41st Traditional Spandau Christmas Market

Fair, procession & parade

41st Traditional Spandau Christmas Market

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For more than forty years, the small streets and squares in Spandauer Altstadt have transformed every December into a large, unique Christmas market. The largest continuous pedestrian zone in Berlin has around 250 market stalls Mondays to Fridays and up to 400 at the weekend. A large illuminated Christmas tree towers over the picturesque huts, fire baskets and crafts stalls on the square around the St Nicholai Church.

The seasonal stage programme provides a festive atmosphere. Especially popular are the Friday "Christmas meets Rock and Roll" concerts and the performances of the Zollkapelle Berlin at the weekends. On two of the Saturdays before Christmas, Christmas karaoke is also on offer.

With visits from Santa and special family-friendly prices, Wednesdays are always family days. But the rest of the week, the kids have plenty of fun with the nativity scene with real animals and fairy-tale Christmas garden.

To Event Calendar Altstadt Spandau from 11/26/2014 to 12/23/2014


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