Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures


Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures

Event Highlight
Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures: Tombs – © Semmel Concerts
Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures: Anubis – © Semmel Concerts/A.M. von Sarosdy

The major exhibition "Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures" presents a spectacular reconstruction of the Pharaoh’s tomb and treasures.

The Tutankhamun exhibition breaks new ground in the presentation of cultural history, in general and with ancient Egypt in particular. On the one hand is the incomparable breadth of presentation. With more than 1,000 objects - perfect replicas produced under scientific supervision - TUTANKHAMUN is more complete than any previous exhibition of originals.

And on the other hand, there is the sumptuous arrangement of the treasures. Entering the tomb chamber, feeling like a discoverer with the unbelievable splendour right before your eyes, close enough to touch - it’s an adventure for all the senses that no visitor will forget.

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