THE ONE Grand Show


THE ONE Grand Show

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Jean Paul Gaultier designed the over 500 daring and extravagant costumes. Gaultier is one of the few world stars of the fashion industry, a living legend of Parisian haute couture. The spectacular light design is by Emmy Award winner, Peter Morse, who previously worked for stars of the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Prince and Bette Midler.

Unlike musicals, revue shows do not have a common thread. Typical for revue is rather a collage of glamorous show images with a binding theme: a journey through time, the search for the most important person in life.

The dimensions are vast: more than 100 artists on the world’s biggest theatre stage, a production budget of eleven million euros, the most lavish show in Europe

One technical highlight of the new Grand Show is the stage floor, under which is a vast body of fluorescent water.

The New York Times recommends the Palast as “must-see” during every visit to Berlin. Lonely Planet is impressed with the “mind-boggling special effects” and “stunning productions”. The Sunday Times dubs the Palast “Las Vegas in Berlin”. On the major review portals, up to 96 per cent of guests recommend our show.

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Friedrichstadt-Palast from 10/07/2016 to 06/30/2017


Friedrichstr. 107
10117 Berlin MITTE
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To: Friedrichstr. 107
10117 Berlin
07.10 19:30, 08.10 15:30, 08.10 19:30, 09.10 15:30, 11.10 19:30, 13.10 19:30, 14.10 19:30, 15.10 15…