IGA Berlin 2017 – International Garden Festival

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IGA Berlin 2017 – International Garden Festival

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Kienbergterrassen – © geskes.hack Landschaftsarchitekten, VIC Brücken und Ingenieurbau, Kolb Ripke Architekten
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Up to 13th April 2017till October 15, 2017 the IGA exhibition feautures projects concerning the future of urban parks and green areas. Up to 8,000 exciting events are expected.

IGA Berlin 2017

In Marzahn-Hellersdorf – in the middle of one of the largest prefabricated housing estates in Europe – everything will be about green urban spaces and culture in all its variety of dimensions in 2017. The IGA Berlin 2017 takes on the fascinating contrasts of the capital. In a topographically demanding area around the Gardens of the World, the Kienberg and the Wuhletal, the IGA will celebrate a Festival of international Gardening and make the art of gardening an experience for all the senses. It will surprise attendees with modern ideas and will provide new directions for contemporary urban development. The sustainable park landscape that will be created around the exhibition grounds, the “Kienbergpark”, will offer the local populace inspiring new spaces for an urban living culture and which will be accessible free of charge once the IGA is over.

On the Edge yet in the Centre

The heart and soul of the IGA Berlin 2017 is made of the already internationally-famous “Gardens of the World“. In the run-up to the IGA the Gardens of the world will be expanded by other contemporarily-themed gardens, such as the English Landscape Garden with Cottage, fascinating water gardens, garden cabinets made by the best landscape architects on five continents. Additionally, a modern visitors’ centre will be constructed as an event, meeting, and information venue for the constantly increasing number of visitors, an open-air stage with seating for up to 4,000, as well as an energy-efficient tropical hall. Thematically designed games and action sports facilities round out the activities for all age groups.

Kienbergpark – A Park Landscape is Created

The IGA Berlin 2017 will also combine the expansive Wuhletal and the Kienberg into the “Kienbergpark”, a new park landscape with a richly varied landscape and a consistently high value for leisure and recreation. The future IGA-exhibition grounds will encompass more than 100 hectares in 2017. Together with the “Kienbergpark”, it will offer recreation-seekers a no-cost green recreation area nearby with a direct U-Bahn-connection (U5 – U Station “Kienberg- Gardens of the World”) into the city centre.

A Cableway for Berlin

On the occasion of the IGA a cableway will be built in Berlin for the first time. Up to 3,000 visitors per hour, going in each direction, will be able to view the grounds of the International Garden Exhibition 2017 using the cableway. Following the existing planning, the handicapped-friendly cabins will ascend from the main entrance to the IGA at the future U-Train Station “Kienbergpark – Gardens of the World” and will reach the 102 meter-high peak of the Kienbergs near the future observation platform, the Wolkenhain. After an intermediate stop the cableway continues into the Gardens of the World. The panoramic journey of 1.5 kilometres ends at the Blumberger Damm; From the cableway station there the visitors can explore the market place, the eateries, the exhibition hall and numerous other attractions.

Innovative Gardening from All over the World

The new international gardens will be a spectacular attraction at the international garden exhibition: To achieve this, international landscape architects designed self-contained garden cabinets. They come from Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, South Africa and Thailand and integrate their various cultural and regional backgrounds into their design. For example, the contribution by Tom Stuart-Smith, one of the most famous landscape architects in Britain, sounds out the tension between wild growth and controlled design. He sowed the first grasses and shrubs for the garden he designed on the future grounds of the IGA in May 2015.

View from the “Wolkenhain” into the Centre of Berlin

The observation platform “Wolkenhain” on the Kienberg will be a spectacular high point at the IGA: Built in form of a cloud, the visitor’s platform floats over the treetops on the hill in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. From “Wolkenhain” visitors will be able to see all the way to the radio tower in Berlin‘s inner city and can see far into the landscape of Brandenburg on the other side. Underneath the observation platform, there will be a light-flooded cafe with a terrace as well as a small exhibition about the landscape environment of Kienberg-Wuhetal at the time of the IGA.

Kienberg Terrace

The exhibition concept “Horizons: Innovations for a Living Culture” presents a dedicated selection of extraordinary companies who engage our urban living culture with modern approaches. The focus is on the topics of health, nutrition, well-being, innovative experimental fields and urban tech. Trail-blazing companies are able to present themselves along the main walkway through the IGA.

Beyond the City Limits

The IGA Berlin 2017 looks beyond the city limits. In the "Correspondence Region IGA 2017 - GARDEN • NEIGHBORS"
five municipalities in the eastern Berlin sourounding (Neuenhagen bei Berlin, Altlandsberg, Rüdersdorf, Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf and Hoppegarten) will cooperate. All five municipalities you are conveniently connected to the city. Divers projects are highlighted in the period of the International Garden Exhibition IGA 2017. For example castle park, city church and orangerie in Altlandsberg, castle park in Fredersdorf, the Lenné-Park in Hoppegarten or the architecture trail and the museum in Rüdersdorf.


With the construction of the IGA-Campus, a site for encounters experimentation, action and learning will be created for the IGA Berlin 2017, a place for communal gardening, harvesting, cooking and celebrating for children and young adults from all over the world. The IGA-campus is based on three pillars: the IGA-Class Rooms with offerings for day-care centres and schools, the international IGA-Camp for youth groups from all over the world and the Global School Garden, with teaching, learning and experimental gardens.

With 3,000 events on 180 days for 30,000 children and youth from Berlin and the whole world, an expansive educational programme focused on nature and the environment that will be continued after the IGA as well.


Volunteers shape the image and the atmosphere of an event permanently. To be able to successfully execute a festival like the IGA Berlin 2017, we need many helpers. The IGA-volunteers provide information, give orientation and provide the visitors with a unique experience through their dedication both during and in advance of the Garden Exhibition. Thanks to their support in guest services, at the IGA-Campus or in putting on events, they make an inestimably valuable contribution to the success of the IGA Berlin 2017. They are the ambassadors of the IGA on-site and take on a crucial hospitality role with respect to all of our visitors.


Under the Claim “Views of a Landscape”, the selection process for art displayed at the IGA Berlin 2017 is devoted to the question of how a city defines itself along its borders. Ten artists have been invited to develop site and audience-specific works for the exhibition grounds. Internationally known artists have been invited to present their ideas at the IGA with participatory temporary artworks and permanent sculptures.

Grün Berlin GmbH is collaborating with Stifung NaturTon of Staatskapelle Berlin to create the extraordinary “Grün Hören” (“Hearing Green”) sound art project. Berlin-based artist Georg Klein will create six “listening trees” near the new Tälchenbrücke bridge. This was the winning entry of a competition sponsored by Grün Berlin GmbH together with IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH and Stiftung NaturTon (founded by musicians of Staatskapelle Berlin). Nineteen artists submitted entries.
Klein proposed adding six trees near the Tälchenbrücke that would interact aurally with guests at IGA 2017. People will trigger varying sequences of natural and artificial sounds as they cross the light barriers to be installed on the bridge.


Tickets are available on the IGA website and at selected ticket counters in Berlin and Brandenburg.

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