Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin

Large outdoor areas, rare species – come and visit Europe’s largest zoo

Vari-Wald – © Tierpark Berlin
Streichelzoo – © Tierpark Berlin

The Tierpark is the largest in Europe. About 6,500 animals live in an area of 160 hectares. Overall, there are about 760 different species of animals, from sun bears to the Indian giant flying fox. In addition to the crocodile house and the tropical hall, the Vari forest is particularly interesting. There visitors can stroll through the forest of the black-white and red Varis while observing the curious prosimians up close.

A sweet New Year's gift Baby elephant Edgar

Over 20 months ago, Kewa was pregnant. Then, on New Year's Eve, it was finally time: All alone the female elephant brought her baby into the world. Initially thought to be a girl, the baby elephant turned out to be a little boy. Berliners eagerly joined in the search for a name. Finally the curious pachyderm was christened with the name Edgar.

Video: Ich bin Edgar

Animal feedings, sows and polar bear talk

Edutainment fun for everyone are the public feedings of penguins, big cats, manatees or other animals. Daily at 11am the polar bear talk takes place. Check out the timetable.


Tierpark Berlin was founded during the division of Berlin after the Second World War, as there was also a need for a zoo in the eastern part of the city. It opened in 1955 at Friedrichsfelde Palace. The Friedrichsfelde Palace, which was built in 1695, is located at the park originally designed by the landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné. Since 2009, the palace belongs to Tierpark Berlin again. The gemeinschaft of the sponsors of "Tierpark und Zoo Berlin e.V." took over the supervision of the events which are held here, especially regular concerts.

Information for classes

Information about guided tours for school classes can be found on the website.

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Am Tierpark 125
10319 Berlin Lichtenberg
Tel.: +49 30 – 51 53 10

infoattierpark-berlin [dot] de

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To: Am Tierpark 125
10319 Berlin
  • Adults: € 13
  • Reduced (Students etc.): € 9
  • Reduced (Children and Pupils): € 6,50
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun9:00am - 4.30pm
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Large outdoor areas, rare species – come and visit Europe’s largest zoo

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