Carnival of Cultures 2014

Fair, procession & parade

Carnival of Cultures 2014

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Karneval der Kulturen – © Daniela Incoronata
– © KdK
Karneval der Kulturen, 2012 – © Koschel
Karneval der Kulturen, 2012 – © visitBerlin
Karneval der Kulturen, 2012 – © visitBerlin
Karneval der Kulturen, 2012 – © visitBerlin
Karneval der Kulturen, 2012 – © visitBerlin
Karneval der Kulturen, 2012 – © visitBerlin

Since 1966, the Carnival of Cultures has been celebrated every year on Pentecost (Whitsun) weekend in Kreuzberg, Berlin: opulent costumes, powerful makeup, imaginative masks, and decorated hand carts make their way through the streets demonstrating the cultural diversity of Berlin.

Street festival and carnival procession

During the Carnival of Cultures, a colourful hustle and bustle is prominent on Blücherplatz: over the multi-day street festival, there are culinary delicacies and all sorts of items from all over the world. From fresh coconuts and sweet potatoes to eccentric accessories, to clothing and hand-made crafts, there is something for every taste at almost 400 stands. On the many stages, you can also hear music from various regions around the world.

The highlight of the Carnival of Cultures is the street procession on Pentecost Sunday (mid-May to mid-June) with around 4,700 participants from 80 countries who boldly celebrate the cultural diversity of Berlin with traditional costumes and ritual dances. The caravans begin at noon on Hermannplatz and continue until evening across Hasenheide and Yorckstraße to Mehringdamm. The participating groups represent the cultural diversity of Berlin and are impressive with their elaborate costumes and rehearsed dances. The most original and fantastical performances are awarded by judges.

Around one million people attend the Carnival of Cultures every year, thus making the street festival one of Berlin’s largest open air events. Along with the carnival, there are also numerous parties and music events as well as a comprehensive programme for children.

On Whit Saturday, there is also a Children’s Carnival of Cultures for the youngest guests.

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