The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre

The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre

The Wall Documentation Centre offers an overview of the history of the Berlin Wall.

– © Günter Steffen
Außengelände: Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer – © Jürgen Hohmuth, zeitort
Außengelände – © Jürgen Hohmuth, zeitort
Dokumentationszentrum Berliner Mauer – ©
– © visitBerlin

The Berlin Wall Memorial is a reminder for the division of Germany and imparts an oppressive impression of the Wall and the times of the division.

Berlin Wall Memorial

Located directly at the former border strip in the Bernauer Strasse is a piece of the Berlin Wall with border strip and watchtower. The facility shows how the border facilities were constructed and imparts to the visitor a lasting impression of the construction, which once divided the entire country.

Documentation Centre

The viewable exhibit in the Documentation Centre shows the 1961 history of the Wall’s construction and the circumstances of the divided city. From the tower, one has an impressive view of the preserved parts of the border facility and the memorial in memory of the division of the city and the victims of communist tyranny.

Chapel of Reconciliation

The Reconciliation Church was located at this site, which was blown-up in 1985, as it stood right on the no man’s land “death strip”. After the fall of the Wall, the Chapel of Reconciliation was erected on the foundations as an oval rammed earth building with a wood lamellar casing. The victims of the Wall are regularly remembered during church services.

Further expansion

The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre is presently being expanded and extended around an exterior exhibition on the former Berlin Wall strip at the south side of the Bernauer Straße. On the 1.3-km long and 4.4-hectare large area, the still preserved tracks of the Wall will be integrated; and the exhibition will be a reminder of the dramatic events of the Bernauer Straße. In 2010, as an important element, the “window of commemoration” was completed on the former Sophien Cemetery.

Guided group tours and a comprehensive seminar programme for political education deepen the offerings.

Infos for school classes

The grounds of the memorial are accessible all year round. For school groups, tours, seminars as well as (from April to September) three- to four-hour bicycle tours of the Wall along the former border strip are offered. School children under 16 can take part in contemporary witness discussions with moderation. All offers are free for school classes. Telephone registration is required.


Bernauer Straße 111
13355 Berlin Mitte
Tel.: 030 – 467986666

infoatberliner-mauer-gedenkstaette [dot] de

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To: Bernauer Straße 111
13355 Berlin

Free admission to the Memorial
Guidances: adults 3 €, students free
Seminars: adults 5 €, students free

Tue-Sun (Apr-Oct)9.30 a.m. - 7p.m.
Tue-Sun (Nov-Mar)9.30 a.m. - 6p.m.
Look-out 9.30 a.m. - 4.30p.m.
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The Wall Documentation Centre offers an overview of the history of the Berlin Wall.

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