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Wir, Geiseln der SS

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Außenansicht / exterior view – © Topographie des Terrors, Foto: Uwe Bellm

The Foundation Topographie des Terrors invites you to present the film "Wir, Geiseln der SS", followed by a panel discussion.

The film takes place in April 1945 when the SS gathered 139 prominent prisoners from 17 European countries in the Dachau concentration camp. Among them were not only well-known politicians such as the former Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg with his family and the French Prime Minister Léon Blum with his wife, but also pastor Martin Niemoller and family members of the family of the participants of the failed assassination attempt on Hitler from the 20th July 1944.
On April 26, 1945, all prisoners were loaded into buses and accompanied by an SS commando under the direction of SS Obersturmführer Edgar Stiller via the Reichenau camp near Innsbruck, to South Tyrol.
The film portrays the six-day-long Odyssey of the prisoners from Dachau until their liberation by members of the Wehrmacht in South Tyrol.

The guests of the ensuing panel discussion are Reinhardt Beetz and OnnO Ehlers.

Reinhardt Beetz, born in 1970, is the producer and managing director of Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion GmbH. He mainly produces documentary films and documentary films for national and international television stations. His current productions include the documentaries "Stille Helden" and "Within the Mossads" (both in 2016) as well as the documentary feature film "Erich Kästner - Das andere Ich", written the same year.

OnnO Ehlers, born in 1967, studied at the College of Television and Film in Munich. He is a producer and dramatic adviser for the Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion GmbH. He participated in the documentary series "Insekten à la carte", "Erich Kästner - Das andere Ich" (both 2016) and "Murder in the House of Medici" (2012/13).

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