenick and Steglitz owns the smallest theatre in town – Discover Berlins 12 districts.

Christmas Markets in Berlin

Berlin shines in a festive blaze of lights every year in the period before Christmas. Enjoy their magic, charm and Christmassy delicacies.

More about Berlin

Berlin's official image campaign.
Berlin's official organization for linking up art and culture.

Hotels in Berlin