Market of the Continents 2014

Fair, procession & parade

Market of the Continents 2014

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Journey around world in eight days – that's the motto of this "market of the continents" at the Dahlem museum campus. More than fifty dealers offer handicrafts from different regions of the world. These include hand-woven African fabrics, jewellery from India, felt goods from Kazakhstan and colourful Mexican tin toys. A large part of the goods are produced in the respective countries and purchases support local projects.

Concerts with musical styles from around the world add to market's global atmosphere, workshops help those interested create their own music by learning about instruments and musical styles from different cultures. For children, the expeditions to the South Seas or the land of fairy tales are enchanting.

Each Advent weekend is dedicated to a different continent. The market starts the weekend before the first Sunday of Advent; the last market day is the third Sunday of Advent. Entry is €8 (concessions € 4) and includes admission to the Dahlem museums, their exhibitions including all concerts, workshops, guided tours.

    • 22 +23 Nov 2014 Europe and the World
      • 29 + 30 Nov 2014 Asia
        • 06 + 07 Dec 2014 America
          • 22 + 23 Dec 2014 Africa
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